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Zyra Build Guide by Zaum11

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zaum11

Then they took a thorn to the Knee - Zaums AP-Bruiser Zyra

Zaum11 Last updated on June 27, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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REALLY important

Good morning :)
You will see this build structured as a .. Well lets call it "interview".
If I, as the author want to add something I will use THISA kinda dark green. :)

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Important (not really much)

Zyra. Got. Nerfed. To. Death. :(

Tiiiahahaha :D This was a statement I did 2 months ago. Dont worry, she is NOT! It just got slightly harder to hit her passive and her Grasping Roots, but her overall damage is still O.P. :D
Love ya all!
If my mother is reading this (Which she surely isnt): I broke the window. (at least I tryed, hm? :D)

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Changelog and other Stuff.

Changed Runes by a request of zjozwiak and Keondre.

Came to the conclusion that a "Tipps and Tricks" chapter is useless, due to few tipps which everybody will get by himself in his first game.
Added " Mejai's Soulstealer" chapter and startet FAQ chapter
Started Matchup Section and Gameplay Section.
Started Zyra Matchup Guide
Added Gameplay Video
CHanged runes again

Right now I'm busy, so I'll add all the chapters I wanted to add soon.
Gosh im RLLY busy in the last time... Couldnt even update once in 2 months.

Overall update will come soon :D
Future Plans : Combo Videos (as soon as I get them to work), and maybe some more Zyra builds for solo top or something like this.
Started to create my big Zyra matchup guide today.

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Hello, and welcome to my Zyra Build. I created this build because I didn't saw another build featuring this play-style! I hope you will enjoy reading it! This Build features Zyra as an agressive mid/top Champion, as well as some gameplay tactiks and a guide how to snowball... >_>
Hey Zaum, Mauz here. I got a question. What is snowballing Q_Q

I would like to mention the word "BRUISER" in the title. It appears many people to come here and think that this is a guide to play on AP carry. In my oppinion that isnt a good method to play Zyra so I created this BRUISER guide!
I will add a "GOAL" section so you understand what you have to do in the game as AP BRUISER <-- !!!! Zyra

Guide Top

What is snowballing Q_Q

Well my dear, snowballing is when Anivia and Nunu throw her Flash Ice and Snowball at the same time!
No. I will explain it.

Imagine a snowball, rolling down a hill covered in snow. The snowball gets bigger and bigger while doing so.
Now imagine a Cho'ghat rolling down a lane covered in enemys. Cho'ghat gets bigger and bigger with every enemy killed with Feast.

So snowballing means, that you kill some people, get back to base and kill them even faster next time? A never ending loop?

Exactly! Now please let me explain..Can't you just jump to the important part? I need to know everything about the masteries >_<

Guide Top

The important part! (Masteries)


A full AP Offence Three, and 9 Points in the Utility Three for greather Harassment.

Lol, why 9 in Utility points instead of 8 and getting some more bonus AP??

Because I wanted to take Summoner's Wrath and Runic Affinity , to improve early game and for a longer Blue buff, which never is wrong to get.

Who da*** cares about Masteries? I want to hear something about the much more important part! The Runes! THEY decide how a game works out!

Guide Top

The much more important part :o

Well, if "runes are so much more important", here you can read something about them :/ (Why is this pink Voice never allowing me to finish my sente..MY NAME IS MAUZ! >:D

Uhm Zaum? I got all the runes and masteries now and I locked Zyra now . Which summoner spells can I use and which lane do I go :o

Guide Top

Preperations for a good start (Summoner Spells)

First I will start with Summoner Spells. Remember, I don't stick to the usuals like " Flash+ Ignite are the only ones". Do you understand or do I have to explain th..GOT IT! NOW CONTINUE!

First what you must NOT get:

  • : Don't get me wrong. It's not an useless Spell, you just have your Rampant Growth for it. Why would you take it if you use this build.
  • : Sounds nice in the beginning. It's nice in the beginning. But Zyra is about dieing. So don't take it. Trust me. :) Besides, I hate people taking heal in midlane.
  • : Uhm, don't. You want to snowball and get kills, not to push your lane. If you think you need it, you could get it.
  • : I was thinking about this on Zyra for a long time and I just can say: NO. You don't need the movement speed that bad.

You can basically get everything else. :) Just one thing:
Flash is essential for this build! In every example in the gameplay section, I will think of you as if you got flash. You will see why in the "Gameplay" section.


