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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by llawite111

AD Carry Vayne the Magicx Sniffer

AD Carry Vayne the Magicx Sniffer

Updated on March 3, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author llawite111 Build Guide By llawite111 1,708 Views 0 Comments
1,708 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author llawite111 Vayne Build Guide By llawite111 Updated on March 3, 2015
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Hi my name is llawite111 (NA), I'm not the best ADC or player. Started playing end of Season 3 and climbed into Silver 2 while only Silver 5 at the moment. I am an ADC main who like most Korean ADC loves Vayne and played her mostly during my Season 4 rank :3

anyway I hope this guide helps you in anyway possible
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Standard ADC runes, you can trade in 5 armor seals for health seals or add in some glyphs of scaling MR or attack speed. Personal Preference. Recommend this runes for more defensive stats as new Vayne players will need to adjust to her weak laning phase.
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Standard masteries for ADC, Vayne is an auto attack based therefore take the attack speed and frenzy for attack speed steroid when getting a crit through your crit item. I have heard of Vayne taking spell weaving since procing third Silver Bolt and tumbling count as a spell however I much rather get attack speed steroid through crits mid game than tiny damage increase through spells and auto attacks. Personal preference.
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Read the notes above near item icons.
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Skill Sequence

Always get Q first, helps you position/chase due to invades plus other abilities are just useless level 1. Silver bolts at level 2 unless you want to play defensive, I usually get this level 2 since the enemy duo will be looking to make some play/move on me so to match up their damage output (due to Vayne's weak early game) get silver bolts #Remember to proc the third proc for its ability damage otherwise it is like you have not leveled W at all. HOWEVER if you want to be a good Vayne player you got to learn when you can take a trade and when you should retreat. Don't overextend to proc the third bolt and get yourself in a bad position resulting to most likely a death.

Basic Combo - Auto attack -> auto attack -> tumble -> auto attack

Finally getting E third, Vayne is one of those ADC where you want all 3 abilities as soon as possible while others like Lucian and Graves can put 2 points into their Q level 3. Condemn is just a good escape/initiation. Helps you push one enemy away and can stun them if you hit them against the wall resulting in most likely a kill/summoner burn early on if your support plays it right and follow up.

Remember to put a point into your R whenever possible

Max W, then Q then E.
I understand there are other Vayne players that max Q for lower CDR to dodge more skillshots. While this is true but it decreases your damage potential a lot as your main damage comes from your consecutive damage through Silver Bolts. Dodging skillshot should also be a basic habit after playing for a long time which can be accomplished through reading the enemy's movement and stutter stepping. This is all personal preference however for the most damage max W and proc that third Silver Booty. Max Q second for lower CDR and finally E cuz nothing else to put in.
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Important tip for using Q : Never tumble forward UNLESS you are chasing and has a 100% of getting out alive after killing the target. Don't also tumble backwards unless kitting. Try to tumble sideways/diagonally most of the time as it is not as expected but also if you tumble backwards to dodge a skillshot you will not be able to attack as fast as if you to tumble sideways.
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Pros / Cons

Pros : High burst
Never scales off
Amazing duelist
Amazing "self-peel" and kiting potential
Easy to snowball
Korean Plays

Cons : Weak laning phase
Team reliant
Single target damage
Everyone focuses the Vayne Q_Q
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League of Legends Build Guide Author llawite111
llawite111 Vayne Guide
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Vayne the Magicx Sniffer

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