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Vi Build Guide by aparkkp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aparkkp

Vi Jungle - Patch 5.7 WIP

aparkkp Last updated on April 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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If at punch you don't succeed; punch, punch again. Any and all constructive criticism is well appreciated! Please leave your opinion if you feel there is something that can be imporved upon! Even the best can always continue to learn! (I'm not saying I AM the best I just mean in general), I would love feedback and I will credit anyone who gives a logical comment. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my guide! :) Best of luck on the Rift! Also, yes I have an almost identical guide on another website but that site is bugged so I am working on this one.

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Summoner Spells

Don't even bother taking any other summoner spells. Smite is needed to secure your buffs, dragon, baron and for ganks. You can use flash to cover distance, dodge skillshots, escape/engage through walls, etc. Once you get some experience with Vi you can use the, Q - Flash - release Q - R, combo.

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9 Flat AD marks I feel are the best value. Not to mention it will help so much with your first clear and level 3-6 ganks. That is also the reasoning behind the 3 Quints of AS. 9 seals of flat armor are pretty necessary for just about any jungler as you need the early armor for the jungle camps. I like to take 9 glyps of scaling MR because you won't really need much MR until later in the game. I like to go scaling MR glyphs as opposed to CDR but that is really up to you.

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Vi is a carry jungler. 21-9-0 is optimal. Don't take points in Warlord, you will not even have any meaningful bonus AD to boost. If you wanted, you could take out the point in Butcher and put it into Frenzy. I take Butcher to get the snowball rolling as quickly as possible by clearing just a tiny bit quicker ;p and Vi doesn't build much crit chance.

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Blast Shield (Passive) - Using abilities gives you a shield. Cooldown is STATIC so CDR won't affect your passive. The good thing about this passive is that you can choose when to get the shield as it is activated by using an ability. Don't forget that the more HP you have, the more effective this ability becomes.

Vault Breaker (Q) - Vi's bread and butter skill. This skill charges up (but slows you in the process) and does the most damage when charged to full. Remember that it procs one stack of your W so AA and E to get a quick 3rd denting blow. When it hits an enemy champion it gives a knockback that can disrupt enemy abilities and stop them in their tracks. This can also be used to clear a lane quickly as it lines up minions (and jungle camps) allowing for a guaranteed E hit on all the creeps.

Denting Blows (W) - This skill, on 3rd proc, gives 20% Armor Penetration (you know Vi likes to penetrate :P), does % damage based on the enemies HP, AND gives you AS. This is a quiet but big part of Vi's damage oriented playstyle that I like to abuse.

Excessive Force (E) - AA reset and AOE. Holds two charges. Remember that this is only AOE in the sense that it damages enemies BEHIND your target in a cone. AA - W - AA. Q - AA - W - AA. etc. Your W should be used in this fashion. Obviously there are other combos but it should NEVER be spammed. Weave it in-between AA's and other abilities for a quick 3rd W proc. You can use your Q to line up jungle camps and lane minions to make sure this hits as many targets as possible.

Assault and Battery (R) - Point and click ability that CC's and does a lot of damage. EzPz. This is what Vi is known and feared for. It can NOT be interrupted and damages all enemies who are standing in the way of your target. You are IMMUNE to CC while you are traveling to your target. The one time I've seen it 'interrupted' was when ulting a Tristana who ulted me away. The CC and damage went through but I was knocked away from Tristana. Anyway, you should always TRY to hit as many members of the enemy team as you can. When you use it on the enemy ADC/APC who is dealing damage from the back lines, you will knock aside ALL enemies who are standing in your path.

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Jungle Paths

This is the path that is the most 'general' and that I take most frequently.

Smite Gromp -> Clear Blue Buff -> Smite Red Buff.

Smite Krugs -> Clear Red Buff -> Smite Blue Buff.

(Be wary if you are against counter-junglers like Nunu or Shaco. You will want to check the side brushes and might want to hold smite just in case they are trying to steal. You should always be kiting camps even as a melee. Not to worry though, you can actually counter-jungle because they are squishy and you outdamage Shaco/Fiddlesticks early.)

There are other paths but Vi has a pretty beastly clear speed so I feel that the above is best in most cases, if there have been no invades.

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Ranked Play

Early Game - Clear, you will usually want to start the side where your bot lane is. Gank! Vi is an excellent early ganker and can easily snowball lanes with her damage. One thing, if there are two AP threats or an APC is extermely fed, an early Hexdrinker is a GREAT investment. Your level 3 gank is HUGE and blowing flash to land your Q is NOT a big deal. In fact, you will most of the time 'secure' the kill :D. Early dragon is fairly easy with Vi as she can solo it at level 4. I wouldn't really recommend that as a common strategy though... The best way to secure an early dragon is gank bot at level 6 as your ult onto the ADC will pretty much demolish their botlane, which obviously leads to an easy dragon.

