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General Guide by Kayzio

Useless Guide made to get Thumps up

By Kayzio | Updated on November 2, 2011

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1st Useless Chapter

I think Caitlyn is a girl.Is this right?BOOM Headshot!!
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2nd Useless Chapter

My editing skills are as OP as Jax!!
Op champs are:
HeimerdingerOP PASSIVE
AP Riven cuz none of her spells scale with AP ( Lich Bane & Deathfire Grasp FTW!!]
every champ except Maokai because I don't like trees

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I hope you enjoyed the best Guide on MOBAFire
and help to get it to 100%.And don't forget to focus Maokai in every fight!!

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Useless Guide made to get Thumps up