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Vel'Koz Build Guide by 7daysko

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 7daysko

Vel'Koz : The Eye Of Sauron (S4)

7daysko Last updated on May 28, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 9

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Hello, I am 7daysko and this is my first guide. I have a lot of experience with Vel'Koz and really like his kit and gameplay. I really love having fun so I decided to give my guide this kind of style, the humorous style. However, the guide is completely serious when it needs to be so you don't have to worry about that if you are not really in the mood for a joke.

Also, I would really like to thank Megaboss for inspiring me to make this guide the way it is. You see, this guide would be just like every other until I remember about his AP Taric guide which is found here and how fun it was reading it. Therefore, I decided to make this guide more fun and add humorous elements. I want to thank him, he probably won't be reading this but you are and I hope you take a look at his guide, although archived, it is still priceless.

Please post some feedback to let me know what you think about my guide. Thank you for reading :)

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About Vel'Koz

Vel'Koz, also known as the Eye Of Sauron, once teamed up with the Mouth Of Sauron living by the name of Kog'Maw and the actual Sauron living by the name Morde-badass-kaiser and rekt some n00bs by acquiring a Hexakill at level one...No, that is legit now. Damn Riot, can't even do Hexakill jokes with your new modes. Then it has gotta be a Heptakill. Anyway. So after the incident, Vel'Koz was honored with a song:

One mid to rule them all,
One mid to juke them,
One mid to slay them all,
And in the jungle burst them

Vel'Koz then heard the song and decided to go investigate Runeterra because he reached 80 LVL Paladin back in the Void. He first arrived at the Shadow Isles to wreck Talon it seems. Poor Assasin, can't deal with the All Seeing Eye. Anyway, the important thing now is that he is a new champion and that he too can one hit Teemo, which is a must for every good champion.




Said about Vel'Koz:

This skrubl0rd stole my role ~
This n00bl0rd stole my lane ~
This kid stole my balls ~
Hodor! ~ Hodor (image unavailable)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I max Void Lift first for obvious reasons. To burst my enemies so hard, they are gonna call 911 to restrain a simple eye. What an...Eyesore. Get it? No? Ok.
After the Lift, I max my ball-shot for longer slow and more damage. Works good with W.
Moving on, I max my Tectonic Awesomeness last because it doesn't really do much other than CC to work with your Lift and Balls.
It goes without saying, your LAZOR should be maxed at 6, 11 and 16

And finally...

Everything is just so PURPLE and FABULOUS!

Your move, Taric.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great Burst and Damage Output
+ Shoots Lazers and Balls
+ True Damage (FOR REAL!)
+ Slows, Knockback and double-cast on W
+ Ulti hits multiple targets without damage reduction.
+ Exceptionally reat at teamfights.
+ He is The Eye Of Sauron!
Our Eye has many notable Pros. First of all, it is worth saying that the burst he can do at early levels is awesomely awesome and can lower the enemy team's morale (Unless they have the Pirrrate). Also, Vel'Koz has nice CC, although not really hard ones and finally, true damage that can turn Sub-Zero( ) to Plain Zero in an instant!

+ Really vulnerable to CC
+ Missing one spell will be punished with balls to you.... "You heard that right, imposter" ~Orianna for Vel'Koz
+ Ulti turns really slow so a flash can counter dat.
+ No actual escape other than using CC on enemies.
+ Hard to learn and play.
Vel'Koz is really weak when it comes to CC, which means he is really weak when no teammates are with him and all CC goes on him.
Spoiler: Click to view
Anyway, the real challenge is playing him, but once you learn to do so, it is really easy to get by. Trust me.

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Summoner Spells


Ignite is one of the best summoner spells at the moment, especially now that they nerfed Heal's debuff on Ignite again. But what about Vel'Koz and Ignite? That is even better. More true damage in the lane, finishing of kills and preventing healing for annoying champions like Nidalee. It sure can be replaced with something else but it fits best with Vel'Koz IMO.

Flash is a must on Vel'Koz because he has no real escape mechanics and can be an easy target at all times. It helps you reposition in a teamfight, escape through walls, fail to escape through walls, fail to escape through walls miserably and finally, help you get kills. Yes, it can also be used offensively


Not the best for Vel'Koz but it is good since it can shut down a lot of mid laners, both AD and AP with its damage reduction. And of course, it can help in chases, help you escape and help you land your abilities better. Really good with your ulti too.

And here we go, barrier once again. Barrier is helpful too but it can be a waste since with Vel'Koz, if you get too close to the enemy team so they can send your HP bar to 0, you are doing it wrong.


What is this? This is blasphemy, this is madness! You, the Eye Of Sauron, the All-Seeing Eye will use such a mortal summoner spell for.... VISION? Why would you, when you can see everything whenever you wish? Unacceptable!

