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Veigar Build Guide by Firm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Firm

Veigar -The Tiny Menace

Firm Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Veigar Is one of the best burst/mages in LoL and one of the few who have anti-mage spells.
In this guide i focus into getting as much ap possible as fast as possible. Plus i explain everything behind my play-style. In my opinion there should be a meaning into some of the moves you make otherwise you are just pushing buttons trying to kill champions.Although, i think everyone should have their your own style i explain mine so you can adapt yours, fuse them together or get some fresh ideas.

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Runes/Masteries Discussion

In this guide i use Mana/regen seals and straight ap glyphs the reasons?

I used to use cooldown reduction for glyphs but in the new patch with morelo and 1 pot u will be able to have high cooldown reduction without any glyphs.
Remember that the more cooldown reduction= more baleful strike spam = more ability power = more burst = more damage which is the what you really want from Veigar.

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Item Discussion/Suggestion

First lets look at the Core Build which is:


    I think this item is a must for veigar mainly because it's cheap. It gives you cooldown reduction ability power and mana regen so it benefits you in every possible way. I suggest you should give it a try. I don't know why people dislike this item but they do.

    I will say nothing about this item and how it makes Veigar a killing machine. You definitely SHOULD take it. Buying a second one though is a bit of an over reaction. Although you wont need anything else as a last item i think is a good choice to have some more ability power. Of course if you need health, magic resist or anything else avoid taking a second one and take whatever you need at that point.

    Now dont underestimate the power of elixirs, i take one once i get back in base (if i have the luxury of course) and after that every time i get back. They are cheap, they last for a considerable amount of time and they give you a very nice boost both in cooldown reduction and mana regen.

    If your enemies are building a lot of magic resist you definitely need one. Its a cheap good item which gives you some ability power and a lot of magic penetration.

    Again VS mid you will need a lot of MR. This item is ideal cause it gives you magic resist and drops the enemy's MR plus it gives you the AP you need on late game.

Situational Items

    This item makes the difference in mid/late game it can be full stacked in a whole game but on the contrary this item may be stacked full in just a battle. Anyhow this is your decision and if your champion needs it take it. You should take it after your Rabadon's Deathcap for it to be efficient or you could take it at the end of the game when your decisive battles start and you dont have a lot of options. Of course if you are not dying a lot.

    Lets say that the enemies are focusing you and you cant do anything because you die instantly. This item wont be much of a help because with or without it you are still going to die. The difference? 2 seconds. Then they gonna wait for invulnerability to wear off and they will focus your *** or you are going to flash/ghost out of there and they will probably chase you and kill you.
    I use this item against heroes like Karthus and Lux or another Veigar to block some of the damage that i expect champions like these do. Works great against dps heroes like Teemo or Twitch to prevent yourself from dying from their dps spells.

    The majority of players think this item is essential for veigar. That is an item i NEVER do to veigar merely because i wont need it cause my burst is enough to kill and because to use this item i got to be a lot closer to the enemy that my spells require. That is the last thing i want to do.

    Thats an item that screams Veigar because you will have to use your Q ability a lot and if you purchase Tear of the Goddess early your mana will be exceptional. True. But, you wont need that much mana so you could take something a lot more usefull than this. I only use it in a game that the enemy team got a lot of tanks/offtanks and a lot of heroes that i cant burst to death. Because you wont be able to burst them down quickly you will need much more mana to kill them individually or to help your team kill them in situations like those is one of the best choises.

    Sometimes yes sometimes no. It really depends on what the enemy team got if they have a hero that you know is going to Cc you or you need Magic Resist definitely go for it. Otherwise i think its no that much of a use.

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Early Game

In my opinion Veigar is a mid/late hero he cant do that much early on.

You are going to go mid cause there is no other lane for this champion SERIOUSLY. You are going to start with and pots you should play defensively last hitting everything you can with . If your opponent is pushing you a lot try to hold him back by casting your Q ability or kiting him into the tower. You should not use to farm creeps in early game because you will eventually be out of mana. If your opponent plays defensively like you, don't push him too much.

The out of mana situation: when you play like this you will find out that at times you will be out of mana. Don't panic this is normal and definitely don't go back. Veigar's passive with meki pendant is all that you need. If the enemy misses from the lane you should go and take blue buff with a help of a teammate or alone if you have a lot of ap and mana at that point or you should go back and purchase items. In early game (before lvl 11) you SHOULD NOT gang because you will not be that much of a use.

Another issue is your opponent going back to his base before you do. His items will be better than yours his mana and life are going to be full and when he realize it he will definitely try to kill you. Again try to hold him back. If you cant do this thats why you took ghost and flash try to flee and go back. Remember you dont want to go back before you farmed considerably but you should always prefer it from dying except if there is no choice or it benefits you greatly (taking more gold than your opponent).


Veigar needs a lot of farm at the beginning. What i do is i try to play defensively and return to base at 11 level and then with boots / morello's / pot and the blasting wand + 80 ap from my ap is around 200-230 so i am taking blue buff and gang. This method has a lot of pros and a lot of cons. Because of the time you will be spending in lane your teammates and especially your jungler (assuming your team has one) need to gang as much as they can, so you depend on them a lot at the beggining. But at the time when you return to base you will be able to burst to death the majority of mage champions (which is who your primary target is going to be) and then fun begins!
Note: By the time reaches level 3 you will probably be able to one shot wraiths from your lane DONT forget to do it because its easy money and you will need it for future/elixir use.

Mid/Late Game

Around 500-700 ability power this is the point you will thrive to see a support/carry/squishy target cause in a full combo they will die instantly and then their team will miss damage or support or whatever it is you are targeting. Remember that that IS your role. To eliminate the enemy team's carry/mage carry or support.

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Pros / Cons


    + About 500-700 ability power in Mid/late game and a few heroes can survive that much power.
    + Great farmer.
    + Awesome lane pusher/holder.
    + Insane burst.


    - Squishy.
    - Vulnerable to Cc and Slow.
    - Can be out of mana in early game.

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I have achieved 1067 and 1135 ability power with this build and i have about 500 to 700 ability power per game. Veigar is one of my favorite champions and he is an easy champion to learn if you are new to the game. Also if you are trying builds i would advise you to use this one and see how it goes. Future changes will be made. If you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes please let me know. Fell free to leave any suggestions/comments/experiences that you may have.