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Varus Build Guide by xxTwoSkixx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxTwoSkixx

Vampiric Varus

xxTwoSkixx Last updated on March 27, 2015
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Vampire Varus Build

Varus Build

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Dear Reader,

Varus is a monster. He's over powered (OP) in my opinion. I play Varus as my main ADC (Attack Damage Carry). The point of an ADC is to get kills in lane and not die, just like most roles. But, the ADC is meant to focus on dealing large amounts of damage as quickly as possible. So this means you shouldn't focus on buying items that give armor. Get one or two depending on the situation, but aim to build lots of Attack Damage.
I have been playing League of Legends (LOL) for almost two years. I'm still learning a lot, but it's such a fun game. I hope you're enjoying it too.

This is my first guide, and it's pretty simple. Please comment if you have suggestions. I hope these ideas serve you well. All the best.


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Farming/Early Game

Varus won't be amazing right at the start. Be careful in the early part of the game. Don't be greedy and chase enemies too far. If you can deal enough damage to push them back and they're forced to heal, use Flash, or--best of all--return to their base.

So, that means you need to farm well. Be sure you are hitting minions last as that's the only way to get money from them.

Stay back from the front lines of fights. You won't have a ton of armor or health but you can land hits from behind the main fighting while in lane. Also, when you need to run away, take the opportunity to KITE (attack from a distance and remain out of your opponent's range).

tl;dr Last hit minions. Stay away from the front lines: deal damage from a far.

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Mid/Late Game

Around level 9 or 10 the Mid Game begins. This is where team fights begin to happen and players roam around the map. This is where vision, granted from trinkets, is the most crucial. Place a ward in the tall grass to avoid hidden enemies attacking you or your team from behind.

Varus' role during Mid Game is to deal TONS of damage and (this is important) to not die. You will not have lots of armor or health so stay away from the front lines if you can and attack from a distance.

During team fights, you should focus your attacks on the enemy's ADC or APC (Ability Power Carry). These are the champions dealing the most damage. Again, these champions can kill you as easily as you can kill them so watch your health and your positioning. Don't get greedy, help your team.

Late Game is when you're either fighting into the enemy's base or defending their incursion into yours. If you find you're dying a lot, in either scenario, buy items that give armor or magic resistance. Above all, if you're losing, don't give up. Don't surrender. Fight to the end. If you're doomed, let your opponents have the pleasure of winning and be a good loser.

If you're winning, enjoy the victory. Be a good winner. Don't mock your opponents. Keep LOL a game where anyone, new and seasoned players, can have fun.