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Ivern Build Guide by HawkSP

Jungle Verdant Vanguard: The Ultimate Season 14.3 Ivern Guide

Jungle Verdant Vanguard: The Ultimate Season 14.3 Ivern Guide

Updated on February 10, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HawkSP Build Guide By HawkSP 8,468 Views 0 Comments
8,468 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HawkSP Ivern Build Guide By HawkSP Updated on February 10, 2024
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Runes: Standard Support

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+8 Ability Haste
+2% Movement Speed
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Verdant Vanguard: The Ultimate Season 14.3 Ivern Guide

By HawkSP
Mastering the Green Father of the Jungle: Ivern
Welcome to the wilds! HawkSP here, your seasoned guide through Ivern's enchanted forest. With a journey through countless games, I've honed the art of harmonizing with nature's ally to the pinnacle of play. My mastery over this verdant guardian is not just about climbing the ranks but becoming one with the green. Ready to branch out? Let's grow your skills together!
Pros & Cons of Ivern
- Intuitive jungle pathing with a friendly clear.
- Robust CC suite to entangle foes.
- Impressive team utility for every skirmish.
- Deceptive resilience with shield rotations.
- Unseen plays with brush manipulation.

- Susceptible to early invasions.
- Reliant on strategic positioning.
- Daisy requires finesse to maximize impact.
- Early dragons are a team effort.
- Vulnerable to anti-shield strategies.
Ivern Rune Guide
Primary Path: Sorcery

Summon Aery: Your versatile companion, Aery, mirrors Ivern's dual nature of protector and aggressor. It emboldens your shields and adds a sting to your thwacks, perfect for Ivern's chameleon play.

Nimbus Cloak: Like a gust through the trees, this rune boosts your mobility post-Summoner Spell use. It's a sprint of speed that can make or break your daring escapes or decisive engages.

Transcendence: As the ageless spirit of the forest, you must be ever-ready. This rune ensures your abilities are ripe for use more often, keeping you at the heart of the forest's rhythm.

Waterwalking: River's your second home; it's only right you traverse its length with ease. Enhanced speed and power within its bounds make you a sovereign of skirmishes and a dragon's ally.

Secondary Path: Domination

Eyeball Collection: A souvenir from each conquest, these eyeballs stack to sharpen your influence on the game, turning your presence into an increasingly formidable force.

Relentless Hunter: Roam the wilds with unmatched haste. Each unique takedown fuels your pace, making you a ubiquitous force, always where you're needed most.


Ability Haste: This shard is straightforward; it reduces ability cooldowns, allowing for more frequent use of all your abilities.

Movement Speed: A swift Ivern is a successful Ivern. This shard enhances his ability to roam the jungle, secure ganks, and evade dangerous situations.

Tenacity and Slow Resist: Ivern's resilience in the face of crowd control ensures he remains an unyielding force on the battlefield, reducing the duration of stuns, slows, and immobilizes against him.

Your runes are the roots of your strategy, grounding your gameplay in versatility and resilience. You move with the breeze, swift and unseen, yet stand tall and unyielding amidst the storm. With these runes, you channel the true essence of Ivern, ever present, ever aiding, and ever-enduring.
Skill Breakdown
Rootcaller (Q):

Usage: This is Ivern's primary engage and crowd control tool. Use it to initiate ganks, catch out-of-position enemies, or peel for allies.
Notes: The cooldown reduction on hitting non-epic monsters is significant for jungle clear efficiency. Coordinate with melee teammates who can dash to the rooted target for a strong engage.

Brushmaker (W):

Usage: Utilize Brushmaker to control vision in the jungle and during skirmishes. It can be used defensively to escape or offensively to enhance Ivern's auto-attacks and those of his allies.
Notes: The passive bonus damage is particularly effective when skirmishing in the jungle where brush is readily available. Remember that the brush disappears if Ivern's team loses vision, so it can't be relied upon indefinitely.

Triggerseed (E):

Usage: Triggerseed provides a shield and subsequent area-of-effect damage, making it a versatile ability for both defense and offense.
Notes: Maximize its use by shielding allies who are about to take damage or when they are in the midst of enemies to capitalize on the explosion damage. It's Ivern's main tool for aiding allies, considering his focus is more on shielding than healing.

Daisy! (R):

Usage: Summon Daisy to turn the tides of team fights, tower dive with reduced risk, or to tank objectives like Dragon or Baron.
Notes: Daisy's knock-up effect is powerful crowd control if timed correctly. Use it to disrupt enemy formations or to protect your carries.
For the ability order, the focus is on maximizing the utility and crowd control from Q and E, while W is used for its passive benefits and situational vision control. R is taken whenever available to improve Ivern's teamfight presence and objective control.

Overall Strategy:

Prioritize landing Rootcaller for successful ganks and follow-ups from your team.
Use Brushmaker creatively for ambushes or to safeguard key escape routes.
Apply Triggerseed to mitigate incoming burst damage on allies or to slow enemies during chases.
Command Daisy wisely, keeping her in the fray to disrupt and absorb damage without letting her get kited away from impactful positions.
Ganking & Team Fights
- Glide through the battlefield, your Rootcaller ready to catch the unwary.
- Shield your allies with Triggerseed, turning the tide with your living bulwark, Daisy.
- Use Brushmaker to veil your approach or retreat, a master of guerrilla warfare.
Tips & Tricks
- Precision with Daisy's Knockup: When an enemy is about to exit Daisy’s knock-up range, hold off on her third auto. Instead, use Triggerseed for its slowing effect, then command Daisy to complete her knockup. This maximizes crowd control and ensures the enemy can’t easily escape.
- Strategic Rootcaller: Preserve your Rootcaller for pivotal moments, such as after the enemy has used their flash or when Daisy has secured a knockup. This maximizes the chance of landing your Q, turning the tides of a skirmish or securing a kill.
- Efficient Jungle Clearing: Focus on full-clearing your jungle to maintain a steady experience and gold flow. Avoid invading unnecessarily, as it can misalign your camp respawn timings, potentially causing you to fall behind.
- Innovative Escapes: Utilize Rootcaller as an inventive escape mechanism. If an enemy is pursuing you, target a minion or jungle monster with Rootcaller to quickly create distance and evade capture.
- Proactive Daisy Engagements: From level 6 onwards, take advantage of Daisy’s power spike. Be proactive and look for opportunities to engage. Daisy’s presence alone can turn fights in your favor or help secure objectives.
- Synchronized Jungle Timers: Maintain harmony in your jungle by synchronizing the respawn timers of Gromp and Wolves. Tap and collect them together to ensure a consistent clearing pattern.
- Leverage Brushmaker in Duels: In the early stages, Brushmaker’s on-hit damage bonus can be decisive in duels. When you and Daisy are in a brush, the passive damage is applied twice, amplifying your damage output significantly.
Champion Synergies
- Top Lane: Darius & Camille — Unleash their true potential with your support.
- Mid Lane: Yasuo & Yone — Slice through the chaos with their swords and your strategy.
- ADC: Samira & Caitlyn — Amplify their onslaught with your protective embrace.
- Support: Nautilus & Leona — Forge an unbreakable front line with your combined might.
- Evaluate your jungle adversary: Can they exploit your early gentleness? Outpace them with cunning and care.
- Allies in lane: Who can carry the seed of your efforts to fruition? Nurture them.
- The dance of team fights: Positioning is your root to success. Stay grounded and watch over your team.
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