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Other Warding helper - More than your eyes can see

Other Warding helper - More than your eyes can see

Updated on October 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panglot Build Guide By Panglot 581 19 1,149,173 Views 208 Comments
581 19 1,149,173 Views 208 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Panglot Build Guide By Panglot Updated on October 9, 2012
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Opening and map zones

Hello Summoners!!
Im glad to see you are here, to improve your warding.
But... before embarking with anything at all, I want to make few things clear to avoid misunderstanding later.

The map

The whole map is divided by invisible zones, that you, naturally cannot see. The prototype of these zones is formed by the lanes and by the river, which is basically neutral zone. Understanding these zones of the map is very important for understanding the warding of the map, and not only for the warding, but for understanding how to move trough the map overall.
Usually when a tower falls, these zones change as each tower holds part of these zones. However I will be discussing only the prototypes of the zones, in this guide because I need them for a landmark. Detailed discussion of these zones is a matter of different (Zoning) guide, and you are here for Warding guide and I dont want to bore you after all, right?
But Im quite sure Ill do.
  • First of all, the map is divided by two. These two zones are defined by the bases and the towers they own.

The zone marked with purple is, naturally, the Purple's part of the map. And as you can guess, the opposite zone, marked with blue is the Blue's part of the map. The river marked with dark red is neutral zone.
These two zones are named after the corresponding colours of their base. When I say your base, I will be refering to the correnspoding base you are spawned from, and when I say enemy's base, this means the base that you didnt spawn of course.
  • Secondhand the map, or more accurately, the jungle is divided into four parts or "quarters".

The parts divisions are actually made, firstly by the neutral part of the map (the river). The river itself is not what matters, but what matters is the fact that, if you pass the river, you enter into the enemy's territory. The second division is made by the stretch of the middle lane. Although its obviously more dangerous to pass trough the enemy middle lane if you dont own the territory, the step that you must take to pass trough the lane itself, divides the whole jungle territory into other two halves.
I named the quarters with, pretty much, obvious names. Top, Bottom, Left and Right. Easy to see, easy to remember. Moreover, you can easy name the bases, with their corresponding quarters they own: Top-right base and Bottom-left base.
But, whats actually important about these quarters is what they hold inside of them, that matters.
-Top quarter holds the Purple base Red buff and it also holds, potential of danger to Purple Top and Middle lane. The baron is closer to the Purple base, as the Top quarter is theirs to own. Anyways Baron Nashor is actually positioned in the Neutral zone.
-Bottom quarter holds the Blue base Red buf and it also holds, potential of danger to Blue Middle and Bottom lane. The drake is closer to the Blue base, as the Bottom quarter is theirs to own. Anyways Drake is actually positioned in the Neutral zone.
-Left quarter holds the Blue base Blue buff and direct access to Baron nashor. It also holds potential of danger to Blue Top and Middle lane.
-Right quarter holds the Purple base Blue buff and direct access to the Drake. It also holds potential of danger to Purple Middle and Bottom lane lane.

Thats all you need to know about the zones for now.

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Why and how do we use wards


So, why I told you all these things in the previous chapters?
I wanted you to see and understand the importance of the zones in the game.
The jungle quarters are usually in the fog of war. And if you are player who at least has level 30, you are familiar with the conception of "The jungling". The jungle role itself makes the dark territories of the map very dangerous. Every laner who does not have ward to see whats going on around his lane is in potential danger every second he is a little bit further from his tower.
When the lane phase ends the unrevealed-territory-threat does not decrease at all. When all the champions are not staying in the lanes anymore you cant simply say "Mid is missing", for example. When the team game commence, or with other words the mid-game begin, the vision over the map is of even higher importance. When you cant see your enemy coming but they can see you hiding its only matter of time before you get caught.
With few words: the wards are power that cant and shouldnt be underestimated. If you win the war with the wards it can win your game. If you lose it you can lose the game as well. And keep in mind that it can turn game thats lost in first sight.


Lets summarise the said above and give you few good reasons to start (or continue) warding in the future.

Reason 1.

If you are laning and you are winning your lane, one gank can turn the tides. In every second you dont see around you, you are in potential danger. One ward can prevent this.

Reason 2.

