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Vi Build Guide by koyomilikesbloods

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author koyomilikesbloods

Vi The One-Punch Woman

koyomilikesbloods Last updated on October 26, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


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Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shaco Shaco's invades are unrivaled and will pretty much force you to counter jungle. Watch out at Red since he will almost always be there waiting.
Kindred Pre-6, Vi's mobility is quite lacking and Kindred is very nimble.
Rengar Rengar is much like Shaco except the damage that he does early in the game is much higher.
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger can be a very hard champion to gank because of his turrets.
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This build is basically me just saying that I don't like the way that other people build Vi, even if it may be better; I think of this build as if it's my child. It's a build that I use all the time because it's so incredibly potent. Everything that you target will be pretty much dead in a matter of seconds, even the tankiest of tanks can't withstand the damage that you are able to dish out.

These is a play style that you have to adhere to with this build though because you will be quite a bit squishier than usual since you aren't building Randuins or Hexdrinker or Banshee's Veil or anything. You can play very aggressive though and initiate a fight; doing this requires tight follow-up but is very hard to deal with since someone will be deleted from the fight.

This build increses Vi's ability to duel since the lifesteal and large amount of damage that she will have is enough for her to solo-carry team fights. Not only can her ultimate not be stopped, with lots of AD, it will do some pretty insane damage. This build is somewhat unforgiving to mistakes

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Pros / Cons

This build is very strong but can be broken by an extreme early game disadvantage. When all of your lanes are immediately failing, this build is probably not the one you want to go with since it will take a bit of time to get it going--not that much time, but it will take, at the most, 10 minutes to really get going.

Extremely Powerful
New Level of One-Shotting
Unbeatable Level of Dueling

Somewhat Vulnerable To Coordinated Invades
Requires Lots Of Farming
Vulnerable To CC
Vulnerable To Hard Poke Damage

Poke damage can be avoided through good positioning, but that's not always the case--sometimes you just get poked down. It's a good idea to back off if you do because you can be all-in'd very easily at that point. There really is no reason Vi would be getting poked down if she is positioned correctly and if she has her ultimate ready.

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Runes and Masteries

With these runes and masteries, Vi will start out with 82 AD and about 9% attack speed--this makes her early clears quite insane and I'd go so far as to say that you will never need a leash. Even if you start with Q, your first clear won't suffer very much as you will still be able to proceed to clear the rest of the jungle. Ganking lanes pre-level 6, unless they are pushed up or you can flank them very easily since you will be very squishy and slow and will be lacking your ultimate.

9 Marks of AD
6 Seals of Scaling Armor and 3 of Scaling MR
3 Glyphs of Scaling MR and 6 of Attack Speed
and 3 Quints of AD

Just from runes, Vi will have a flat 15.3 AD, which is quite a bit, and will scale very well with masteries especially at early levels. These runes will also give Vi about 4% attack speed, which will prove to work very well with her passive and make it more effective at all points in the game by a slightly noticeable amount. This attack speed bonus will be very very noticeable at the start of the game.

Scaling Armor and MR Seals and Scaling Armor Glyphs are more effective after 6 levels than flat Armor and MR values of the same type. Scaling MR Glyphs are more effective than flat MR Glyphs after 8 levels and aren't really needed until then which is about the point in time when AP champions begin to get items and stack AP. It's better to get the most value out of defense runes with this build since it's really all you'll have when it comes to damage resistances--you won't be stacking HP, Armor, or MR at all since you will be stacking Attack Speed and AD.

The mastery page that I've made is the classic offense-based mastery page, 21 9 0, with attack speed and lots AD scaling. Everything on the mastery page is pretty standard, but I would really like to talk about the Blade and Spell Weaving masteries which are really what boots Vi's damage greatly. Especially later in the game, the Weaving masteries scale Vi's damage through the roof and works very well with her skill and item sets.

