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Volibear Build Guide by Denisvp95

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Denisvp95

Volibear, ap/ad hybrid

Denisvp95 Last updated on August 30, 2012
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Volibear is a hero that has a lot of potential in him, that is not considered by many players. Most people play voli as a simple tank and initiator. Yes, that indeed makes him perfect for teamfights, but what if he could do more than just pull one enemy to certain death and tank a lot of dmg? What if i tell you he can ALSO actually tear apart almost any hero 1v1 on all states of the game and if ignored he can deal tons of dmg to the whole team, even better than any ap/ad carry. With this guide I will change your view of this hero, by explaining how exactly to keep his ability to tank and initiate while at the same time punish masses of oponents at a time.

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This set of runes allows you to do the following things which are essential to this build and style of play.
1. Mana regen gives you the ability to constantly outharrass and scare off almost any enemy that stands against you. Since you don't really care about your enemy harrassing you cuz of your passive, you can simply keep spamming spells to hurt your enemy when close to the creeps [note this only works against melee oponents]. And you will be simply sure to have endless mana pool while doing this.
2. Attack speed, magic penetration and ap/lvl will simply give you enough power in late game to overcome almost any enemy 1v1... [Note you do not have any defensive runes, so keep safe and ward + watch map and chat]

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Simply the best possible masteries for ad/ap hybrid.

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It is incredibly important for early game to have that doran's blade health, damage and lifesteal since it allows you to constantly overcome your enemy in farming by simply lifestealing when he hurts you and countering him with strong hits with your rolling thunder and bites. Since rolling thunder deals physical dmg as bonus it will also lifesteal. And since bite deals bonus dmg from health, you deal a lot of dmg with that bonus health from the doran's. Next it is very important to get hextech cuz you will probably farm it when you have level 6. That spell vamp and lifesteal you get will let you stand against any kind of enemy on an 1v1 fight after your ult is up. Next, Ionic spark is good for farming and gives a lot of atk speed which is good for your ult... Also deals magical dmg which gets lifestealed by spell vamp. Sheen is good midle game cuz your hero has an attack modifier, that deals bonus physical dmg which ALSO gets doubled on hit effect. Finish the gunblade and sell the two doran's blades will give you a slightly more dmg and lifesteal but will also grant you a bonus slow, which is enormous power if you have to chase someone down who is slightly faster than you... Guinsoo adds some ability power to your ult and E and also gives attack speed on hit which stacks with your W and combined with your other attack speed items can give you almost maximum attack speed which is incredibly good for your ult which is good for your lifesteal and dmg... Rylai is another tool for you to catch your enemys and deal more dmg with your spells...

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Skill Sequence

Rolling thunder is important on lvl one since you might have to escape or catch someone while your team is close behind you... Good for early game pushes and jungle invades with teammates and escaping enemy invades and pushes. Bite is for lvl 2 since you will want to outfarm your enemy. Then start upgrading your E spell since it gets increase in dmg by your ap. In late game i rate rolling thunder and bite as equally important spells that is why i lvl them up simultainously.

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Summoner Spells

Surge - early game is a bit useless, midle game when you have your ult up is incredible since you wont have your items for atk speed yet and you will need that atk speed all the time with your ult. Late game surge is good for the tons of ap that it gives and also proves great with ult.
Exhaust - simple as that - SLOW! However it can be replaced with flash if like more ;)

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Ranked Play

This build is good only against melee oponents 1v1 lanes. So i recommend solo top lane. Ward your bush and dont be affraid to play agressively since your passive + lifesteal will overcome enemy's dmg and your other spells will deal much more to them. Farm as much as possible and avoid early teamfights cuz mid game is your weakness...

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Pros / Cons

This build offers the capability of being able to overcome any oponent on lane phase and at the same time prove a great leader in teamfights late game by either dealing a lot of dmg to the whole enemy team at once or simply tank enough time with lifesteal for your allies to win the fight.However it does not allow you to be as great tank as you would be if build fully tanky and not as great initiator, but i think that isnt really much of a disadvantage since the enemy can ignore a simple tank, cuz it deals no dmg, but they just cant ignore this kind of voli and it still tanks a lot...

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Team Work

All you need of your team is the standard stuff like wards and focus. However you do not need to worry about focus since you deal almost the same dmg to all oponents with your ult, which you will probably have all the time cuz its cooldown is small. Do not worry if u die too much. It is because you are getting focused... Watch that your teammates know when to cover you in that occasion. If you arent getting focused after all, just do what your hero was made for.

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Farming is the most important for this build. Try to keep your enemy away from the creep wave by harassing him with your spells, do not be affraid to waste some mana on catching some creeps that are about to die but out of your attack range or timing.

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s guide is for players who like to farm a lot on lane. It is essential you go SOLO TOP with voli since you will probably get a melee oponent. Then you simply win the lane if you play safe and ward your bush. Farming is incredibly easy. After you get spark, aim even more on farm and try avoiding TEAMFIGHTS. Only try to catch solo oponents since voli outmatches any hero (non fed) 1v1 on mid game. When you are full gear or atleast have guinsoo, then you are ready to lead the fight. All you have to do is NOT GET STUNNED AND NOT STOP ATTACKING WITH YOUR ULT. If your enemys do not focus you, it's gg in teamfights. If your enemys FOCUS you, well they will very likely kill you but they would have wasted so much time on overcoming your lifesteal which by my calculations is like 110 hp on hit + some from your other spells(15%lifesteal x 200 dmg = 30 hp + 20% spell vamp x 400 dmg by ult = 80) x 2,5 atks/sec is 275+hp/sec. By wasting that time to kill you, they would have got to ignore your other teammates who are most likely gonna be ad and ap solid carrys who would have probably totally torn them apart... That's it... Voli wins the game either way if built like that and if has a NORMAL team.