Mid Game - Ward, get objectives, peel. When contesting objectives, it is optimal to hit your Q BEFORE ulting but if you are new to Vi or you just simply miss, you will have closed enough distance with your Q to lock down your target with your ultimate. This gives your team ample time to come in and finish off the target/s. Vi's mid game is awesome and she does a lot of damage. Don't just idle farm, Vi is not a farming jungler, make your presence felt around the map and create vision.

Late Game - Peel and engage cuz Vi. Stay Punchy. This is the stage of the game where sieges and objectives like Baron and 3rd - 5th dragon will be fought over. I personally like to give my buffs to fed Mid laners and ADC's. However, if they are behind, it is actually better for you to just take them. Just ignore any flame you might get and try to explain nicely that you can make more use of it because you need to be behind enemy lines. Try to hit as many enemies as you can with your ult. Focus ADC's/APC's. PEEL if you are behind. Your Q (and obviously your R) can be used to interrupt certain enemy gap closers from getting to your team's squishies.

Combos: Here are some combos that you can practice!

(Early ganks lvl 3 and up) Q - Flash - AA - E
Q - R - Q

Q - AA -E - R - AA - E

AA - E - AA - Q - AA - E - Q - R (This is more of a 1v1 dueling combo)

Q - Flash - Q - AA - E - R - AA - E

Note: Sometimes it is actually worse to fully charge your Q, as you play her more often you will know when to let go of your Q immediately for the knock back. Think Varus Q, sometimes when trading, you simply can't afford to fully charge it as you can be interrupted by anyone with CC.

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Situational Item Explanations

Boots/Enchantments - The boots you get should be either Merc Treads, Ninja Tabi, or Mobi's. The others are literally a BAD buy. Tabi vs. heavy AD or fed AD team. Merc Treads vs heavy CC or fed AP team. Mobi's for a lot of added mobility and getting to objectives quicker. The alacrity enchantment combined with a 3rd dragon will give HUGE movement speed and allow you to peel and stick to targets easier. The homeguard enchantment is more of a defensive choice. If you feel you are going to have to turtle and defend your base, or are being pushed into hard, this enchantment is a good choice.

Maw of Malmortius - Hexdrinker (the orange component) is a decent buy early/mid game for Vi if you are being chunked too much as she is very squishy early. Keep in mind that it gives AD, flat MR, and a shield, but no HP.

Ranger's Trailblazer - Ranger's Trailblazer is great but as a Vi I feel that you should be ganking. If you really just want to farm there are other champs who do that. It is a GREAT item though, don't get me wrong, the amount of HP/Mana you get when smiting camps is HUGE. Not to mention it does AOE and stuns the creeps. The smite can ONLY be used on jungle camps and minions though.

Frozen Heart - Frozen Heart is a VERY cost efficient item that has stats that Vi can use. 20% CDR, slows the pesky ADC's (or a Master Yi or Udyr) auto attack speed, and gives mana which Vi does have problems with (if not managed properly). Be aware though that it gives NO hp and Vi is already squishy as is.

Black Cleaver - This item is really good if you are fed and want to do more damage. It gives an okay chunk of health, the passive has great synergy with the armor shred from Vi's W, gives 10% CDR, and some AD to boot. Not a bad choice but you WILL be sacrificing defensive stats. Note that this item is being re-worked on the PBE.

Ruby Sightstone - Vision control is of utmost importance mid/lategame so if you find that your team hasn't been warding as much as you would like this isn't a bad choice. It also gives a decent chunk of HP.

Trinket - As far as jungler's go, the Oracle's Lens should be your main choice. The Farsight Orb can be very useful if you are facing junglers that like to ambush or sneak attack i.e. Fiddlesticks, Rengar, etc. However, I don't feel that this is better than Oracles Lens.

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Punchy will punch. Land your Q's, your E is an AA reset, AOE, and also increases your AA range. Use it well along with your other abilities to get the 3rd proc of your W as quickly as possible for the armor shred, AS boost, and %HP damage. Remeber that Vi is melee. If you feel you are getting behind be more tanker than bruiser and help your team stay alive. Otherwise, if things go well, watch as you do TONS OF DAMAGE. Vi is a fairly flexible champ when it comes to her build and skill order. I would say though that Trinity Force and Randuins should be built most of the time. The health, AA slow, and active ability MS slow are too good for sticking to targets. If you aren't that experienced with Vi you can skill W or E first as you might miss many Q's but I don't really recommend that. Vi's Q is her highest damage, go-to spell for ganking, engaging, disengaging, and peeling. You can also max E second as opposed to W but with the AS in my playstyle I feel you get a lot out of the W. Have fun smashing your opponents! Rekt~