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Ashe Build Guide by Mnemiq

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mnemiq

Varus - The recommended build (SS Champion/Will be updated)

Mnemiq Last updated on May 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a recommended build for Varus.

Since a lot of people are commenting on this early written guide, then I felt the necessity to state once more, that THIS GUIDE IS GOING TO BE UPDATED. It is primarily my first feeling on the champion and impressions on this champion, for the time that I've had so far. To state why I published it: It is heavy subjected by my opinion and I wanted to give players who might be unfamiliar with this kind of champion a mere chance to build a Varus that will work sufficient, while I am rewritting the guide as I gain more experience with him and testing out different tactics, based on gears and situations. Therefore I would advice you not to read this guide as of now if you are looking for a full guide based on 100's of games.
Again I will publish the guide rewritten when I feel it's ready, if you feel like there's anything important I am missing on, then feel free to comment it, so I will be able to update my guide.

The build will be updated as needed when I get more experience with him, but as of now this is a very strong build and it doesn't really have too many weaknesses.

Varus is the latest champions in League of Legends and he is a long range ad carry. Varus is performing great as a middle champion, but he is also doing very well in lanes with others. While being a fast attacker he is also having a huge range of cc's, which makes him a great addition to any teams.

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Greater Mark of Strength

This one is important because Varus is a physical damage dealer and Greater Mark of Strength is increasing his damage. I choose the flat damage, since it will help you greatly during the early game.

Greater Seal of Resilience

It is always important to have some defense, which Varus lacks. This also help your early game so that you will be able to sustain more damage and keep your lane sufficiently.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

These runes I like of the same reasons as with Greater Greater Seal of Resilience. They help your early game and they will also improve your overall armor rating in late game, which is rather important since Varus is missing a lot of natural armor.

Greater Quint of Strength

Again more physical damage to increase Varus's offensiveness especially in the early game as well. Don't underestimate the power of this Quintessence, it really improves your performance offensively in early game and you will own middle!

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There are several ways to start out, but I definitely prefer to start with a pair of Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.
The next item you want to acquire is Berserker's Greaves to help your attack speed in the early game and build up your 3 stacks of Blighted Quiver faster and thereby increase your damage.

Follow up with Zeal to further increase your attack speed and boost your walking speed a little. The next thing you'll want to buy is a B. F. Sword, this will help your physical damage a lot in the early part of the game.

You'll then want to turn these 2 items into an Infinity Edge followed by a Phantom Dancer, these two gears will help you increase both your critical and attack speed greatly!

As soon as you have enough gold, then get yourself a fine piece of The Bloodthirster. Good damage and nice amount of life steal.

At this time, the game has probably been going for a substantial amount of time and your enemies is very likely starting to stack up a high amount of armor, therefore you'll need something to counter this. Let me present to you the Last Whisper, 40% more armor penetration! *.* !!!

Since Varus is lacking a lot of defensiveness and is doing a high amount of damage, then you'll be the first one that the enemy wants to kill, therefore you'll want a gear that can help you stay alive and get your *** out of the fire, when the battle heats up around you. Here I'd advice you to get a Banshee's Veil as it will help you a lot in such team fights.

To sum up, then here is what you should have when fully geared:

(Total Cost = 15600 Gold)

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing attack speed!
+ High physical damage.
+ Good cc's that will help you kill and escape as needed.
+ Very good addition to any team.
+ Incredible fun to play, (just love the attack speed :D)
+ Very long range with Piercing Arrow
+ Who can say anything bad about a bad-*** carry that is purple?!
+ Strong early game.
+ Strong vs. Baronen and the dragon.


- Fairly weak and missing defensiveness.
- Fairly gear dependent.
- First to die in team fights.
- Mana junkie!
- Requires a bit of skills to play sufficient.

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Under construction / Will be updated

I am still writing this guide and I will soon update more parts of the guide. Right now I thought to release the most important part of the guide first.

I will be releasing the guide in the following steps as soon as possible.

To come:

Skill sequence
Summoner spells
Mastery explanation
Early/mid/late game description and strategies.

/mnemiq Eu Nordic/East

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Summoner Spells

In many of my tests of Varus I have been using Heal and Flash, they go very well together with Varus, since he is likely to be ganked in mid, but I have also found that Flash and Ignite works very well, as you are able to do a heavy combo bombardment of the enemy and here Ignite just comes in handy, as the enemy now has been heavily damage he tries to run away. You hit him with Ignite hitting him with a few auto attacks and load your Piercing Arrow and boom the enemy is dead and if not, Ignite is possibly finishing him off.