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Volibear Build Guide by xXCrimsonslayer

Bottom Voli ADC?!

By xXCrimsonslayer | Updated on October 12, 2018

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My summoner name is xXCrimsonslayer, i'm a bronze III (I dont wanna talk about it -_-) and today i'm here to spill the secret of the most OP ADC in the game... Volibear! not only does he have great damage but he has sustain and great CC, while the cc isn't as hard as say xayah or morgana its still a huge threat! before we get into it let me say you will NEED a Pyke or Blitz crank support, and if you can makes sure the support is a good friend, open comms help a ton.
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now this isn't something you can pull off on your own, so grab a friend summoners and hope they can land a hook or two ;p. Lets dive right into it, early game can just be blatantly rough however once you hit level 3 and so does pyke you can make something happen, there is almost a graceful combo to it. Pyke lands a hook and his stun, then its your job to hit your Q ,followed by an E as they hit the ground. By then the adc or whoever you decided to rain this damage upon should be low, Volibear's W makes for an amazing execute once an enemy gets low. The more kills you rack up early the harder you and pyke can snowball! this is focusing on kills and taking towers, CS isn't too important but if you can squeeze it in then do so!
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The goal of Voli adc is to have fun and enjoy a champion that often seems under rated and under played so I feel like this is a spicy and fun way to bring him back into the spot light! In game goal is to make the enemy bot hate their life and to eventually carry your team into a glorious victory! ALSO NOT RECCOMENDED FOR RANKED ;).
League of Legends Build Guide Author xXCrimsonslayer
xXCrimsonslayer Volibear Guide

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Voli ADC?!