Guide Top

The Lane

Well, this build is featuring mid Zyra. If you want to play her on another lane/in another role, check out my other builds which I will bring up after i finished this build aswell as a special matchup guide to all anemys you can cross.
Just care out for Lux, If you come across her you need to...
Mother of god, fkin noob, can't you even do a fkin guide right? U need to list tha build before talking about such things, thinks like this gotta be in the matchup section you will add soon!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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First of all, the build is not all. I will explain something about wards first! *Sigh*

I personally never get wards in this build. I do only:

  1. If the enemy jungler has heavy crowd contol like Cho'Gath
  2. If the enemy jungler is Warwick

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The Build

Well this build aims to do nice burst damage and THE CORE BUILD! OMG!

Item Sequence

Sorcerer's Shoes

Liandry's Torment

Zhonya's Hourglass

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rod of Ages

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

The Core Build:
  • : Good start, gives you everything you need. A must have.
  • : Obviously, isn't it? More damage, more movement speed, just perfect. You could exchange it for some other boots too.
  • : Best item for Zyra. Your plants can still attack while you are in Stasis and you can wait for your cooldowns gettin 2 secs lower, you survive ganks more often, and you get additional 100 AP.

Next Items:
  • : Gives you some survability, as well as additional Ability power. I dislike this Item, but its worth buying it.
  • : Epic AP Bonus. Anymore questions?
  • : Now you can start the discussion if this item is worth buying, because the slow of your plants is already enough. Well, i don't think so. Works out fine for me,you can decide on your own if you buy it or if you dont.
Other Items:
  • : Very risky item. In this build i get it because you want snowballing, but if it isn't working out well you can switch to other items (Listed below)
  • : It's quite a risky item too, because you need to get near an enemy to activate it.
  • : MAgic penetration and additional 70 abilitypower. Why not :)
Well, uhm... isn't Mejai's Soulstealer a bad item? It's like a mark on your head which says: "Kill me please". Why would you go with it?

Guide Top

Mejai's Soulstealer

I still can't understand why some people think of Mejai's Soulstealer as a bad item. It's basically the best item ingame. If everything works well you get 180 ap and 15% Cooldown reduction, not even thinking of your Rabadon's Deathcap bonus on this AP. I personally hardly die as Zyra so I take Mejai's Soulstealer sometimes. I think everybody has to make his decisions about this item on his own. Just some facts about Mejai's Soulstealer combined with Zyra:

  • Even if you loose 1/3 Stacks upon death, kills/assists after your death will count fully to your Mejai's Soulstealer. Referring here to Rise of the Thorns and your Thorn Spitters/Vine Lashers.
  • If everything is done right, your stacks can't get below 6. (If you get a kill while being dead, your stacks are bigger or equal to 6. (If you want to have some math here you are: Your Stacks * 1/3 + 2 = <5 (If "Your Stacks" was bigger than 4))
  • 6 stack are meaning 68 bonus ap, at the cost of 1235 gold. 68 bonus AP as a minimum.

Lol, as if i would care about something... I wanna start now fkin idiot. What are this abilitys about?

Guide Top

What you need to know -.- (Abilitys)


You can fire a huge Thorn dealing true damage after yoour dead :
The best passive in this game. You die, and there are so many things you can do with it! Just keep in mind to aim carefull. Here are some tipps and tricks:
  • I use this skill earlygame to snowball. I mostly get my first kill with it in minute 2 or 3. I only do this when playing against a hard champ ( Lux)
  • Your Kill Saver! Always use it.
  • Use your 8 seconds to Aim (I even got a Quadra kill with one shot)
  • Hurry to not get the enemys out of sight.
  • think about the enemy. If hes a bright one, don't aim exactly in his running path or something like this. Always try to trick your enemys!
  • Kills taken from you before you missed your passive are a ks! :o
  • No enemys on low life around? aim for minions/jungle.
  • You can steal baron with it! :D

Deadly Bloom After a delay, thorns shoot out of the ground, damaging enemys and turning seeds into Thorn Spitters:
I will explain something about the diffrent plants later.
Basically, it's your main harass spell. It's a nice AoE, with a pretty big range which it can placed.

