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Varus Build Guide by Zaum11

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zaum11

Varus, The Arrow of Vengance (Updated)

Zaum11 Last updated on July 28, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Varus build - My first Build on Mobafire.
I hope you enjoy this build very much.
Lets begin.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage, for all skills, and a good damage in the beginning.

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power to get a nice damage on Blighted Quiver. Also they keep you Ability Power up, so you don't need to get an Ability power item beside Hextech Gunblade

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, for flat damage and a good damage overall.

You can change Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power into other runes (Magic resist/ Armor or Flat Attack damage) , if you think you dont need the Ability Power.

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I choose 29-0-1 to give extremely strong damage troughout the game.

The one point in Improved Recall is just awesome. I really like this mastery, it saves your time and your life more often than you may know. It's good to escape ganks or to be back faster.

The other 29 Points in Offense are to get yourself a strong damage output, and strentening your Blighted Quiver.

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Who is Varus?

Varus is a extremly strong Ranged Hybrid carry, with a awesome range and damage by procentual Life.
Varus is usefull to harrass and taking out enemys, or to prevent them from running. Also Varus can stop the enemys in teamfights with his Ultimate Ability, forcing them to split up and loose their focus.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Great Harassment
+ Lots of Damage
+ Awesome Procentual Damage
+ Great Utility
+ Just awesome <33



- Hard to master
- Squishy
- Mana hungry
- Focussed often
- Easy to counter

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Skill Sequence

Living Vengeance: Giving a great Attackspeed bonus if Varus kills a minion. Great for laning and harassing enemys on lanes. In a fight, killing a minion before attacking again can save your life (or stealing those of your enemys :) )

Piercing Arrow : Varus"Q" Ability, his most effective skill. It has an really long range, is fast and easy to aim. Beside it deals lots of damage. Nidalee player's have got a slightly advantage here, because you can compare this skill to her Javelin Toss / Takedown but with a faster projectile.

Blighted Quiver : Varus Passive "W" ability. Its sad to see, but mostly this ability is underestimated. This is the ability your most damage comes from. I decided to max this ability first, because 3 stacks of Blight mean : 3 autoattacks + 3 times Bonus damage from first Blighted Quiver's Passive + 15 % Damage based on Max Life + One Skill ==> Instant Death. Now you got why this ability is that awesome? ;) It gets much more awesome after level 14 when your Piercing Arrow's cooldown will be much lower so you can trigger the stacks more often.

Hail of Arrows : Varus "E" Ability. It's really hard to master and to use it right, but if you get it once, you will love it. You can use it to:

  • -Slow enemys down to hit your Piercing Arrow
  • -Slow enemys down to build up more stacks of Blight
  • -Trigger Blight if your Piercing Arrow is on cooldown
  • -Reduce Healthregen and Heal (for Example if you know somebody has heal, or against some champions for Example: Dr. Mundo

Chain of Corruption : [Varus] "R" Ability, alias Ultimate Ability.
This ability is great for chasing, escaping and just fighting.
I can't list all the things you may use it for, or how you use it for them, but i can give you some hints:
Chain of Corruption will spread after a while, which can do damage to multiply enemys at once (with a little delay)
Chain of Corruption isnt for damaging opponents, it's to hold them and force their mates to get away.
Chain of Corruption triggers Stacks of blight and with a attackspeed of minimal 1.5 per sec, you can get your opponent to 3 stacks while he is still immobilizied
Chain of Corruption Are a great tool to run away

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Core (3 Items):
Berserkers Graves
Phantom Dancer
Frozen Mallet
Hextech Gunblade

Why to get them:

Advanced Items:

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Playing Varus

You will playvarus a little different from others.
Unlike other players you will never:
Spam Abilitis/Harass
Chase Enemys to far
Do real towerdives
Waste mana
Fire your Skills randomly

My playstyle of Varus is different. Its a mix of Technic and Strategy.

You are going to build up some stacks of Blight, then burst them with Piercing Arrow, building some more stacks trough your autoattacks, maybe slowing him with a Hail of Arrows meanwhile.

Your perfect Combo is like this: 3 Stacks of blight --> Burst with Piercing Arrow --> 3 stacks of blight --> Burst With Chain of Corruption / Hail of Arrows --> 3 stacks of blight --> Burst with Hail of Arrows/ Chain of Corruption --> 1-3 stacks of blight --> Last Piercing Arrow

(You can add Hail of Arrows between everytime between, to slow the enemie again to get him)

Summary : 12 Stacks of Blight, 12 Autoattacks, 2 times Piercing Arrow, 1 time Chain of Corruption, 1 time Hail of Arrows Means: 60 % Life, 12 * ~ 200 damage, 2 * ~500 damage, 1 * ~ 400 damage, ~3 * 300 damage
==> Instant death

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Annie: Total counterpick. You cant really do something. Her autoattack range is slightly above yours, and her spell range is equal to your autoattack. So if you try to stack some blight on her she will just stun you and deal some great damage.
Avoid her lane. If you have to play against her, try to harass with Q, and wait for your jungler >_> (if shes noob, you can get her easily, but always watch over her stun)

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Question:Why would you get blight first? It is basically useless unless you can activate it, which you can't do at level one. Maxing "W" is great, but you need to get "Q" first. This allows you to poke at level one instead of just Autoattack.

I get it first, because im playing mid mosten.
Mid is a solo lane, so after 7-8 minions (depending on EXP Runes/Boost) you will be level 2. This are 1 minion wave + another 2 minions from the next wave. I concentrate first on lasthitting, which is much easyer with "W". I get some stacks and some (more) damage trough "W" on my enemys and more/easyer lasthits, wich is a good point i think. I play very defensiv till the second minion wave. When i leveled up, i can almost upgrade my "Q" and fire it, dealing some bonus damage. Some other points about this are my way of playing varus a little bit hybrid, so the bonus attackdamage is bigger than without ap, and that other people in games think im "first time Varus". Besides, without bonus mana, you can cast "Q" only 4 times in a row (its after midnight, dont want to calculate the manaregen and so on, but i think you know what i mean). So my oppinion is, that a free passive which dont slow you and is possibly failing and getting really awesome at level 2 is better than a strong skillshot, you can use 4 times before beeing out of mana and even beeing able to miss. And by the way, remember: you want to charge it to full damage, before fireing it as long as there are no stacks of blight. and if the enemy expects the arrown, he can dodge it easyly.

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Im done for Today (Changelog)

I Added most of the Interesting Information in the chapters above, more will come soon. (tomorrow :D)

Started: 9.5.2012

Edit : Added Runes and Masteries. (10.5.2012. 14:04)

Edit: Added FAQ and Item Chapter (12.5.2012. 12:02)

Edit: Adding hard enemys for varus after a fail game of mine >_> (12.5.2012)

Edit: Improoved general coding and Updatet the whole build. (28.7.2012)