If you are jungling and you dont see the entrances of your jungle, there is always potential of counter-jungle. This can not only make you lose buff, or simple monster camp. It can also get you killed if you are low and unaware of the invade.
Also if you are the one counter-jungling and you dont see around you, you can be always in danger while you take any camp. Thats why I talked about zones. The reason the enemy zone belongs to the enemy is the short access to it. If you dont see, or you see to late, who may be coming for you while you counter-jungle, it may be already too late as they are much closer and you are much farther from your towers and allies.
One or two wards can prevent these unpleasant situations.

Reason 3.

Trough mid to late game, Baron nashor remains the top priority after killing the Nexus. Its simple: you have ward - you can prevent the enemy from taking it and be prepared any time, you dont have ward - you can lose the whole game if you let them take Baron nashor for free.

Reason 4.

Last but not least. You can use Teleport on wards. If you didnt know that, I suggest you've never seen the true power of this summoner spell. Keep in mind that the ward is revealed when you teleport on it, so if you want surprising gank I suggest you to place ward in a bush, not simply in the middle of a lane.
Also one little bonus trick for those who dont know it. You can teleport on Teemo's Noxious Traps and also even on Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard.

So after all these preparations let me introduce you:

His majesty the ward!

Pick a place!

So how do I pick a place for my Ward to be effective?!

There is one simple rule for placing a Ward:

Cover as much paths as you can. If you place the Ward, where four paths are closing, its more likely to reveal someone of the enemy team, than if you place the Ward, in place that 2 paths are closing.

And here are the screenshots.
Note that on the minimap I recolored the Wards im focusing with teal dot.

The red arrows show the paths covered.


So basically the more ways you can see the more useful the Ward becomes.

Thats why if you ward dragon you dont want to see only his face like this:

or even less likely like this:

The best way is to put the Ward, seeing the river and the way down, like this:

More ways - wider vision - . Remember this and use your imagination

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I will categorize the wards by priority.

1. First priority (marked as "1" on the map) are the wards revealing the Dragon and Baron Nashor. These two creatures are very essential for winning the game.
After the Dragon spawns (2:30 min) you should have a ward on him and gank your enemies if they try to take it.
Also when the mid game begins you also want to ward Baron (spawns at 15:00) because taking it your enemies will have great advantage.

2. Second priority are the buff monsters (marked naturally as "2" on the map). The buff monsters provide really good buffs so your enemies will want them. The places they are at, can also be reached by many ways. So if you place a ward on the right place, you can cover 5 - 6 ways plus the buffs so badly needed for the win.

3. Third priority ("3" on the map) are the wards preventing the ganks on your lanes. Used mostly during the lane phases and less when the lane phase begins.

4. Fourth priority ("4" on the map) are places where you can just cover a fair number of ways or just the most used gank places. Warding such places is most useful if you push a lane and you need vision. (e.g. if you push top, ward the ganking places in the top forest so you wont be surprised).

E. Exceptional warding places ("E" on the map) are the places where you ward in exceptional cases. If its unsafe to wander into the forest or to see the enemy position in base. The exceptional ward places should be used for the moment. These are not valid places for long term warding. Screens and more you can see in the next chapter.


1. First priority

Here are the optimal places covering the river and the way down to Baron/Dragon.


These main places also can reveal top and bot lane ganks. You can sometimes avoid warding your top or bot bushes simply by warding Baron/Dragon but dont forget that the way coming from one of the forests isnt revealed which means you can be still ganked.

2. Second priority

The blue/red buff - wards as I said cover a lot of ways thats why they are second priority. You know when your enemy is taking the buff or just passing trough one of the many ways.



Note how the wards cover about 5 - 6 ways plus Lizard/Golem

3. Third priority

The best for the mid lane is not the bushes right next to your butt, but the bushes a little further.

That way again you will cover more ways and also you will see the gankers earlier:


The bot and top lane can be covered by the first priority wards but if the enemy jungler is in the forest marked as danger just ward these places (on the screenshots next):


4. Fourth priority

The fourth priority wards are good for getting vision into the enemy forest. They are best used in combo warding where you can cover huge area with only few wards.

Here are good places covering lots of ways:


Another golden rule is: put the sight ward in a bush if able. Almost all the ganks happen in the bushes so, more vision in the bushes - less surprises.