Spell Weaving stacks and scales spell damage for as long as you are using basic attacks. Basic attacks, stacks up to 3 times, makes spells do 1% more damage. At max stacks, abilities have the potential to do 3% more damage, which is actually pretty insane. Vi will need to attack a target 3 times to proc her passive--twice with Sated Devourer--and using an ability after stacking Spell Weaving like this will make it do more damage. It's not very noticeable in the early game, but is after you've grabbed some items and levels.

Blade Weaving works the same way but instead of using basic attacks to increase spell damage, it uses spells to increase basic attack damage. These two masteries scale the same way, and is actually a pretty insane thing once you look at what Vi can do with it:

Vi's E ability, Excessive Force, is a basic attack modifier that charges her next attack and make it do bonus attack damage. This also counts as an ability and can stack both Blade and Spell Weaving at the same time. Excessive Force is a very efficient spell and only improves in efficiency when using Blade and Spell Weaving since, at max stacks of both, this ability will do 6% more damage. Pair this with Trinity Force and Vi's W proc, and you've got yourself some pretty high damage out-put.

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-Sated Devourer-
This item is very powerful on champions that proc on-hit effects through passive or active abilities that require basic attacks to expend them. Vi is one of few who benefit from this tool since it effectively doubles her DPS by allowing her W to proc every 2 hits instead of 3. The attack speed and on-hit magic damage that it gives you is also quite hard to build against since, even though it technically boosts her basic attack damage (even the damage that her E does), it doesn't count as an attack damage item. The damage that this tool does is magic and requires MR to be able to resist it to any extent. The attack speed that it gives you is one of the highest in the game, and the passive that it gives her once it becomes Sated actually (technically) increases Vi's attack speed even more.

-Boots of Swiftness and Mercury Treads-
These two items are great on Vi, and they both work with this build, but I think that Boots of Swiftness are the most beneficial option of the two in almost every case. The extra movement speed Vi gets from Swiftness are really great when paired with movement speeds buff from Trinity Force and the slow resistance it gives her make her really hard to kite. Although Mercury Treads have tenacity, she is noticeably slower than she would be with Boots of Swiftness.

Mercury Treads are great for going against teams with lots of hard cc, since the duration of all forms of cc are reduced by a considerable amount, it would effectively make her harder to kite than the latter. She will be slower, but abilities won't keep her down for long. The MR she gets from Mercury Treads are really great since she won't have any other MR items with this build.

-Trinity Force-
This item gives Vi a little bit of everything that she needs, and is her first powerspike in the game. The reason why you need to rush this item on Vi is because of the various valuable stats and passives that it gives her, and once she gets them she won't need any damage for a while. The Phage passive that Trinity Force has is really strong since it makes her really hard to get away from once she's gotten near someone. The Sheen proc that she gets makes the damage that she does double as she is guaranteed a critical strike after using an ability.

Trinity Force gives Vi AD, AP, Attack Speed, 1/10 Critical Strike Chance, .08 Movement Speed Multiplier, HP, and Mana: that's literally a little bit of everything that benefits Vi. The 30 AD she gets hold her over until she is able to get Bloodthirster. The 30 AP she gets makes her E ability do more damage since it's the only one to scale with AP, but it's really not that much and is only strong on her because it pairs really well with the AD and her E. The 30% Attack Speed she gets is insanely good at this point, and actually is the only other Attack Speed item besides Devourer that she will ever need. Once she procs her W, her attack speed will increase by 100% for as long as she can keep punching. The 10% Critical Strike Chance that she gets is probably the most powerful stat that she gets since, statistically, 1 out of every 10 basic attacks will do twice as much damage; crits can proc with her W. The Movement Speed Multiplier that she gets makes her very very very fast, and goes really well with Trinity Force's Rage passive. Trinity Force also gives Vi HP and Mana--not a whole lot, enough to make a difference at the point of building this item.

Since Trinity Force is more expensive, it takes a bit longer than Bloodthirster to build and is technically a more efficient item WHEN FULLY BUILT. Without the item completed, Vi is missing out on a lot of damage and speeds. Bloodthirster is a more cost effective item since the items used to build it can very heavily benefit Vi at the times of purchase. A Sheen, Zeal, and Phage are really quite useless when used alone and don't provide any really significant buffs to stats. Please keep this in mind when deciding which item to get for Vi first since it could really be what determines how effective she is for a great portion of the game.