It is considered good for Vel'Koz because in laning phase, you get to spam your abilities to your heart's content while having a refill in case your mana ends. However, that is not the point with Vel'Koz. He is a late-game champion. Before Athene's, Vel'Koz will even have a hard time killing a Teemo in mid. There is no point if you focus on poking instead of farming with a late-game champion, and it can and will be used against you

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Ability Explanation

Organic Deconstruction
The truest damage EVER!
Organic Deconstruction is your passive and it is one of the best in the game. It offers true damage every 3 spells that scales with level and it gives your already huge burst even more damage.

+ True Damage: Now destroying tanks
+ Gives Vel'Koz a great deal of damage potential
+ Debuff refreshed with basic attacks
- Needs 3 ability casts to be of use

Plasma Fission
This is your own ball shooting ability! Don't forget, Orianna only has one ball so you win.
Plasma Fission is your best poke ability. It is very useful in all early-mid-late game and can finish off opponents, help with a chase, or in some cases help you escape. I personally love it (No, not because of the balls) because it has awesome mechanics and can hit opponents unexpectadly from a strange position
+ Great Slowing ability
+ Can hit up to 3 enemies
+ Can be used to unexpectedly hit your opponents
- Is a slow skillshot and it can be juked along with its 2 additional balls.

Void Rift
The Void Rift is a certification that you lift
Void Rift is your main damage ability on late-game since its 2 casts and awesome damage with passive really give this champion some special damage. Early, avoid landing it alone since its 2nd damage wave (the most powerful one) has a short delay and can be dodged and get you outplayed.
+ Can be stored up to 2 times
+ Has 2 damage "waves"
- It can be really hard for the 2nd damage wave to succesfully land if the opponents is aware of your majestic ball skills.

Tectonic Disruption
The ability with which you show your opponents how to lift - by using them as subjects
Tectonic Disruption is your main CC ability and is really useful for Vel'Koz's combos. Without it it is hard to land both W hits and Ulti perfectly. It can also be used as an escape at some points
+ Used to perfect Vel'Koz's already perfect combo
+ Can CC more than 1 enemy and deal a decent amount of damage
- Landing this ability can prove hard because it indicates where it is going to land and the spell itself is slow

Life Form Disintegration Ray
Yes, this is really your own Lazer ability with which you can do what you want.
Life Form Disintegration Ray is one of the best ultis in game, hitting multiple opponents in a straight line and working with your passive dealing too much damage. If this gets a nerf, Riot, I swear to God...
+ Great use with passive
+ Hits multiple targets
+ Range long enough for you to stay safe while casting
- It can be hard to control
- It can put you in danger if you don't keep your distance while casting

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Item Explanation


I highly recommend buying a Doran's Ring as a starting item since it gives you a slight boost in ability power and health. This can give you some advantage in lane and of course, its passive gives you a bit of mana on minion kill which is also great if you lasthit properly. Where the hell do you think you are going without your ring, Eye of Sauron? If you lose it once again, I swear...


Cloth Armor is pretty useless against AP mid as you have noticed since you started playing this game. However, things change against someone like Yasuo or Zed. They are strong AD champions and often wreck their opponents in mid. The problem is solved with a rushed Zhonya's though and it is better to get armor to reduce their damage early too. Getting the armor saves room for pots too.

Conclusion: Buy the Doran's if against an AP mid or if you are confident against AD mid. Buy the Cloth Armor against AD mid if you are unsure of the outcome and want to play as safe as possible and last longer in the lane.


This is an essential for Vel'Koz because it offers some great utilities at a somewhat low price. It gives you magic resist, reducing your opponent's damage in your lane if he is AP and also offers 60 ability power, 20% cooldown reduction (Great for our Eye) and of course, mana regen and an awesome unique passive that isn't really unique since Veigar has a similar one but who plays Veigar these days anyway? amirite?

The deathcap scales well with most AP casters because of its massive boost in ability power. It gives the most AP in game without the need of kills along with Zhonya's Hourglass and Deathfire Grasp. However, what makes it better is its unique passive that increases your current ability power by 30%. It can really increase your damage potential by a lot.

Oh, a classic and favourite LoL item. It is a really good item and I can't explain the feeling when I buy one. It gives you HP, AP, and that great passive that scales really well with your abilities, especially your Life Form Disintegration Ray. It can be replaced for even more AP but I wouldn't really recommend it since Vel'Koz is already too weak. Also, needless to say, the Sceptre looks like the tower in which our Eye was standing in in LOTR!


