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Volibear Build Guide by 4sight

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 4sight


4sight Last updated on November 30, 2011
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When I saw the previews for Volibear, I knew I was going to buy him. Other than the name (come on Riot, you can do better...) he sounded great. I'll explain this shortly in the intro, and of course in more detail in the guide:

  • A non squishy melee fighter with an interrupt and AoE slow - this is just about as good as it gets for melee champs. If you think about it, this is similar to Singed, only with higher melee damage and attack speed. This makes Volibear not very item dependent, and therefore much more fun to play.
  • A passive ( Chosen of the Storm) that rivals Rebirth in survivability, and is one of the best passives in the game for getting first blood.
  • The ability to be played in many different ways, with many builds! Works well as tank, pusher or jungler. Volibear is a very useful lane partner due to his CC, and can easily solo a lane if needed.
  • Low CD medium duration ultimate.

Now, I wanted to publish this as soon as possible so people can start trying out this build, so there isn't much here in the way of explanations yet, but I promise to update as fast as possible.

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General Guide

I want to at least give you some tips from what I've learned so far, so here goes:

  • Try to save the active part of Frenzy for as long as possible, don't use it the second it becomes available. There are 2 reasons for this:
    1. You will lose your bonus attack speed.
    2. The lower your enemy's health is, the more damage Frenzy does. So save it until he has lost at least 1/2 health.
  • Chosen of the Storm is an incredible passive. This makes Volibear incredibly durable, and underestimated. This will get you first blood so many times. Just focus on one enemy with your lane partner, and save Frenzy until he is low on health. Your passive should kick in just as your enemies think one more hit will kill you, and this is when you strike with Frenzy, usually taking first blood. I also take Heal (yes, yes... you think it's a noob spell) which saves me in case of Ignite or if they heal as well.
  • Rolling Thunder is a great ganking tool. Cast just as you are leaving the bushes and try to throw enemy in the direction of your teammate(s). You can use Majestic Roar to either slow the enemy down if they are outrunning you just as you get near them, or right after your fling to give you and your team a few extra seconds of attack time.
  • Thunder Claws has quite a short cooldown, and along with the passive AS of Frenzy can do a lot of damage in 12 seconds. Just at level 6: 150 damage (1/2 phys 1/2 magic) per hit, not counting any bonus AD or AP! With an attack speed of ~1.1 hit/sec you can hit 13 times while Thunder Claws is active, doing nearly 2000 damage. Even with 40% damage reduction (which is a lot for level 6), 1200 damage is enough to kill most champs at this point.