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Vladimir Build Guide by FritzsHero

AP Offtank Vladimir basic starter guide on Top/Mid

AP Offtank Vladimir basic starter guide on Top/Mid

Updated on February 13, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FritzsHero Build Guide By FritzsHero 4,375 Views 0 Comments
4,375 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FritzsHero Vladimir Build Guide By FritzsHero Updated on February 13, 2017
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Before we start

Hello fellow community,

before you start with this guide, you should know, that it is not highly optimized and should be considerd as a generally detailed starting guide for Vladimir.
Vladimir is a lot of fun to play, because of his mechanics, while he can do things, others can't do.
You can get into detail and learn with him, learn him and master him. So Vladimir is for sure a great Champion, that should be understand before you start any game.
This guide is made with love and fun for the Champion in the hope it will be usefull and will inspire players to play him.

I hope you like it and enjoy this. Have a nice time reading this guide and playing him.

Fritzs Hero (EUW - Germany)
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As mentioned in chapter 1, you need to learn Vladimir and his abilitys, before you start any game. After you did this, you can get at best into practise, when you play him often and with little changes in your settings, so you can see, what is working very good with Vlad for you.
Keep in mind, no master ever felt from heaven (as we say in germany)
If you lose, keep calm and try harder.
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Starting Items and Farming

The starting items can be Dorans Shield, Boots (but he works with Health or AP good as well).
You can easy farm with your autoattacks or with your Q/E. Use always your third Q on the enemy, it is like an random crit. (Note: if you shouldn't done it yet, I highly recommend you to work on your last hits. This the most important thing on every lane. No Money, no win.)
W is an good escape from Nasus, ganks, but also ultimates like Ez, Ziggs and so on.
Skill your Abbilitys once and then go max first Ult and Q.
W is the last one I would skill. (Beside of the fact, that you have some enemys on your lane, that going for trades or you get many ganks. Skilling W means a great CD reduction on it. )
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I'm on Lane my whole life

You can stand in lane almost forever, but make sure to go back and buy, so the enemy doesn't get to strong from shopping and kills you.
If Health is missing, feel free to spam Q all time.
Beside of your massiv Heal Abbility, your W is a great escape, not just from your enemy on the lane, but also from enemy ganks.

Note: Personally I have some difficultys playing against some Tryndameres,
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Tip for Middle Game

Don't wait too long for middle game and if possible, try to do pressure on mid or Top lane. Remember use your Abbility mechanics to push and escape.
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Tip for Late Game

Vlad need at least good knowledge about the enemy team and damage outputs of them. R gives a great heal and can save your live, but think about the R time, which is needed for this heal.
Vlad can be really strong, but in late game, you shouldn't be to silly.
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It is always your hard work, when you play good with a champion.
It is based on your playstyle and skill, so give Vlad a try.
It's your playstyle, that makes him feel unique as a champion.
Don't be scared to try new things and maybe you'll get rewarded.
Hope this was usefull.

We see us on the Rift.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FritzsHero
FritzsHero Vladimir Guide
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Vladimir basic starter guide on Top/Mid

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