Getting this item after Trinity Force is a very scary thing for enemy players because Vi becomes extremely hard to kill. Her AD scales through the roof, giving her another, very potent, powerspike while also giving her insane lifesteal and an overheal. The overheal provides her with a shield if she can lifesteal past her maximum health, and this shield works very well with her passive and will not take much damage at all.

This item makes her ability to duel other champions impeccable--she cannot be out-dueled since her sustain with this item and high Attack Speed Multiplier from her W, Trinity Force, and Sated Devourer. She literally cannot be fought at this point since there is nobody who can out-auto attack her. It's pretty ridiculous--the damage that her W and E do are pretty insane as well since at this point, her W will be doing at least 16% or 17% of a target's max HP as bonus damage and her E, paired with Trinity Force, will be doing more than 500 physical damage.

*Note* Vi can also get Bloodthirster before getting Trinity Force to increase her dueling ability at this time. It's more advantageous to go this route since it takes much longer to get Trinity Force and it lacks the AD scaling that BT will give her. If things are going as planned, give Vi a Trinity Force, if things are even or if her team is behind, then give her a BT.

-Last Whisperer and Infinity Edge-
Getting LW before IE makes more sense because at this point in the game, the tanks and bruisers will have stacked a considerable amount of armor, and the only way to keep a very lethal damage output is to get this item. Vi will basically be doing the same amount of damage to tanks as she did when she first got Bloodthirster, but the damage she does to squishy targets will be one-shotting them--literally.

Infinity Edge comes last as it will complete this build nicely by increasing the amount of damage that her Critical Strikes do while also making her Critically Strike much more often; instead of technically 1/10 basic attacks being crits, 3/10 will crit, and instead of it being 2 times he damage it will be 2.5. This item will scale Vi off the charts allowing her to exceed 1,700 critical strike damage. Once she gets IE and completes the build, she can easily solo baron without the usage of any abilites or smite. Her E ability, at this point, will do around 600-700 physical damage (not including Trinity Force damage). Her W will take about 22-25% of a target's health every two basic attacks. Her Q, when fully charged, will do about 900 physical damage to a target while also applying her passive to enemies effected.

But her ultimate, with this kind of damage, is a whole other story: Her ultimate does 450 (+140% of her AD) physical damage, which is pretty crazy. With this build, her ultimate will do just over 1000 physical damage and will pretty much delete whoever you use it on from the fight. If you use it on the enemy AD carry, they will die pretty much immediately and you will most likely not really be able to use any other abilities on them.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Denting Blows (W) first on Vi is pretty much what should always be done since it's what gives her the highest DPS and allows her to do lots of damage to whoever she can get her hands on once it's fully skilled. Looking at what W actually does, it not only reduces armor of the target(s) effected, and not only does it increase her attack speed by a large amount, it also does % max HP (not current HP like BOTRK does) every 3 hits. Unlike other abilities like this, it scales with AD--it scales very well. The damage that Vi's W is able to do get pretty crazy once you get some damage on her. This ability does enough damage for her to be able to easily solo Baron once she finishes her build. And once you get Last Whisperer, she has the potential penetrate through 55% of a target's armor; it's actually more than that because those effected by this ability have 20% less armor all together.

Excessive Force really lives up to it's name. The damage that this ability does, or has the potential to do, is very high--excessively high. Vi's W won't work on towers at all but her E ability, Excessive Force, works on turrets and is able to do Nasus-level damage to them at her peak. This ability resets Vi's auto attack timer meaning she can technically attack faster than normal. The damage that this ability does can go up to about 600+ damage, and goes off in an AOE behind whoever she hits. This ability can critically strike since it is a basic attack amplifier, but crit strikes won't make the bonus damage from this ability do twice as much damage, it will actually just add her regular crit strike damage to this ability's damage. This ability can also proc with Trinity Force for even more damage all at once, which is pretty crazy damage once it procs. Excessive Force can also be proc'd along with Vi's W, which will be a large portion, or even all of a target's HP pool in damage dealt in a very short time.