  • Place it Exactly below/a little behind the enemy.
  • You can use the minions as blockers, so the enemy cant escape.
  • Use it to stop enemy combos/spells (they will want to avoid it)
  • Don't use it first. Look the Combo Section for more information about this!
  • Spam it!

Passive: Prozentual cool-down reduction. Active: Places a seed, which can be transformed:

Nothing more to tell. The ability is self explaining, isnt it?

Tipps and Tricks:
  • If stands for 30 seconds, like an mini ward.
  • Cool down reduction on it is awesome.
  • Up to 2 can be stacked at once, 4 can be placed at once.
  • Placed in a brush, they give little sight. I think it's useless to use them to watch out for junglers.
  • If an ememy is stepping on the seeds, he is revealed for 2 seconds. Useful against assasins!

You fire vines to the ground, holding enemys and damaging them. If cast on a seed, it turns into a Vine Lasher:

This skill holds your enemy on the ground. It is quiet slow, but if you hit it your enemy is very vulnerable. Sadly the cooldownn on this skill is pretty high, so it isn't your best harassment spell. Max this spell second.

Here you get some tips and tricks:
  • Aim good. Missing this spell means a lost kill/ a retreat for you.
  • This skill can stop e.g Darius/ Akali from using their Shadow Dash Noxian Guillotine
  • Escape, Attack, Jungeling, this skill is just a allrounder.
  • Watch for your mana!

Summons many vines at a point, with are growing and damaging all enemys they cross. After 2 seconds, the Vines shrink together and throw every enemy in the air. All your plants in the area get a higher attackspeeds:

Maybe the best Ultimate ability in game. Max it whenever you can. This ability is like a freekill. Even with stats of 0/10 you could take out a Vayne with stats of 22/0 with your combo + Stranglethorns without taking any damage!

Tips And Tricks:
  • Great Range. Enemy with low life stands below Turret? Use Stranglethorns for an instant kill.
  • Getting chased from 5 Enemys and your are the last man standing? Just fire Grasping Roots and Stranglethorns behind you, holding the enemy team really bad. IF you wanna act like a pro, you just flash in and score a penta with Rise of Thorns! :L
  • Zyra is OP already at level 3, but level 6 is shooting her damage trough the roof. It's like you got a full equip Akali against a Soraka with just Doran's Ring in the jungle.
So that's why you love Zyra that much?
No, that's just because I'm a genius! :D
If you are a so called genius, tell me something about the plants I can evolve ._. Tard! That's what Zyra is about, isn't it?

Well, first let me show something about the gameplay!
Naaw, plants first! How can I use gameplay if I don't know what Zyra is able to do?
If you need it that bad....

Guide Top

A little Pause

Guide Top

Plants Guide.

With Rampant Growth + either Deadly Bloom or Grasping Roots, you can either transform them into:
Deadly BloomThorn Spitters or
Vine Lasher
which are dealing both the same damage.

Thorn Spitters
Deadly Bloom
Good Ranged Damage
Can be placed really Easy

Vine Lasher

Nice slow if they hit an enemy
Can be used to block Enemys.

Quiete interesting! Now you wanted to tell us something about the gameplay! Begin, we are listening, Zaum-Sama. <33

Guide Top

Zaum-Sama's Gameplay <333

My gameplay as Zyra is special. You will see in that video :D Maybe I ks'ed alil, maybe I failed with my lasthits in the beginning, but I don't mind!

(Thats NOT the original Quality! :D)

Guide Top


Basically you got 4 different Combos Tell me the best *-*
Don't start with the 4 as an instant, because it's a bit hard to master.
I will upload videos to this as soon as i get how this is working.

