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Viktor Build Guide by bomskull888

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bomskull888

Viktor- The Machine King

bomskull888 Last updated on January 28, 2012
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Hey, my name is bomskull888 and I know you are not reading this for some nice little get too know ya thing. You are here to learn and use Viktor This is my first guide and please rate and comment when you finish. I do apologize for any lack of pictures or animations.

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Things about Viktor

Viktor was a prodigal scientist who pretty much made Blitzcrank . Sadly this invention was stolen from him as well as the credit making Viktor hate humanity and onl believes machinery is perfect. So if you are sick of fluffy little champs messing you up, use Viktor to crush the fluffy life out of them... and the other team.

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Viktor is a strong mage with a good early game. His passive is his given item, the Hex CoreHex Core. The Hex Core provides Viktor with additional AP or Ability Power per level, making his spells more potent early and late game. An interesting little sidenote to go with the Hex core is that it can be upgraded into one of three kinds of cores. Each core goes hand in hand with one of Viktors main abilities. To see optional upgrades, while in the game store (ingame of course) click on the regular Hex Core to see all of the options. Viktor has very many helpful abilities that benefit himself and the team. His Q- Power Transfer deals a large amount of damage and returns 40% as a shield to him. This can be a LIFE SAVER in any situation, Mainly because it helps take alot of the pain out of a high powered attack like Gangplanks Parlay. Viktor's W is Gravity Field. This gravity field is very useful but also a pain in the butt to place. It is very much like Veigar's W- Event Horizon which causes a stun to all that go into it. This ability has the same range as Event Horizon but it offers a little more in how it slows the champions inside and after 1.5 seconds stuns the champion. This ability is amazing in team fights and while running away due to it taking up plenty of lane space. Champions can escape from it or even go right through it (ex. Graves, Yi) and champions with Flash. Viktor's 3rd ability, his E- is the Death Lazer. This Ability is by far one of his best abilities due to the fact it gives Viktor a great poking ability, that can well exceed its placement range and go into any direction. That is the beauty of the Death Laser. It can be aimed in any direction and it deals a considerable amount of damage. The final ability for Viktor, his ultimate is CHAOS STORM. This ultimate is very impressive and it has quite a few perks to go with it. If you place it directly onto a champion, it will silence and in the radius for a second, and it follows them. Yes it follows whoever it hits. If you miss with this amazing ultimate ability dont worry, it deals DPS to champions and creeps close to it and you can simply choose wher it should go. To make it move all you have to do is press R and right click where or who it should go to. It will also follow invisible champions if it hits them first (Shaco, Evelynn,etc.). Viktor is a very manueverable and powerful champion that can excel at laning and pushing.

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The runes I have chosen mainly play with the basic mage runes. Viktor is like all mages a bit mana hungry and squishy. He has abilities that increase his survivability and that of other champions so that's why i use Magic pen Runes, Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction. The Quintessences all play into his abilities (which have very good Ap. Ratios) The higher his AP is, along with his passive item, the more powerful and dangerous he is against other champions.
9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
9x Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
9x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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First I always start with.

along with
and 1
Then after that A Doran's Ring is optional but still effective
Doran's Ring
After the Doran's ring you begin to build your Ryali's Crystal Scepter- Need for survivability
The slow is a nice perk tooWhen building, it is your choice, but if the match is going badly, save up for the Giants belt first to get that precious survivability.

If you need to go big then go for your Blasting Wand to get that extra damage in for the kill

If you are going good but slow, dont rush yourself or hurt yourself with bein underpowered its ok to swallow your pride and get an amplifying tome. it gives you decent ability power so you can get dat minion feed

Once Ryali's is finished, go immediatley into upgrading your Hex Core
There are three different upgrades for the Hex Core. It is mainly user preference on Which you choose. I will explain What each does.

Augment Death is one for that Viktor who wants over 600 AP by endgame. This upgrade is a must for getting that edge on the other team by one increasing your Ability Power, and two, adding a burn effect to all Laser hits maximizing last hit efficiency on creep/minion waves or even champs.

Augment Power is a very nice upgrade. It provides you with an extra 200 Health and +5 extra health regen per 5 seconds. The special effect with this upgrade is the 20% speed boost given when Viktor lands a power transfer- essential for running away or chasing down a champ.

Augment Gravity is one upgrade not commonly used, but it is still important to know what it can provide. This upgrade gives you 200 mana, yes that's right 200 mana and a +5 mana regen per 5 seconds. So now you can spam abilities even more and annoy and outlane most other champions. The special effects that this gives you is a 30% increased range on gravity Field Gravity Field which is just to say a PAIN to place. This extra range can be influential in a team fight or a gank. The other special ability this provides is an additional -20% cooldown, great for chasing and spamming that beautiful shield.
The Hex Core Augments are mainly user preference. But Augment Gravity is less used because most Viktor's want to just kill and demolish the other team. So mainly most of you will upgrade into
Augment Deathor
Augment Power
Now that you have your core set up, time to overpower-up. You immediately begin building your Rabadon's Deathcap fro that whopping 155 AP plus the 30% bonus AP for the whole bit you have.
This item will put you over the edge and give you near 500 AP. turning health bars to butter and making you a must for any team.