Vi's Q ability, Vault Breaker, has the potential to do lots of damage when she gets some items and levels. The reason why this ability is left for last is because it's often time quite hard to land, and although it has the highest amount of burst damage, it can be very unreliable and often goes wasted. The cooldown is reduced with points into it, but it's still longer than her E, which increases her DPS by an extraordinary amount. Vault Breaker, once Vi finishes her build, will do around 900 physical damage, only rivaled by her ultimate which breaks the 1000 mark. This ability is very strong though because if it hits someone, it will trigger a short knockback effect and apply Denting Blows the target. Late game this ability alone will almost be enough to shred enemy squishies and will preemtively chop down tanks.

Vi's ultimate ability, Assault and Battery, is one of the most potent abilities in the game since whoever it get's cast upon cannot avoid it's damage, unless they have Banshee's Veil. For the duration of the ability, Vi becomes immune to CC and all that stand in her way are knocked aside--when this ability hits, it will do massive damage (1000+) and has a very short, but long enough, rooting effect. This rooting effect is apart of the animation but Vi is able to move just before it's duration is over. This gives her enough to time to potentially chain her CC by immediately casing her Q and knocking back her target--this will definitely give her enough time to kill her target.

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With this build, ganking is probably the worst thing that you can do (unless it's a really easy one to execute). The reason for this being it's a waste of time and farm--you want to get Sated as fast as humanely possible and use the most efficient farming methods to do so. Have your lanes hold themselves if they are having a hard time because you don't have the time to camp their lane--it's literally a waste of time. Even if the enemy lane gets a little fed, it isn't worth you risking you dying and giving up that time that you need. That being said, don't tunnel and lose sight of your supreme objective as a jungler--to get your allies in lane fed. But Vi is a really greedy jungler, in this case, and needs to situate herself before properly being able to help her allies (unless its basically a free kill).

It doesn't really matter where Vi is starting in the jungle because her clears will always be pretty solid--she can actually go invade an enemy buff alone and then proceed to clear her jungle. Because she is able to clear camps so well, it's best to determine where she should start based off of where the enemy jungle is starting or is likely to start. If the enemy jungler starts Gromp because they need Blue to help them clear camps, Vi can also start Gromp and then proceed to go take the enemy Red. The reason why it's better to not go straight there is because it's much more timely to do so. After stealing their Red, go Blue => Wolves => Wraiths => Red => and then Krugs. If there is a high chance of your Red being stolen, then go take it and then proceed to clear Krugs => Wraiths => Wolves => and then Gromp (it should be up by the time Vi get's to this point).

Don't push you allies' lanes in unless it's for a siege or during a split-push because doing this may create a zone where your allies are unable to farm safely. Vi doesn't need CS--she needs devourer stacks, and lane minions don't give her that. Instead of heavily taxing a lane, which she should never need to due because of her ridiculous ability to farm in the jungle, taking the river crab is a more effective usage of time. If at any point Vi is able to solo the Drake without being bothered, it's very advantageous for her to do so since Drake gives 5 devourer stacks and a buff once killed. Sated will come very quickly is she takes objectives in a fluent and concise manner.

The best way to really equalize farming and ganking and the time spent roaming would be to farm a camp or two => gank a lane => go to other side of jungle => repeat this process until the laning phase is over. At this time, if you don't have sated, that's what you will need to do no matter what is happening in the game, except when contesting major objectives like Dragon, Baron, or tier 2/3 turrets.

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Team Comps

This build is strange for team compositions since Vi won't be a bruiser, but a late game carry. This means that, for this to be super effective, the top and support at least need to be tanks that can count for her team's frontline.

Picks & Bans
Team OP
AD Carry
Other Team
AD Carry

The team composition of Team OP is perfect for this type of Vi since the tanks of their team are healthy enough to take lots of damage without dying, and having a hard enough engage that allows Vi to flank and dive the enemy back-line. Team comps that are like this are the ones that benefit Vi the most since it easily allows her to do what it is she is trying to with this build.