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Shyvana General Guide by dailin877

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dailin877

Vampiric shadow dragon

dailin877 Last updated on January 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 5


Utility: 16

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This is a pure life steal build.

It is designed to abuse a few small defensive items and high lifesteal to out survive most in face to face combat.
When jungling enough lifesteal alows solo baron and dragon earlier then most.

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Life steal actual totals

wriggle's lantern = 10%
blade of the ruined king = 10%
ravenous hydra = 10%
bloodthirster = 12%-18% for math i'll be showing 18%

runes = 6%
masteries = 3%

this adds up to a total of 57% lifesteal however.

Spirit visage increase healing effects (including lifesteal) by 20%
Making real total 57% x 1.2 = 68.4%

this is not including the 2% extra stealing from blade of the ruined kings on hit.

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Total stats

where most of the focus is definitely in your ability to out heal thier damage. This build covers a few small holes.

Hp - +200 not alot but might make a difference.

Armor - 121.49 which is actually a decent number for both jungling and damage reduction on a fighter

Magic Resist - 114.56 not bad and not great, a simple trade to merc treads will give up movement speed but increase this number if needed.

Attack damage - 315 not gonna lie its not really high but it not low either. It does however mean you are healing more then 150 (before armor) on the average attack.

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Why shyvanna

Shyvanna actually has no passive lifestealing abilities or pasive. Yet she does have a couple things i really enjoy.

Passive - her rage system removes mana. making it 2 less things to worry about (mana/mp5)

Twin bite - this double strike deals the blade of the ruined king twice instantly and has an extremely low cooldown. on top of its damage. in dragon form it is a frontal short ranged cone potentially hitting multiple people for 8% + dmg of their current health.

Burnout - aoe damage that kills low end jungle mobs quickly, and assists with movement speed to help chase, escape or engage.

Flame breath - obviously my least favorite of her abilities however it does still have bonuses. Mainly its armor reduction. Which does make up for a little of the armor pen that this build lacks.

Dragon's Descent - increases armor and magic resist by 20/40 passively. I like to sneak around the back of enemy team before team fights and blast in with the dragon form to push the back ranged into the middle of the ults then chase down the runners.

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This means while having a lil low hp this builds holds burst, aoe, and 1v1 sustain. whhile still putting out a decent amount of raw damage.

Will you get top kills? probably not.
Will your team love you for soloing baron and dragon? yes money is great
Will you be a mobile and versitile champion? yes


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spirit of the elder lizard - the on hit effect procs off of burnout adding addition true damage to your "passive" aoeing.

merc treads/ninja tabis - to make up for high ad or ap enemies

sanguine blade - in 3v3 because there is no blood thrister.

Trinity force - will cause twin bite to do even more burst damage, however is very expensive and would be advised late.

Guardian angel - if you are noticing the enemy team is focusing you. a mid fight rez will help make up for it. Also enemies tend to avoid the person with GA until last (if they can).

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Looking for tips to make the build better

Thank you for reading this build If you enjoy it please toss it some votes. I'm also looking for tips to bring this build or better into ranked play.

My current ELO is low, and this champ is bringing it up quickly.


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