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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KoutaNage

Veigar -- Flappy's First Mage

KoutaNage Last updated on May 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil

Tiny, yes. Evil, Yes. Viegar is a great champion no matter what anyone says. He has an AoE stun which is just perfect for team fights and chasing, and has the strength to kill or bring anyone to fewer than 50% hp. His like a Walking little Time Bomb.

Warning: This Build is not for Starters because of the lack of Items that are meant to keep you alive, Reason I don't put any is because, I never needed them I know how to keep myself alive and you should learn so too.

1.Massive Nukes
2.Good farming
3. Sexy Voice

1.Low survivability
3.Hard to Master

Summoned Spells:

this will save your life many times over and is useful for landing that missing bar of damage or so. Try not to use this meaninglessly because this can and will cost your life is so. As a tiny reminder, before you do warp useing it make sure your going to go where you want and also remember sometimes you wont flash over that wall if your to far from it so becarful.

I would always get ghost for getting in and out of fights also to make sure u get that last hit, at first I had Clarity, however I realized that I never run out of mana if I am just farming' last hits in lane. All thanks to lovely passive and Runes.
However, if you find yourself running out of mana then by all means you can trade either, flash or ghost, with Clarity.


Baleful Strike

This spell is all about last hitting, every time it’s up you want to drop it on those cute little minions, reason is because for every unit you kill with it u get 1 AP, and though it may seem small it adds up. You will be maxing this first, and that’s because other than the 1 AP you get off kills with it, it has a passive that at rank 5, For every champion kill you get with any source of damage you get 5 AP and since your going to be getting tons of kills this adds up as well.

Dark Matter

This is your big bang, this skill has a 1:1 ratio last I checked, and does a LOT of damage, in fact it does the most other than your ult + Dfg. However riot makes it so that all big things are not so easy to land, so to make sure this hits u want to get people stuck in your Lovely Ring of Joy and Pleasure and place it on top but with most going in the direction you think they will run. Also always place this on top of every one in team fights most of the time no one notices and dies : D.

Event Horizon

Introducing the Play Pin, this is the most lovely skill, why?, well that’s because who does not love stunning a whole team for around 2 seconds depending on their items that is, and then dropping some smiling Matter from the heavens that wants nothing more than a big warm hug. This skill is not only loved by you, but your whole team too, this skill is the reason your nub best friend is not fedin, and the reason the other team is.

Primordial Burst

Now this skill is just so awesome, I don’t really want to waste time explaining it (: D). Simply save this skill to knife the other teams nuker, or use it to ensure that u get a lovely 5 AP for next time.


The Reason I rush my is because later on in the game and even early game this item does more or less the same as your ult if u use it at very start, however this is an item active and so it takes time getting use to using it.

is a must have because it gives the most flat AP and its passive is just so good.

Now we have , This is great because it gives us a good amount of AP and Armor, and also the active is not so bad either, think of it as that thing that saves you and at times ensures a kill.

Many of you are most likely going, why get a when you have the oh so op stun, well that’s because of three things; One, We want the Hp to keep us alive longer, Two, You stun has a long cd no matter what so why not slow them to ensure any kill (5 AP is always great), Third, A big fat Ribbon of AP on top (^^).

The is there for another three things; One, Covers the lack of MR, Two, The great Aura, Three, More AP to beat them with.

If your to awesome for either or both the and , then by all means get a Lick Bane, Will of Ancients, Void Staff, and IF you really have to an ...Archangle's staff (PLZ DONTHATE SOMUCH).

Almost forgot, if any of you are wondering why I do not get a Soul Stealer, it’s because if you do get it other than it giving a great amount of AP (from kills only though) it’s like a big sign on your head scream “I HAVE 20 STACKS COME AT ME BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lastly: I must say every time you "Blue Pill" You should get at least two hp potions and one mana one, and if your team needs it an Oracle and Wards. However only do so if you are 100% sure you don’t mind doing so [: P (I do cuz it’s both useful and helps out with say kills or saving’ people.)]

Early Game:

Here you want to try to get mid and farm as much as you can, don’t bother touching the person you maybe laning against because it’s a waste of AP that you can get form minions. First “Blue pill” should be after you can get a Dfg or if your forced to do so, if so buy boots and the Codex for Dfg. Remember to call “Mia’s” and pray to “Flappy” that your jungler ganks.

Mid. Game:

First Tower should have dropped and people should be Roaming around, [(Scream at those that do not know after first tower calling “Mia’s” is meaning les , and tell em to get MAP AWEARNESS)That’s something you always need (Tab helps too)]. You should have got your Dfg and S.Shoes and be raping all those that tell a short joke. Work on your Death Cap and remember to always last hit minions, also try dropping your dark matter on top of wraiths for some gold.( if it does not one hit em go and last hit with “Q” run around a bit in-between).

Late Game:

Team Fights should be in full Bloom. Dragon and Baron should be getting many house calls from both sides, (Remember wards are Flappy’s Best Friend). Stays at back of your team follow them everywhere, Ks as much as you want after all it’s your right to do so. Finish off the other items I listed.


Please Comment, Rate, Criticize about anything it will help me a lot both now and in futur, also Photo is from Devian Art and was made by Anarki3000 so credit to their great work, Thank You.

KoutaNage Out :3