There are two items that you can get for this, the Blasting Wand, or the Needlessly Large Rod
Get the one you have money for at the time, then get the other. simple as that.
After Rabadon's begin to build the Zhonya's Hourglass

This gives you good armor and the invulnerability spell to let team enemy team members focus you longer, while your team kills them for you.
Get the Chain vest first, so you can have better armor against those squishy killing AD Champions.
Chain Vest
After that get the needlessly large rod followed by the Zhonya's to wrap up the main of your build.
There will be one last item slot left after all of this is complete, and mainly I prefer to get either a Void Staff, or an Archangel's Staff
The Void staff ups your magic pen. and goes with your runes quite well to do increased damage against those irritating undying Tanks like Rammus
While the Archangel's staff gives you with plenty of extra mana, mana regen, and ability power to stack with your Rabadon's Deathcap. The great thing about this item is that spamming your abilities every five seconds gives you more mana, and will slowly increase your ability power, coupled with the rest of the build to give you over 700 AP!!!!!!! This is more than enough to kill any squishy champion in a few well placed hits and force tanks to run for the hills.

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Skill order

Now with the skill order, it is simply the preference of the player. The Q- Power Transfer is a very good first skill to have because of the shield which can block that pesky ignite or poison, or you can go with the E- death ray to get great harass and minion feed. the W- Gravity Field is one that is preferred as the third or fourth, mainly because of the difficulty and cooldown it has. The Gravity field has a short range and is a pain to land in a 1v1 or 1v2. The range of casting and how long it takes to set up factors into this. Most champs can simply move out of the way because it has about a 1.5 second activation time, this ability can be very helpful in team fights, or if you are running away. There is also when you have the ultimate ready. This gives you if landed properly a great opportunity to use the ultimate and other abilities on a champion, dealing a massive amount of damage or even death. And finally its the ultimate. It is the usual thing for each champion, upgrade the ultimate whenever possible and with Viktor's, there is plenty of good reason. Viktor's Ultimate Chaos Storm is an amazing ability. If landed properly it silences the champion, and does quite a bit of damage. I prefer to call it Troll Storm because it follows a champion it hits, and if you stay close to it, the faster it goes. It causes continuous damage for about 7 seconds and if you miss, you can redirect it by pressing R and right clicking where you want it to go. This will also follow Champions that have gone invisible if it hits them.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ignite are a great combination, they can be used for getting last hits and first blood. They can save your life if you are being chaased( Viktor is a bit slow) so flash over a wall or into a creep wave. Ignite with your ultimate can get a nice kill, or kill a chaser.

Ghost- Can be very helpful when chasing or being chased. Those darn creeps get in the way of everything so this is a good placement and escape spell. Viktor can be slow so this benefits him well.

clairvoyance- Nice when you are a skillshot champ, but with Viktor, his Death Laser can reveal in bushes and make them run a little faster.

Heal- Heal is always nice to have, can save your life and your partners, can also hurt the lifesteal partners like Warwick and Irelia so this goes both ways

Cleanse- Can be useful in sticky situations considering Viktors speed is not the greatest. Remove debuffs thats nice, but you still have your W to slow and stun other champs.

Clarity- Very useful to mana heavy champs like Viktor. Gives you more time to lane and dish out more damage. Be careful, this can start bad spamming habits.

Exhaust- the problem with this is that if you are using it, you are too close to another champion, not where a squishy mage wants to be right. So this can be useful in a chase(both ways) and getting that last hit in.

Promote- Gives you something to push a lane while your'e gone for a second, nice but not really needed

Teleport- always great to have, gets you places fast, brings you right back to the fight, tower, or lane

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Pros / Cons

Has decent armor for a mage
Very good Ap Ratios
Very effective in teamfights
Dangerous to solo
Very strong and manueverable ablities
A chasing movable ulimate
Very good minion farmer
Good range

Squsihy to start
Mana hungry
Cooldowns can be trouble
Laser is a bit difficult to land
Gravity Field can be easily avoided

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Team Work

Viktor is great in teamfights. His laser causes damage to multiple enemies, his slow/stun can make a fight go in the right direction or save a life, and Power Transfer is a mini nuke that gives you a very nice shield after using it, increasing survivability.
When in a teamfight, use Grevity Field when you see it is needed. Simply putting it down in a dense patch of enemies allows your team to get more damage done or to help take out that carry. The laser is very useful in how it can deal alot of damage while removing pesky creeps. It can also discourage an enemy Champion from chasing or following you or another. Power Transfer gives you more survivability so you can stay longer and not die. Chaos Storm is great for teamfights, it does massive damage when it first comes out- silences too- the you can direct it or let them drag it to their teammates that are "safe" behind a turret. This silence can keep a Yi from Highlandering out of the picture or stopping a Nidalee's spear attack. This Ultimate is too good to pass up and is great for teamfight harassment.