Burn baby, burn. That's what I like to say to my enemies before I see them melted by my LAZORRR and this item. Really, it gives you a decent amount of AP, HP and of course, magic penetration which is crucial, even if you have the true damage. Also, its unique passive slowly damages your Enemies' health based on their Current (%) HP over time for some seconds. It turns your poke fan into some poking fun! Get it? No? I am bad.

This hourglass is a great item for Vel'Koz but it is the most unimportant in this build. What I mean is, it gives you a boost in AP, Armor and has this OP unique passive but compared to other items, this one can be replaced with something more tanky since the build I use only includes AP-HP and some MR. You can take something that gives more armor but the main reason I pick Zhonya's is because it scales well with Rabadon's due to high AP and gives armor at the same time. Its unique passive is useless 70% of the time since if you are forced to use it and no allies are nearby, you are dead, highly likely. Only change it if you believe you need more tankiness or if their team is very AD heavy.


Moleromonico...Monerlonmicon... Morellonomicon. There, got it. Anyway, so we are here, asking questions as to why this is an alternative to Athene's and how. Well, let's first sort things out:

Athene's Unholy Grail
- Gives 40 MR
- Gives 15 Mana Regen/5
- Gives 20 CDR
- Gives 60 AP
- Increases Mana Regen by 1% for 1% of missing Mana
- Restores 12% of Mana on Kill/Assist
COST: 2600g

- Gives 12 Mana Regen/5
- Gives 20 CDR
- Gives 75 AP
- Applies Grievous Wounds if enemies with 40% HP or lower are hit by your abilities.
COST: 2200g

As you can see, Athene's is better in everything except AP. Then why would you want a Morellonomicon? First, it is purple just like Vel'Koz, it is great against this annoying heals and the spell Heal reducing them by 50% without the use of ignite and it does give a good amount of AP which can be useful because you get to buy it earlier than you would buy Athene's since it is cheaper so you are stronger in mid while you get CDR and Mana Regen at the same time. However, in the end it is really up to you. I rarely get Morellonomicon because I think that Athene's MR along with its Passives can increase your lane sustain since you can poke and not get so hurt by hits or have to worry about too much mana loss.

Random Fun Fact: Every Item except the Cloth Armor and Morellonomicon has an apostrophe which was really annoying because I was tired of writing it the whole time. Vel'Koz has an apostrophe too... OH MY GOD, I JUST REALISED THAT EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT AND FABULOUS!

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With Vel'Koz, farming is really easy since you have a good range for lasthits without being poked/killed/rekt and you can always use your Void Rift(W) to farm when you either have a blue buff or after you get Athene's and your mana regen is high. Or both.

You should always push when you have the chance, but that doesn't mean that you should lose minions just because you have to push so hard you don't even know what ability you are using. Use the Lift wisely by casting it when minions are a bit more than half health so you assure the kill.

Another way of farming is using your LAZOR but I wouldn't recommend that because its cooldown is high and its help in fights is too much to be wasted on minion waves.
Then again,


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Early Game - Laning

Early Game and Laning in general is really crucial for Vel'Koz as he is one of those champions that do less and less damage throughout the game if they get no farm and a lot of deaths. That is why you should sometimes neglect kills to farm more but this is next to impossible since if you play Vel'Koz good enough, not like a pro, getting kills is relatively easy since his burst is really great. Also, WARDS, WARDS, WARDS!!

Wards are really important for your survivability in a lane and can mostly 100% guarantee your safety from any gank. They just cost 75G and keep you safe for 3 minutes! Also, I would highly recommend investing in pinks, not only when they have stealth jungle but everytime you can in the bush next to baron/dragon because most people don't check there and this pink will give a lot of vision too. More explanation on warding section.

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Mid Game

This is the phase of the game where teamfights start to take place. Not frequent but still happen. Since Vel'Koz's greatest strength is teamfights you will start showing your true potential. You should have bought your Athene's Unholy Grail by now so you must have a decent amount of damage. Now you just wait. Like a true hunter (Rengar be hatin'). Seriously, you only farm, you kill the ADC or other players if you think you can fight them if they are caught alone. If a teamfight starts, it is your time to shine!

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Late Game

Late Game is the best phase for Vel'Koz and he can take on pretty much everything that moves. His damage is really great and when you get full build, you have tankiness, tons of damage and you put the "team" in team! Amazing isn't it?! Anyway, I guess you should have your Zhonya's Hourglass by now so this could help you position yourself and protect yourself. Also, at max level (at level 18 with this guide), your Tectonic Disruption has low cooldown and really good CC so you can easily use it all you want without being afraid of being unable to escape if someone wants to chase you down.

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Teamfights is the reason Vel'Koz exists. He shoots his undeniably strong LAZOR and balls straight to the enemy team showing them the true power of Sauron.

