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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkbydesign89

Varus The Immortal

darkbydesign89 Last updated on May 5, 2013
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So this is my first guide, and since I've made this nifty little Varus build, I've gone undefeated on him averaging 15 kills a game 250+ cs and at least a triple kill with two quads and a penta in there for good measure. With this guide I hope to show you how to build varus and when to go from farm to killing machine because the switch is subtle and you'll go from having your team raging about you not doing anything but cs to them cheering your name as you crush objective after objective.

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First up are runes. This is really personal preference, I take Flat Attack damage reds and quints with attack speed yellows and blues.

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Again, depends on style, but I like a little into the utility tree for extra gold and exp, but pretty deep in the Offensive tree.

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Here's where we get into the meat of the guide. First item is (drum roll) the Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potion this will almost guarantee you stay in lane long enough to get the first real, and most crucial item of the build Avarice Blade . This item will single-handedly win you games. It is severely underrated for how much of a farm advantage it gives. On your first back you should grab Avarice Blade and I go with Boots of Swiftness . The plus 2 cs per kill really helps. You'll pull so far ahead of your lane opponent. Rush The Bloodthirster and then Runaan's Hurricane that is the item that lets you just roll face in team fights. Infinity Edge or Nashor's Tooth for good measure and then maybe a Last Whisper turn the Avarice Blade into a Statikk Shiv when you're happy with the extra gold ( I get it before the Runaan's Hurricane ).

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Skill Sequence

Take your first point in Piercing Arrow the harass early is insane especially when paired with the likes of then take Hail of Arrows and at level three take Blighted Quiver Blighted Quiver should be the first skill maxed followed by Piercing Arrow and then Hail of Arrows as with any champion take Chain of Corruption at 6, 11, and 16.

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I take Flash Barrier because Barrier is super useful lets you take about two free tower hits in dives and Flash speaks for itself. I don't care for Ignite bc the spell falls off really fast mid-late game. Ghost is also and option, but I don't run it.

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The key with this build is the aoe damage and the speed of the aoe damage that you will pump out with Statikk Shiv , Runaan's Hurricane and Blighted Quiver . At the 30 minute mark you should be one shotting entire creep waves, burning turrets in about 5-6 seconds, and wiping carries in two shots and tanks in about 8.

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Ranked Play

Quite frankly, Varus has no counters, and this build takes the concept of Vayne with more utility and survivability and simply shreds tanks. With the % health damage coming from Blighted Quiver tanks can't eat your damage not only because it's % health based, but also because Runaan's Hurricane pumps out equal damage to two additional targets. This makes you impossible to mitigate and you always are hitting the opposing carries, plus Runaan's Hurricane applies Blighted Quiver stacks and your other abilities detonate all the stacks since all three abilities are aoe detonation (though the aoe range on Piercing Arrow is very small).

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Pros / Cons


- Lane bully early on
- Kit has high damage, slow, and stun
- Once farmed he is the single hardest carry in the game
- Archers are cool

- Requires a lot of farm
- Really squishy
- May cause rage quits from enemy team

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Creeping / Jungling

Take golems on the way to and from lane when they're up, and starting around level 11/12 start taking red. Never pass up creeps. Never. When you out cs the enemy adc by 100 that's how you roll face with this build.

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Team Work

It's best to let other champs engage, and don't open with Chain of Corruption if you can help it bc it will also detonate stacks of Blighted Quiver also throwing Chain of Corruption out from the fog of war is more effective because it's pretty slow and easy to dodge if they can see it coming.

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Unique Skills

Varus has one of the most unique and versatile adc kits in the game. Piercing Arrow can snipe from behind terrain and also catch a fleeing enemy. When and enemy starts to run open with Hail of Arrows and then follow up with a max range Piercing Arrow to secure kills. Flash + Barrier will help you pick up a lot of early kills/harass.

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Farming is the crux of any good carries game, and making sure you don't waste too much time in the jungle leashing/invading will put you at an advantage. Don't hesitate to use Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows to farm creeps you would otherwise miss.


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