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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by Voosha

Voosha's Challenger Twisted Treeline Guide for Vayne

Voosha's Challenger Twisted Treeline Guide for Vayne

Updated on January 18, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Build Guide By Voosha 6 0 83,035 Views 2 Comments
6 0 83,035 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Vayne Build Guide By Voosha Updated on January 18, 2014
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Hello I am Voosha. I play 3vs3 religiously and am very familiar with every aspect there is to it.
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Differences between Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline for Vayne

Key mechanics learned from playing Vayne in SR can all be transferred to TT. One key difference to note that many skirmishes in Twisted Treeline will take place within the jungle. So there will be more exposure to walls than a typical SR vayne.
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Champions and Team Comps good with Vayne

Vayne is very vulnerable and therefore needs a lot of help with protection.
My personal favorite team comp with Vayne is:

If the enemy does manage to get the jump on vayne, Jarvan can ult them and then vayne can tumble out( more on this later in the guide). Lulu provides an AOE knockup while giving Vayne more HP. Zyra can ult on top of Vayne and has roots to further peel for Vayne. Lee Sin can shield to vayne and ult them off as well. As you can see, people who can peel for vayne are ideal when it comes to synergy.
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Summoner Spells, Masteries, Runes, Abilities

Summoner Spells

You can choose to pick up ignite over barrier, but that would be extremely risky. Who would let a Vayne attack for free? You will be the focus almost all the time unless one of your teammates are low enough for them to ignore you and go after them.


Pretty standard masteries for ad. I would not suggest going into utility for the movement speed rather than the defense, because ,as I have stated numerous times, you will be the focus.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Life steal quints are just personal preference. You can go flat ad, armor pen or even a mix. You can also switch the flat ad for armor pen red. I do not suggest changing the armor yellow and magic resist blue's since you will be focused alot. The quints and and marks are just what I'm most comfortable in using, so play around with different quints and marks to see what fits your personal playstyle.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Vayne has ALOT of flexibility with her skills. If the enemy team is tanky then you can level W up for more true damage. If you find your team fighting alot you could level up E for the cooldown reduction, but I still think tumble or the true damage would be better. You should level based on your current situation, but for the most part, maybe 60-70% of the games, I am leveling tumble first.
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What to Build on Vayne

Core items

Blade of the Ruined King This item is pretty much a must on this map. It's great for kiting, increase your attack speed for more true damage procs, and it gives lifesteal and damage. Salt is to pepper as Blade of the Ruined king is to vayne.

Last Whisper I usually get this item second because opposing teams usually have some sort of tanky bruiser diving me so I want to be able to 1v1 him. The armor pen is really nice and makes you do much more damage.

Sanguine Blade Extremely cost efficient and gives you a ton of lifesteal along with your blade.

Other offensive items to consider
Lord Van Damm's Pillager If the game lasts long enough and you feel you aren't being pressured very hard, you can pick this item up for a LARGE amount of dps increase.

Trinity Force Although not the best item for Vayne's kit, it provides a bit of tankiness, a small increase in movement speed when attacking which is great for kiting, and will give you a small boost in damage with the sheen proc.

ZephyrIf you are being stunned alot, this is a good item to pick up since you might not have gotten Mercury tread. Provides many of the necessary stats for vayne.

Statikk Shiv Great for wave clear and pushing, adds attack speed, movement speed, and crit. You should get this item if you guys are ahead. If you are behind I fear you will not do enough damage with this item as 2nd.

Defensive Options

Frozen Mallet Great for kiting on top of your Blade of the Ruined King. You should only get this if they won't stop touching you and you know you could kite them effectively.

Banshee's Veil Great against heavy cc teams.

Randuin's Omen I have gotten this item once or twice when I was being focused down to a point where I couldn't even play the game. I just said "screw it I'm going tank vayne they won't get off my nuts." Another great kiting tool, but hopefully you won't need to get this.
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When picking a team comp I highly recommend Jarvan. As I stated before jarvan can ult the enemies that are focusing you. Some of you might be thinking "but wait you'll be stuck inside as well with them." Jarvan's ult is small and buggy enough for you to tumble through it. You must be pretty near the edge however to do so, it's not like you can tumble out from the middle of it. Jarvan will be your best friend since all of his spells compliment and peel well for you.

Tumble is an auto attack reset so after your 2nd auto attack that applies the 2nd stack of the true damage, you can tumble for another one for a quick and small burst in damage.

Another aggressive combo is the tumble to condemn for the third proc. Be aware though if you use this, it's not only mana intensive, but will leave you vulnerable since you won't have condemn for a while. The combo goes like this:

auto attack ---> Tumble auto attack----> Condemn

it is preferable if you can condemn them into something for extra damage. You used to be able to condemn them and land one more auto attack after that, but riot has changed that mechanic so you can no longer accomplish this.
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Refer to my Voosha's general 3v3 guide for some strategic suggestions.

Early Game

Clear the wave as fast as possible to get an early level 2 so that you may be able to condemn their jungler if you decide to invade or the person you are laning against if a gank is coming. Not much harassing can be done at level 1 or 2 nor is it needed. Decide on a strategy before laning phase starts so that you can immediately head to the objective. Early on, it is all about efficiency in movement.

Mid Game

This is when either the fun times or sadness begins. Your teammates should be peeling for you and if everything is done correctly, you should be alive and kiting. Or if you are being focused down so fast and your teammates aren't able to peel, you should just trade backline for backline. This means that your teammates go after their carry while they go for you. I only suggest doing this if your teammates can effectively kill their backline, and it is futile to peel for you. I have teammates that I trust will do what is necessary to save my life so I need not worry about trading backlines.
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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guides! Any questions can be left in the comments.
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