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Vel'Koz Build Guide by ShadowWalker0531

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowWalker0531

Vel'Koz - Teamplayer

ShadowWalker0531 Last updated on March 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I follow this every game and I have won almost every game this way. and only had a negative KDA once. For the people that are skeptical on this strategy, it works and allows him to not be countered easily by melee champions and can help win laning phase or at least freeze the lane till you can receive help from teammates.

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Vel'Koz is commonly viewed as a poke champion because of his Plasma Fission (Q). This is not entirely True. Landing certain combos can be more effective for dealing more damage and winning laning phase even against counters. It is also believed that Vel'Koz is weak against melee champions. That is only partially correct. The reason that is believed is because people tend to focus landing his Plasma Fission (Q) ability more than anything, which actually can cause him to fail during laning phase. His W E combo is much more effective esspecially against melee counters.

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Dealing with Melee

Vel'Koz actually has a benafiet against melee champions. Melee Champs have to get close to minions in order to farm. Vel'Koz can take advantage of this with his Void Rift (W) and Tectonic Disruption (E) combo because neither of them are stopped by minions or can by interrupted. Activating your Void Rift (W) first on them will land ONE Organic Deconstruction on the champion. With no cast time on Void Rift (W) you can immediately use your Tectonic Disruption (E) on them too, adding a SECOND Organic Deconstruction. By the time they are back on the ground from Tectonic Disruption (E), your Void Rift (W) will go off its second time dealing even more damage and activating your passive Organic Deconstruction on them dealing true damage to add even more damage. At level 2 a successful combo of this will lower them to at least half health or lower. This abuse on the enemy will make them more fearful to farm allowing you control of the lane. Try doing the combo at max range to avoid being hit by any of your opponents abilities. At Level 3 you become more powerful against champions with gap-closers, however you will also take your fair share of damage also. after your Void Rift (W) and Tectonic Disruption (E) combo, champions with gap closers will most likely charge you believing your abilities are on cooldown and can hurt you without punishment. while you are running away use your Void Rift (W) again at them and then Plasma Fission (Q) them. This will slow them down and they will have TWO Organic Deconstruction on them, by now most players give up and head back. However your Void Rift (W) will still be there and activate its second time. Once again dealing extra damage and activating his Passive once more. You will still be at least half health while they are below 1/4 of theirs. At Level 6 Vel'Koz can turn this into a kill, as long as the enemy uses their gap-closer to initiate and after you have done the above steps. You can then Life Form Disintegration Ray them and successfully pick up a kill.

NOTE: Champions such as Kassadin at level 6 can dodge his combos. Try scaring them with your Void Rift (W) (grabbing farm too) making the enemy think you are trying to land a combo. if they use their escape you can quickly use Void Rift (W) again and land your Tectonic Disruption (E) combo without them being able to escape easily.
NOTE: Playing against a Yasuo who has his passive shield makes it a little bit difficult. So before landing any combos make sure his shield is down currently. If it is NOT down, just basic attack him with your range and wait for it to go away, then use combos.

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Against ranged champions

Vel'Koz has a little more trouble with ranged champions that can poke at him from a safe distance and still deal lots of damage and/or make him immobilized such as Brand. Landing his Void Rift (W) and Tectonic Disruption (E) combo is harder to land against ranged since there is a short time that you can see the abilities coming and become easily dodge-able. So instead you should focus more on landing your Plasma Fission (Q) first, slowing them down making it harder to escape. Then use your Void Rift (W) and Tectonic Disruption (E) combo while they are slowed. Try doing the combo at max range to avoid being hit by any of your opponents abilities.

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Farming / Losing Lane

Farming with Vel'Koz is fairly easy thanks to his Void Rift (W) and Tectonic Disruption (E). focus both abilities to hit the mage minions in the back. this will land THREE Organic Deconstruction on them and activate your passive on them. Even if you are losing lane, while the enemy minions are on their way to your tower they will most likely be low health. Walk back while in front of them and use Void Rift (W) on them using both stacks. this will keep your lane from being pushed and remove minions for your jungler to jump in and help you.

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In General

As Vel'Koz you want to focus on landing your combos on the enemy and activating your passive Organic Deconstruction as much as possible. This will help you bully your opponent and keep them from farming to much. Vel'Koz is not very mobile however, being pushed in the enemies turret makes him able to be easily ganked by their jungle, making flash a MUST HAVE.

Vel'Koz is also very good at disengages if your teammates are being chased and even can turn the battle around to your teams favor. using Tectonic Disruption (E) and his Plasma Fission (Q) can knock them up and slow them. He can then quickly use his Life Form Disintegration Ray due to no/little cast times. While he is doing this most players panic and start running, allowing your teammates to turn on them and hopefully pick up a few kills.

Vel'Koz is very much a team player and needs a good team to jump in on his combos and make the most use out of them and his ult dealing damage the the entire enemy team in the fight.

Vel'Koz and Yasuo make a great "wombo combo". having a Yasuo in top lane is very usefull in team fights and can turn battles around easily. Vel'Koz can use Tentical Disruption to knock the opponents into the air allowing Yasuo to ult in and them Vel'Koz can use Void Rift (W) quickly and Life Form Disintegration Ray right after (Very easy to do since Void Rift has no cast time). While Yasuo has them ulted they cannot move making Vel'Koz's Life Form Disintegration Ray easier to hit all of them dealing lots of damage and activating his Organic Deconstruction at least twice.

When an enemy is fleeing after a battle Vel'Koz becomes a key player in slowing them down with his Plasma Fission (Q) allowing his team to catch up with the player and pick up another kill for the team.

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Pros / Cons


+ True Damage with his passive. Making Barrier and sheilds against him almost Useless.
+ Can help a team turn a fight around.
+ Great farming capability
+ Strong combo damage
+ Good AP ratios
+ Short cooldowns Mid/Late-Game

- Can be easily ganked
- can be abused by champions with longer range than him
- Long cooldowns are beginning of game
- All abilities are skill shots making them a bit harder to land.