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League of Legends Build Guide Author Destroyer169

Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil (Detailed Guide)

Destroyer169 Last updated on August 3, 2016
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Hi. My name is Destroyer. I am Silver IV at the moment But i played Veigar since i started the game very often. At the Moment i have 100k points on him. I wanna make this guide To show you how to succesfully play him in lower elo. By the way this is my first Guide. It only Took me 2 hours to make but it is still pretty decent in Lenght. So enjoy :)

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So Obviously That is a Standard Rune Page For Midlaners. Although i like the 10% cdr very much because i want to reach 45% cdr almost every game but i dont want to buy Zhonya's Hourglass and Abyssal Mask every game, so i get the slacing cdr.

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So the Masteries are more likely my Own Favorit.

Sorcery should be Clear. your abilities do more dmg.
Feast Is for the Sustain in the lane. you can also take Double Edged Sword if you feel cinfident enough to take 1.5% more dmg.
Vampirism This gives you a little bit spellvamp wich can be very usefull since your abilities do tons of damage lategame
Oppressor gives you more dmg to your combo. Since your whole combo relies on your stun you most likely want that. you can also go Bounty Hunter if you want that lategame dmg.
Savagery Will give you more dmg on the Q on minions.
Secret Stash helps you throuh the Early game Because you have better Pots.
Merciless Synergized Very well with your ult. since yur ult does more dmg the lower your target is, Merciless is the to go Mastery.
Dangerous Game is Pretty much Standard on Every not Support champ. Just take it :)
Intelligence is most likely a personal Preference, Because i am A massive dmg low cd Caster in the lategame then. also you can onecombo the enemy adc with one wq in the lategame. Having them on low cd helps a lot.
Thunderlord's Decree Is pretty much to Compensate your early game. Although i took Stormraider's Surge a lot recently it is very bad in lane and only good against engage comps if you can reach the lategame.

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These are pretty much the To-go Items. I switch Between Zhonya's Hourglass and Abyssal Mask every game. The rest is pretty much to get tankier/cdr/ap.
You most likely always start with a dorans Ring and 2 pots. you go back after you get a tear and the go for the rod. I do that because i almost never get blue buff.

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Skill Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You take Q first to obviously get the early stacks. you most likely go e second to avoid filthy level 3 ganks and since you early game is kinda weak you wanna play safe. you also max e second to increase the stun duration to make your w hit everytime.

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So Now i get to the Spells.
Phenomenal Evil Power Is what makes him Veigar. you get ap for last hitting minions with your Q or hitting enemy Champions with your abilities. You even get ap from assists/kills. It can strike 2 tagets.
Baleful Strike is your most used spell ingame. Its a linear Skillshot that scales with 60% of your ap. You use it for Last hitting minions or in your full combo.
Dark Matter is Your w. His base dmg increases by 50 every rank and it has a 100% ap scaling. You max it last cause you only need the scaling on that and because it would be harder to hot if your Event Horizon Stun doesnt last long enough.
Event Horizon is the Most op Spell Ingame in my thoughts. It Is so usefull that it is nearly UNfair. You can use it to land your combo or you can use it to zone the enemys Because it's so big Or you can use it to trap the enemys inside wich allows you to set up a wombo combo.
Primordial Burst Is the Most annoying spell in the game. It has a 0.75% ap slaing if your target is full hp and a 1.5% ap Scaling if they are at 33%hp or lower. In the lategame a simple Dark Matter or Baleful Strike combined with your Primordial Burst will always oneshot the enemy carry.

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Pros / Cons

+Very much Dmg
+Lategame Hypercarry (in my opinion)
+VERY strong late game
+Strong level 6
+Surprisingly Powerful for the enemy Team

-Kinda weak early game
-Very Farm reliant
-Not the best Roam

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Your Laning Phase is most likely Passive. You dont want to play aggressive since your are pretty Vulnerable for ganks once your Event Horizon is on cd. At level 6 you can all in your enemy laner and kill him if he is at around half hp and hasnt backed yet. You always Wanna get the small raptors. in the early game ou throw in a Dark Matter and shortly before it lands throw your Baleful Strike not only to make it kill the small ones for the cs score but for stacking your q. Remember: You want your Baleful Strike to Land after your Dark Matter to get the ap.

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Team Work

You need a team to peel for you. If you dont get a team peeling for you, your pretty much ****ed. Buy a Zhonya's Hourglass in this case. try to hit theyr Team with your Event Horizon and drop your Dark Matter Baleful Strike combo at them. Save your Primordial Burst For the Carries. If they get stunned do Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst if they are close enough or Dark Matter Primordial Burst if they are pretty far away. BUT! dont ult them at full hp. it doesnt do enough dmg to completely kill them. If you nearly die try to hit your Dark Matter Baleful Strike before dying onto the enemy carry to kill them.

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When i Farm i ost likey switch between Freezing and Poking. Push the first wave as usual. Try to get two nearby fighter minions low enough to hit them both with your q. Try to farm up your q with the first wave and poke the second. I like to always switch between the waves fomr poking to farming/freezing. Its more farming then Freezing but when you poke you try to get a 1 wave freeze by only last hitting with your autoattacks.

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So thank you for Listening to me. if you enjoyed the guide make sure to vote it so other one can see it and if you dont then please tell me why and i will make it better :) if you wanna play a game League with me Add me: Euw: Destroyer169.


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