  • 1. Combo - Ranged Towers: For Harassment only. I think it's a waste of seeds., but I use it too sometimes.
    Rampant Growthx2 , Deadly bloom and a finishing Grasping Roots. Result? 2 Thorn Spitters which will attack every enemy in sight, some damage on enemy. If you landed your Grasping Roots really good you managed to hold your enemy at the two plants.
  • 2. Combo - Fear meeee!: I do this combo by accident often... I dislike it, but it's damage output it's great if you are lucky and a fast head :D
    Rampant Growthx2 while shooting Grasping Roots. If everything works out perfect, you hold the enemy between the two Vine lashers, so he gets additional Slow. Then it's an easy thing to place your last Deadly Bloom, it's impossible to miss that.
  • 3. Combo - pwned! Now here we get to the advanced Combos already. You zone your enemy first, then hold him giving him damage, slowing him and make him flash to retreat/gettin killed or at least getting outfarmed. How to.
    First, Place a Deadly Bloom like it hits your enemy. If it does, place a Rampant Growth on it before it bursts. If not, keep that seed. Then shoot your Grasping Roots at the enemy. Place 1/2 (Depending on how much you have got left) Rampant Growth in it's line.
    What did you got from it? Your enemy got damage, was forced away, and there are 1/2 Vine Lashers in his way back to you. So he either waits 10 seconds, runs around your plants or takes the damage by them
  • 4. Combo - The C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER!!!
    Nothing can match this epic damage. You need some requirements to do this combo.
    It's best if the enemy run's at you, you at least need to know exactly where to fire Grasping Roots. If you miss your first shoot, you lost 2 seeds, and all your abilitys are on cooldown. Keep that in mind! Here we go ! What could it be >_>
    Start with a Quick Grasping Roots, and place a Rampant Growth exactly where your enemy stands, as the vines reach him. If everything worked now, you got a holded enemy, who already got attacked from a Vine Lasher. Now you place a Deadly Bloom like this: It has to hurt enemy, but the Seed has to block the enemys path. Best thing is if you shot everything in a line.So what do we get from it? A kill. At least almost.

Now where was your ultimate ability.
Place it everytime between if you want. Just make sure it hits your enemy as well as all your plants in range!

I got some kills now.... how strong am I?

Guide Top

How strong are you (Score)

Well well...
I'll list you everything:

I hope I can play Zyra really good now :o But.. I came across some weird enemy and I just cant defeat them, please help me :/

Guide Top

Matchup Section

So here I can read how to defeat any champion?
No, sadly you can NOT. I added the champs I encountered most here, but this are definitely not all, and not even all possible mid matchups are listed below. I will create another guide for all matchups with Zyra when im done here, because i encountered almost every single champion while playing Zyra as AD-Carry, Solo Top, Mid and Support. (I will add these guides sometime too, don't worry :) ) Here you are some tips against certain mid enemys.

What shall we say about her. Dodge her Orb of Deception and you should be fine. She will often use her Spirit Rush to escape, so try your best to do farm meanwhile. If she really hits her Charm and starts to combo you, don't run, just face her and try. You will win the most times, and if you really do die, don't forget your Rise of the Thorns.

If played right he's definitly a good match for you, if not, you will win this easy. Try to hold back your Grasping Roots as long as possible and max it first. You need it to allow your damage to attack Fizz as long as Possible, before he can dodge away. Try to make him use his Playful/Trickster to engage you or to waste it to dodge something else. (Maybe your jungler can help you)

Well uhm.. Magicpenetration? :D

A pretty hard match. You can kill him easily, as long as he isn't landing his Event Horizon. You definitively need to get survability ( Catalyst the Protector/ Rod of Ages)as soon as possible. If he is waiting for his opportunity to kill you exactly like you will, you need to wait till he is doing a little mistake and then Punish him hard for it. If he is not doing any mistakes, ask for ganks. If he's playing really good and you do too, you should be one kill ahead him.

Guide Top


Zyra is an epic championess, even though she is hard to master. If you want to ask something, have some critism and all that stuff, write in the comments. Please don't downvote as long as you did not tell me what mistakes I did.

Belive me Zaum... If I could vote for you, I would Upvote right now! To the dear readers, who still didn't got this! If you read Zaum from behind it turns out Mauz So have fun. And in case I don't see you: Good Luck, Good game and Well played! :D

Thanks to Sjapke, Grinlok and Santosroker1 for helping me to understand Zyra with their great lane support as well with their constructive critism!
Special Thanks to jhoijhoi for her "How to create a guide" guide which you can find

Thanks to Xenotechie for his overall support.

Good luck Zyra Players!

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Mymymy, so many people asked us things, why don't we just list them here so everybody can read our answers to the questions?
An expecially good idea my dear, let us begin with..
First I got an question on my own:
Q:So, why do you get Greater Quintessence of Experience instead of Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power I just can't understand.

A: Good question. Zyra is one of the few champions who is about level. Her Rise of the Thorns is growing with it (+25 damage per level) and as a important fact most people are overlooking, her plants are getting stronger base-stats with her level ups (+6 damage per level). So, you are asking yourself why your plants do so less damage? Check out your level!