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Not Updated For Current Season

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Singed Build Guide by Denisvp95

AP Offtank Singed, the unignorable threat

AP Offtank Singed, the unignorable threat

Updated on October 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Denisvp95 Build Guide By Denisvp95 4 5 8,548 Views 12 Comments
4 5 8,548 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Denisvp95 Singed Build Guide By Denisvp95 Updated on October 14, 2012
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Singed - a.k.a. OP , Chase Me and maybe The Runner is one of the most universal and all purpose heroes ever. And that is not only my own opinion. In fact Singed is Dyrus' (one of the top LoL players) favorite hero. Here you can see his reasons . Mine will be explained along this guide and I hope it helps you understand the potential in this hero. And I will also give you a nice way to build this universal hero so that you have maximum fun playing him.
To start off let me explain why Singed is an all purpose hero.
1. Passive - Empowered Bulwark is maybe one of the coolest passives in this game since it is capable of giving you incredible amounts of health. For like if your hero can get up to 2,5k mana he will have 600+ health bonus which I think we all agree is a very cool passive.
2. Poison Trail is the reason this hero is one of the most dangerous in this game. Every Singed's dream is a bunch of enemy heroes chasing him nervously and slowly while he runs like crazy with his ultimate and other movement speed buffs... Yeap, It has happened a lot of times and will continue to win teamfights with ease...
3. Fling is one of the best teamfight initiation spells. With Singed's natural survivability and this spell you can sign the death sentence of almost any hero that walks out of his team clutch a little.
4. Singed is the BEST off tank ap hero in this game. It's a fact that you can get him to 300+ ability power and in the same time have 150+ armor & mag resist, 4k + health and +200 health regeneration/ 5 secs. All right isn't that one hell of a tank? Wow, wait a minute, he just did more damage than your team's carry. How is that even possible?
Okay, so after I've introduced you to my reasons of loving Singed, now it is time to show you how to play him. This is a multi-root guide that will give advice on the different situations and not only offer a single all time build of 6 items which you will get every single game. In the next sections you will be given a detailed guide on Singed's all purpose gaming.
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Singed's Rule

Singed's Rule - Always have greater movement speed than your enemies!
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Magic Penetration Marks - a good idea since you will most likely do tons of damage throughout the game. Why not boost that dmg a bit?
Mana Regeneration Seals - will provide stable farming capabilities in addition to your Chalice of Harmony
Magic Resist Glyphs - better survivability.
Percent Health Quintessences - Gives you greater tanking potential
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Your main point is to get the Strength of Spirit mastery. That gives 1/100 * 2500 = 25 health regen / 5 secs.
The 9 points in offense are mainly to improve early game farming and allow for better use of Exhaust and Ghost summoner spells. In addition to the Summoner's Wrath , Mastermind will let you use your summoner spells in almost every fight you encounter.
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When picking the first item for Singed (forgot to mention earlier that you should play TOP lane) you will most likely want to see what the enemy top laner would be. If it is a skillshot hero, take Boots to juke his missiles, else take Sapphire Crystal for more survivability, farming capabilities. With the gold you have left take some health potions in case your enemy decides to harass. After getting the Boots, take Chalice of Harmony - the item that will provide you with endless amount of mana to farm much faster and longer. In fact you can stay on the lane forever if not disturbed by gangs and stuff. After getting it you should take the Catalyst the Protector for more lane survivability and make sure to always keep an eye on your experience bar. In many occasions the regeneration from this item can save your life or give you a kill. Boots of Swiftness is the essence of this build. Singed just ain't good without these boots. If you want to be totally sure you follow Singed's Rule this pair of boots is the best for you. Rod of Ages - the item that gives you a total of 700k mana and 80 ability power. The mana is not important for anything, but the health you get with your passive. That is why i advice to take 2 Rods as early as possible. Rabbadon's Deathcap is your main dmg. item. Yes, you will get to 300+ ability power and that will be a real pain for the enemy team. Force of Nature - the item that will provide 10+ health regen /5 secs to your hero, which practically makes him immortal when you follow the rule of having the greatest movement speed. The final item, which should replace your Chalice of Harmony should be something that gives you armor since you will not have anything countering the ad carries before that. I advice you to make the armor item last since the ADs are the ones that get hard late game stage. Now if you do not get focused you can afford to get yourself more cc with Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart so that you can be more helpful in the teamfight, however if you are in fact the greatest damage dealer in your team (highly possible) and are getting focused, you should get yourself Guardian Angel or Thornmail depending on whether your enemies deal more magic or physical damage. And if the problem is not the dmg output, but the cc, take Quicksilver Sash. It should help you keep up with the speed rule.
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Skill Sequence

Standard Singed skill sequence for dmg output:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Summoner Spells

Another way of following the Singed's Rule Exhaust and Ghost.
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Ranked Play

All we need to say here is that Singed is one of the top ranked players Dyrus's favorite pick. As I mentioned earlier, Singed's point is to start the teamfights and finish them. The fact that he has Fling and some incredible slow makes him ideal for initiator, and the fact that he can survive throughout the whole teamfight and usually is the last man standing in the team, makes him ideal for finishing off running enemies, due to his Singed's Rule. Now, when playing on ranked, Singed is a good choice since he is not much team dependent. As i said earlier, this is the hero that can kill an entire team all alone, simply by following one simple rule. One thing you will need is lane suppression, let a jungler help you a bit with your lane opponent so that you can farm freely. Do not overextend with the heart rush of your Poison Trail, it might do great amount of damage and scare off your opponent, but it can also get you to certain death. When asked for teamfight, go out there and initiate without fear.
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Pros / Cons

1. Singed's Rule.
2. 300 AP.
3. 150/200 armor and magic resist.
4. 4000+ health and 2500+ mana.
5. 200+/- health regen/5.
6. Being able to initiate and finish ateamfight at the same time without dying. secs.

1. Item dependant.
2. CC owns you a lot.
3. Ugly.
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Creeping / Jungling

There ain't much philosophy in running through a wave of minions with some strange cloud following you like a tail.
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Team Work

Singed is a good combination with almost any cc or disposition hero. A good Singed's Team is Alistar - Support, Gragas - Middle, Vayne - Carry, Nautilus - Jungler. This way you will have a full Disposition team. Every single hero in your team will be capable of scattering the enemy team and killin any hope of focusing.
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Now you have the universal guide about Singed. You should go out there and check it out at once. Hurry, before the guy with the clouds catches you! Oh yeah, that just made me think, you know, being chased by a Singed feels like being chased by the Slenderman :D
Please leave your Vote and Comments. I highly appreciate that! I hope I've been helpful to you and your comrades, please vote! Denis - out!
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