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Exceptional warding places

The exceptional warding places are places where you ward in some special cases. They are not much but its useful to know few basic things about them.

First about dragon and baron:

These two places here are used for warding dragon if your enemy is behind the wall. If you dont have vision at dragon and you dont know if its safe to go there just put a ward over the wall. And the opposite. If you dont know if the enemy is waiting for you on the other side of the wall just put it over the wall.

Note: Sometimes the enemies with vision ward may not notice your ward if its placed there but dont rely on it!.

For Baron exceptional warding is same as the dragon exceptional warding but here it is with even more power. As the Baron is the most important goal in the game after the enemy Nexus dont ever hesitate to ward him over the wall if you have suggestion that they are doing it. And also if you are doing baron dont hesitate to ward over the wall. If the enemy manages to steal it its game turning.

Note: Sometimes the enemies with vision ward may not notice your ward if its placed there but dont rely on it!.

This place here is kinda tricky. It is usually used for tricking the enemy if they have oracle. This ward is easy to miss because its under Baron and you usually dont see anything but its health bar (watch for the ward health bar to notice such wards). Also this ward is hard to target as it is under Baron.

IMPORTANT!:Some people say: "How do I clear that ward when I cant target it?". There is one simple trick for this.
Your champion is not aggressive to the neutral camps and they are not aggressive to you either. This means that if you target the ground near Baron with attack command, your champion will automatically target the ward and clear it, without requesting your to target it.
(Default attack ground command key is "X", not "A", as a lot of people are used to, because of other strategy games)

Pushing or defending from push:

If you are pushing and its important to use the moment the best choice is to do split push. If you do split push at their third towers this ward will help you know their movement in base which is very important.

The opposite of the last is if you are pushed and they try to split push your third towers. Analogous you can ward place like this to see their movements and to defend from the split push.

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Ward techniques

1. Combo warding

Combo warding is in fact using few wards to reveal whole area of the map. Picking the best places is essensial, because that way you can use 2 - 3 sight wards to cover almost 1/4 of the map (one of the half-jungles).
The fourth priority places along with the red/blue buff places can help you pick two or three places for your combo wards.

Here are some examples with two Wards. Note the revealead area on the minimap.


2. Push warding

When you push there is always threat of being ganked. Thats why its very important to ward the forest near you to make sure you are safe before pushing. Use the combo warding to ward the jungle and spare as much sight wards as you can.
When the forest is warded you can push safe from ganks.

3. Vision dominance

There are two cases:

1. Invisible enemies - If there are invisible enemies:

2. Ward destruction:
  • simply take Vision Ward and put it on Dragon/Baron ward place. If your enemy has a ward there as well, just break it. Thats how you can take Dragon or Baron safely but keep in mind that if you break their ward they will be alerted. Better ward the places they can come from before starting Dragon/Baron
    Advise - Dont overdo it! If your enemy blocks your Vision ward with his Vision ward just leave it if you dont intend to do some actions in the area. If you just keep buying Vision wards you can find yourself underfarmed

  • other way is to take Oracle's Elixir and "hunt" wards in the forest. If you are sure in your safety its the better way to clear wards in all cases. If you feel safe and take oracle early you can open golden opportunities for ganks in your lane.

4. Situational warding

Your team is not in position to fight and is being chased by the enemy team? While running try to put a sight ward at some good bush where your enemies will pass. Watch the place! If your enemy loses position be ready to fight back! Or even better - one of the enemy players divides? Strike him down immediately!

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A goodbye

And people, dont forget these are not the one and only ward places. Everything is situational so after reading all I wrote just use your imagination and think smart. Sometimes spontaneous ward at, in first sight, useless place saves the day.

And before goodbye let me give few more advises.

  • Get used to take at least one ward every time you go back to base.
  • Always when you have at least 75 gold take a ward.
  • If you are playing with friends try to tell them to get used to it as well.
  • Warding is the core to safe and competitive game so the soon you learn to ward the better!!

Interesting thing from the yellow Rammus who helped me to take the screenshots is with: Mobility Boots, Ghost and a Powerball he can actually reach 1000 MS :O.

And you know... Dont be crying when you are lonely



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