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League of Legends Build Guide Author Retrospected

Vayne, Hitting her is like boxing with shadows

Retrospected Last updated on May 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Vayne guide. I've noticed so many weird builds lately for Vayne that i felt that i should put my version of vayne online. The reason i play Vayne is her mobility and stealth inside teamfights. My build focuses on synergizing with her skills. Exploiting her tumble and silver bolts. Please try my build first before voting this guide down.

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For runes i've decided to do the following

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Vayne is also a real tank buster. Although you should never focus tanks in teamfights. There are moments were everyone is waiting for an initiate. By hitting the tank who's probably in front you can put lower his health even faster especially if you manage to get 3 hits on him with Silver Bolts. makeing him think twice to be uncareful comeing near your team.

Greater Mark of Desolation
As all carry's i've taken armor penetration runes.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed
Some more attack speed to help you hit early game getting those 3 hits to active Silver Bolts.
Also helps you get your attack speed above 1.5+.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
You know those moments right. You managed to get an evil kill with a little hp left you run to shelter. You noticed a red line above your champion and then BOOM. That annoying Karthus stopped your rampage.... Well i noticed i have more trouble mages then i do with melee champions. Thats why i decided to take some magic resist to help me survive those mages better. They can safe your life sometimes.

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I went for the 21/0/9 build. Because i really want to be deadly as possible early game.
Vayne is annoyingly strong early game. With tumble which hits almost every time, unless the enemy champion plays really defensive makes you take over the lane with ease and should hand you some kills or atleast denie the enemy exp and gold.

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I start of with a Doran's Blade. The extra health, attack damage and the little life steal makes me survive longer in lane. After that i rush as fast possible to a Sheen takeing a Sapphire Crystal first if i need to recall earlier. Sheen with tumble is an amazingly strong combo early game.

After that i build up to my shoes Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The extra cooldown reduction makes me tumble even more. Why i didn't go for the attack speed shoes is because i already made up with them through my Greater Seal of Attack Speed. with a lower cooldown on tumble i can raise my damage output to an even greater level. Also dont forget to count in the stealth you get from tumble while in your ultimate.

After that i have a decision to make. Do i need more hp or more attack speed? Either way we're building towards an Trinity Force Takeing a Zeal or Phage first. With Trinity Force up our sleves we really put a dent in the enemy team. You get almost everything you need from it.

To raise our damage even more and to synergize with Silver Bolts we build a Madred's Bloodrazor Takeing the Recurve Bow first.

After that most of my games are over. But there are games that take longer. In those situations i suggest getting a Banshee's Veil.

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Summoner Spells

I highly suggest takeing Ghost and Flash. You really need to escape tools because tumble wont get you out all the time. Also Flash helps you get over walls which tumble can't either. These 2 summoner spells help you chase and kill in teamfights. You can flash while tumbleing positioning yourself to place a condemn against the enemy carry. Shutting him down with a stun and then finish him of.

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I still got the feeling i forgot a lot of information i should tell you. And i will when it comes up in me again. I really need to say again that Vayne isnt a real dps carry like ash. So don't build her like on. Focus on synergy with tumble and silver bolts which carry's your team to victory!