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Volibear Build Guide by Sp3cTre

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sp3cTre

Volibear ~ mum, there's a teddy bear under my bed!

Sp3cTre Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome 2 my volibear build ;p In this build I'll show u how I personly build volibear Tanky but still with loads of dmg output. //Blade

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I use armor pen marks bcuz I feel that it gives me a big advantage late game. But ofc u can also use atk spd, or magic pen. I use armor Seals 2 get tanky, u can also use hp or atk spd. For Glyphs I pick magic resist which will help u in team fights. U can also use atk spd if u wanna get some more dmg output. I pick hp quints bcuz they are awzum imo ;p there are ofc lots of others u can choose, atk spd, armor pen, armor, magic res and more..

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I go a pretty basic 0-21-9, bcuz it gives me DAT XTRA survivability ^^ u can also go 9-21-0 or (if u rly feel that u need dmg) 21-9-0. I prefer 0-21-9 tho, it kinda makes me dat epic carry in the middle of every team fight ^^

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For items i open up with a cloth armor and 5 hp pots, after that I pick up my boots which u should be able 2 afford after red. Then I get madreds razors 2 improve my jungle. After that I pick up hear if gold mostly to give me xtra gp5 (gold per 5) but also the additional hp. After that I buy wriggles lantern, mercury treads and so on.

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Skill Sequence

I max w bcuz I think it's the most important skill, xtra atk spd and "a victorius bite". 2nd I max e mostly bcuz of the slow which will be useful while ganking. And last I max q, (u can max q before e if u like that better). And ofc I upgrade the ult as much as possible.

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Summoner Spells

I pick smite and flash bcuz smite is A MUST HAVE and flash is great both in escaping and chasing down enemies. Other useful summoner spells:

Ghost, Will help u greatly in ganking and running.
Cleanse, If their team has much cc it's always nice 2 have a cleanse in ur pocket.
Exhaust, helps u ganking and using at their fed ad carry <,< I do not recommend this spell tho, bcuz u need some kinda escape mechanism both early and late game.
Don't use these:

Revive, ur goal isn't rly 2 die alot..
Teleport, not in the jungle.
Surge, not necessary.
Promote, totally not worth using.

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Team Fights

In teamfights YOU'RE the tank. Still you will have a lot of dmg output (depending on ur early/mid game) try 2 focus their ad carry since the ad carry usually has loads of dmg output.
Ur ult will give ur basic atks a nice aoe with xtra dmg, that definitely helps in teamfights.
but if their ap caster, example LB (leblanc) is fed u should take her out first.

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I start by killing the big wolf (in the wolf camp)then I quickly head over 2 blu. Ask ur mid char 2 leash/pull the blue golem 2 make it easier. Use ur smite on blue. After that I finish the 2 small wolves, then I go 2 the wraiths, they won't do u any big harm since you've got ur aoe fear and cloth armor. then I kill red, after that Golems. After golems u should have 1-3 hp pots left (depending on ur luck and runes) now u should be almost lvl 4, head over 2 the wolves 2 make u lvl up. Now ur rdy 2 gank.

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Last words

If u build correctly this should make u win most of ur games (including ranked) Ofc u cnt win a game if ur whole team is dying 24/7 but hopefully they won't ;s Good Luck.
plz leave a comment below and tell me what u think about this build. This is my first build on mobafire btw ^^ cya later //Chaoz Blade Eu East