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Vayne Build Guide by Exelio

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exelio

Vayne, Built to Slay!

Exelio Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Hello Folks!

First of all I am Exelio or better known as the summoner listening to the name Squîshy. I already apologies for possible grammar or spelling mistakes as English ain't my native language so please bare with me.

This guide will go all about Vayne, The Night Hunter which in my opinion is an epic champion to play with. She's got a smooth play-style, she's nice looking for sure and above all she's fun to play!

Anyway without any further delay let's move on with the guide...


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The rune set up I've chosen are focused on attack speed and armor penetration instead of attack damage. In my opinion you won't need attack damage for Vayne, especially not early in the game. Her Tumble ability scales wonderfully with attack damage but her silver bolts ability is exactly why you want the extra speed.

This in general means that the additional speed from your runes will allow you to get a relatively easy kill early game and you know what that means... Faster killing means more gold and more gold means total annihilation!

The armor penetration runes are useful for end game situations where the opposing force has got more armor so your attacks will penetrate this precious armor with devastating force and rain destruction on your foe.

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There's not much to say about the masteries I've chosen as they're pretty standard and widely chosen. There's room for adaptation but to me this mastery set up works just fine. It all depends on what you prefer so feel free to play around with the mastery trees as you wish.

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Summoner Spells


Again this depends on your personal play-style. Some might find it better to take Teleport, Ghost or even Heal but I found that Exhaust is a nice ability to have especially early game. Nothing sucks more then having to let your victim get away with low HP so now you can slow the poor target and finish it off. Combined with the mastery you will hurt the foe even more!

What goes about flash, well I don't think there's too much discussion about this ability. It is just plain awesome and a must have for any assassin and carry class. Not only does it provide you the ability to catch up with your foe and finish it off it can also be used to slip in a hot spot and flash out of it again without too much risk or can be effectivelly used as an escape mechanism.

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Skill Sequence

Finally we can start on the more important stuff 'cause really, chatting about masteries is not really that useful now is it?! Anyways let's start!


Tumble is an epic ability and should be taken first above all other skills. You ask why?! Well basicaly because it first of all resets your attack timer and it increases your attack damage for your next attack which is just awesome. This can easily catch your opponent off guard which often will result in either pushing the enemy back and out of experience range or in the best case even killing it. I'd go for taking Tumble every other level and scale it with Silver Bolts. This combination will allow you to hit really hard and thus increasing the pressure on your opponent.

Silver Bolts:

Silver Bolts should be taken right after you've put a skill point into Tumble meaning at level 2. When you both got a point in Tumble and Silver Bolts you'll notice how the fun begins to get even more fun. Basically what Silver Bolts does is making your third attack on the same target really powerful so after having fired an auto attack you Tumble and soon after Silver Bolts will kick in and the combination of these 3 swift attacks will result in a nice burst. If it doesn't kill your opponent it'll definitely show them you're serious and force them back.


A very neat ability and definitely a force to be reckoned though it requires some skill to be used to its full potential. The best scenario for this ability is when you can smash your victim into an obstacle with it. It will not only stun the poor prey but it will also deal double damage and isn't that what we all want? Anyway even though this ability packs some good punch I'd only take it not sooner then level 5 and only maxing it near the end, in the meantime you should build up Tumble and Silver Bolts and by the time you can take your ultimate you should have 2 skill points into Tumble and Silver Bolts.

Final Hour:

Last but definitely not least is the skill called Final Hour. Like any other ultimate it should be taken as soon as it's available for a skill increase. Final Hour in the first place increases your attack damage for 10 seconds and on top of that her movement speed buff from when she's in range of an enemy champion is quadruppled. Besides these two neat buffs she can also go stealth for a brief moment when she uses Tumble while Final Hour is active. So my word is to activate Final Hour moment prior to attacking an enemy champion and you can almost feel the fear of your prey as you close in all guns blazing.


Vayne, The Night Hunter has got a nice set of skills that will aid you in your role and this role is slaying your prey... Max out Tumble and Silver Bolts as soon as possible and you will see the killstreak stacking up in bulk!

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Just like how important it is how you play it is important to purchase the right items. An assassin and carry is only as sharp as the edge of her sharpest blade or should I say bolt?!

I'd recommend to start of by buying Doran's Blade. The 100 additional HP is very useful in early laning and the additional 10 damage can mean the difference between killing your victim and allowing it to run away. The 3% life steal is not really worth mentioning as it will have low to no effect at all but nonetheless it's a nice addition. As soon as you're able to purchase the Berserker's Greaves, which cost 920 gold, you should briefly return to base to get them. Once you got the greaves you'll be able to harass your opponent even more.

By then you should be saving up for your Sheen, this marvelous weapon scales perfectly with Tumble and as soon as you got it you'll note the difference! Right after you got Sheen you gotta focus on getting the Madred's Bloodrazor followed up by The Black Cleaver. By now you should have quite a lot of punch and you'll be cutting through any victim you might face but of course we're not satisfied yet as we want to annihilate!

Now it will all go much smoother as the kills will come easily now and so will the gold. Your next precious item should be finishing your Trinity Force. By this time you can sell your Doran's Blade. The massive attack damage you got now combined with the power of the Trinity Force will turn out to be so evil that you will rain down terror upon your prey. Next stop should be either The Bloodthirster or the Banshee's Veil depending on how the game flows. The additional life steal from The Bloodthirster allows you to regenerate HP by killing minions or kill monsters if needed which means you have to spend less time at the base and instead more time for slaying champions. Be honest, what's more fun?! Looking at the nice stones at the base or hearing the screams of your dieing victims?! On the other hand if the team is heavy on AP damage you might wanna go with Banshee's Veil instead to give you the survivability you need.

If the game goes smooth and it turns out that you don't need a Banshee's Veil, even though it's always a very neat item to have, you can opt for an Infinity Edge for the additional damage it will provide you. Basically at this state any item that will benefit you will do just fine as it's all dependant on how the game flows.

Go with the flow!

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Core Build

Your core build on Vayne, The Night Hunter, should be looking like this:


Once you got your core build you can go any direction you want. Be it defensive or offensive or anything else you'll be causing a lot of damage really quickly as long as you have your core build.

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So folks this was it, I hope you all enjoyed my guide and I wish you a good hunt and slay those preys!

Greetz Exelio...