In teamfights, your role is pretty simple. STAY BACK.
You should not initiate at any cost and should always try to maintain a distance between you, your team and your enemies. I will give you an example using Mid-lane.

In the example, allies are in Green and enemies in Yellow. Our Fablord is in Purple.
The Red line is approximate Q-W range and the purple line is approximate R range. As you can see, you can do nothing to the enemy team from there, but if you noticed, the teams are really far from each other, showing that there has been no teamfight yet, so the enemies will probably have full health, which means, CONTAIN YOUR LAZOR!

If a fight starts and your team initiates, move a bit forward (while maintaining your distance from the fight) and start landing Q and W. It is important that you let them focus someone else from your team like the tank before getting closer and closer to a fight. Be extremely careful for ultis like [Last Breath] or champions with gap closers. If you see the opportunity where 3-4 or even better, 5 enemies are together, use your E followed by your full combo. Note that if their ADC is really out of position or you can land a good E against him, do not hesitate to use your combo (followed by ulti if needed) to bring him down since their team will naturally use a lot of damage if their ADC is down.

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Warding is a really important part in the game, although neglected. You, as the All Seeing Eye should give good example by warding everyth... What am I saying, I forgot the 4 wards at max limitation since Season 4. Thanks Riot

Stealth Wards

There is a 3 ward limitation for Stealthies. They last for 3 minutes and Vel'Koz has 3 eyes above his Big Eye. In other words, 3. Anyway, you should place wards in these 3 places preferrably:


And, Here

These 3 places are my personal favourites since they make you gank immune from every possible point. However, you still can't be really safe since junglers like Shaco or Zac can attack from lots of places, unnoticed. Also, try to avoid using a trinket for warding since you may need it for facechecking some time later. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't even use these few seconds if you have no ward and you are pushing though.

Vision Wards

Vision Wards are also important since they can find wards, Teemos and counter some strong stealth junglers like Evellyn or Shaco. Personally, buying Vision Wards should be a priority since it offers a lot of vision, however, not buying one will not ruin your game if you do have stealth wards.

I prefer placing purple wards in these bushes, either in the left side or right side of the river if I am against a stealth jungle.

Friendly Tip: Never ward like this please.

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The champions are currently trying to run away, I will catch them and add them in this section over time.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Spoiler: Click to view

Difficulty: Medium
Spoiler: Click to view

Difficulty: Hard
Spoiler: Click to view

Difficulty: Easy-Hard
Spoiler: Click to view

Difficulty: Very Hard
Spoiler: Click to view

Difficulty: Hard
Spoiler: Click to view

Difficulty: Medium
Spoiler: Click to view

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Supporting with Vel'Koz is not really legit in the current meta because of reasons but I can't see why. But Vel'Koz apparently can (pun intended). Really, you will have wards all over the map! EYES EVERYWHERE!

If your team starts griefing a lot because they consider you a "troll and a Wood V player" then you should show them otherwise and put some mind into their tiny heads. Easier said than done, I know but when you feel that you can't make it, remember the absolute FAB of this champion.

Let's get straight to the chase though. Supporting with Vel'Koz is something really simple. You just get a frostfang to call yourself a "support" and then rush every item over 100 AP to catch up with the damage. No, seriously now, maybe not go that far but Vel'Koz won't do without damage. You need to make them FEEL it. They have to see for themselves that your knockback along with a Graves or something similar is the best combo with balls after Kuroko and Kagami!

You may also want to build a sightstone because wards are really important for your team. Also, like every good support, do not take farm, try to give most kills to the ADC and if you steal kills by mistake and get flamed, threaten the team that you will report them for offensive language - which is really really important these days since the Tribunal is down and Riot uses AI for chat bans.

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User Scores

ATTENTION: This section is empty and it feels sad :( . Will you let it end that way? Submit your scores with Vel'Koz using this build and show us how awesome your games were! If a couple of scores are submitted, this section will get full of scores so much that it will be happy again. Come on! It is for a good cause.

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That's it! That is my first guide on Vel'Koz. Thank you very much for reading and please leave feedback and vote if you liked this guide. If you find this guide odd and useless (especially in some sections like the supporting) please take note that this guide was not created to be one of those dead serious guides which would make the user close Mobafire because of heavy text full of Serious Stuff. I mean, Ugh. That is why I have taken the liberty to make this guide humorous and serious at the same time, amusing the reader. I believe that having fun doing something helps you do it and understand it much better, and LoL guides are no exception.

-Big boring lecture part over.-

Once again, thanks for reading, have a great great day. I will try to keep this guide updated at all times.

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Change Log

Created Vel'Koz : The Eye Of Sauron.

Re-Uploaded corrupted images and ran a general check up.

Fixed quite some stuff and published guide.

Marks changed to Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9