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Warwick Build Guide by DesposableHero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DesposableHero

Warwick-Jungle be damned.

DesposableHero Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Warwick guide. This guide is to prove to the world that Warwick is in fact a great source of magic damage, and instead of the closed-minded Annie/ Brand damage frontloaders, we have sustained consistent magic damage, coupled with a great laning phase, and insane versitility earlygame.
I hope you can enjoy this guide, and have fun using it. Warwick is not banned often, and I feel he's probably the most balanced champion in league of legends at the moment.

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Runes are pretty self-explanatory, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration scales very well with Warwick's Hungering Strike and Madred's Bloodrazor being % based magic damage. I feel Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction are overrated. and you can get them to make it a maxed 40% CDR, but Spirit Visage and Frozen Heart seem to be enough.
Greater Glyph of Replenishment is great, especially if your lane requires you to start boots to juke skillshots, like Ezreal's Mystic Shot, and Brand's Sear.

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22/0/8, for maximum earlygame potential by getting the Vampirism mastery to scale with his passive, Eternal Thirst. You get the Sorcery, Arcane Knowledge , and Blast to help your Hungering Strike.
You run 8 down utility, mainly for the Flash mastery. Short of that, just 7 free points you can blow on anything.

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I aim for tanky/CDR to spam Hungering Strike relentlessly and Wit's End+ Madred's Bloodrazor to hit them hard with autoattacks and proc your passive for more sustain. When people don't pay too much attention, they see Warwick autoattacking and build armour, but don't notice it's all magic damage.
Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen for soft-cc upon initiation, and the CDR from Frozen Heart is core, along with the armour and mana to spam hard. Wit's End is for earlygame damage, and should suffice until you need Madred's Bloodrazor. Spirit Visage is great with your passive and Hungering Strike, with some tanky stats and the CDR it provides, makes you a monster earlygame. In order of purchase, here it is:
Doran's Ring/ Boots of Speed(if you get the boots, don't get the ring), then aim for Heart of Gold and Kindlegem, then Recurve Bow, rush Glacial Shroud, finish into Sorcerer's Shoes, finish Wit's End, then Warden's Mail, then everything else is in your order.

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Skill Order

Max Hungering Strike. All day, spam to harass, spam to sustain, spam to hurt carries and bruisers alike. Hungering Strike will make you into a man. Then you max Blood Scent, to keep up to running enemies while spamming Hungering Strike and making references to the Old Spice guy. Then you get Hunters Call to knock down the towers when the less masculine flee the lane in a futile attempt to escape your bestial hunger. Also you can use Hunters Call to make your team love you more than necessary, even though the know you're the reason they're winning. Ult obviously, whenever you can. Short CD, use it to initiate and finish, coupled with your Randuin's Omenand Frozen Heart, sooo much soft CC with a huge dash. It's great for finishing runners as well, and easy kills in the laning phase coupled with an ignite and a jungler ganking your lane.

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Summoner Spells

Flash because it's OP. Flash coupled with Infinite Duress is the ultra gap-closer. I take Ignite because you're the magic damage dealer.
You fit in a double AP quite well, but you can still fill in as a good AP carry if the team is built around you. Also, in soloQ Ignite gives easy early kills making you a monster. Easy to use it well because of your ult.

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Early-You can be as much of a ****head as you damn well please. Hungering Strike is your "**** it, I'm not a wolf, I'm a honey badger" button. Take mid, you deny most champions and outsustain all. Demand blue buff, mana's your biggest detriment early.
Midgame-You've probably won your lane by now. Roam with ult after pushing lane up, your not too dependant of gold, mainly levels. 5 points in Hungering Strike and 2-3 in Blood Scent means easy ganking. Obviously have Infinite Duress up, and blue buffs are yours. If you feel you have an advantage, and have your Glacial Shroud at least, force smaller teamfights over dragon and baron.
Lategame-You're unkillable. You hit whatever you want for 20% every 3 seconds, and autoattack for 4% plus 42 bonus damage EACH HIT. I might mathcraft this later, but understand, your never-die cheats mean your already high damage adds up HARD.
Skills throughout the game: Q-all around, use for everything. W-Support team, win harder. E-Vision wins games, speed wins 'em faster. R-Initiate, finish, and zone. It's scary. Quite scary.

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Pros and Cons

-Highly sustained
-High Damage all game
-Lots of map control
-2 supportive abilities+initiation makes you a team player
-Naturally tanky

-No real escape routes
- Blood Scent can screw up ganks
- Ignite halves your tanking ability
-Can be outranged fairly easily

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He can do it quite easily, quite safely, but it's slow as hell and can't really gank until level 6, which is harder to do with the new jungle. I advise against it. Jungling really doesn't use this build, so read another one.

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An attackspeed steroid and huge sight advantage aid your team in both big engagements and cleanup. Depending on the team, or how the situation goes, you can use your ult to start the fight or end it. But earlygame, be a honeybadger and don't give a ****. Farm until 6, make sure when you hit 6 Blood Scent is on them, and call your jungler for a gank. Midgame roaming helps teams. Lategame initiation helps teams. You make up for your douchebaggery earlygame by helping the rest of the way. Remember that.

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Lane Matchups

To list every champion would be stupid. So I won't. But I will tell you what champions to expect.

- Akali: That hoe hurts, no matter what the nerfs are. But you can hit her back, and after level 6, it's pretty much who's jungler ganks first. Any deaths in this lane mean instawon lane for the other. Approach with caution.
- Brand: Dat range. Start with boots against him instead of doran's ring, if you dodge that stun, you've crippled his combo, and he ate a Q to the face.
- Kassadin: Laugh at him. You're Q has half his CD at rank 3, so whenever he harasses you, hit him back, or heal off creeps. He has no sustain, so you'll evantually wear him down.
- Annie: IF the stun isn't up, beat her face in. When you know she'll obviously pop tibbers, ult her It dodges Tibbers and probably pushes her out of lane.
- Cho'Gath: Juke him. He'll outsustain you, so start pushing into roam earlier. Start boots for this one.
- Vayne: Trade, you'l win exchanges because you have actual sustain. If you retreat, she'll still harass you, so nut up or shut up against her.
- Caitlin: Switch lanes. She'll destroy you. You can't even wait for her to run out of mana, because of that brutal autoattack range.
- Tryndamere: This is a strange lane to go against, because of RNG. You should be able to outsustain him, but whether or not to trade hits depends on the Tryndamere's items, fury level and general luck/runes.
- Riven: You'll want to switch. You can probably survive the lane, but you won't be farming well, and even if you are, you won't profit nearly as much, because her mechanics push the lane much harder than you can hope to with no AoE, meaning you won't gank.
- Sion: You'll win pretty hard actually. You might not be able to counterpush him, but the second his shield comes down, you can harass him hard, and following the obviously easy procedure or harassing him until blood scent is on, then wait for his shield to go down and burst him down with Infinite Duress, Hungering Strike, and Ignite.
- Talon: You'll win SOOO HARD. Oh lord, after the mana cost nerfs, ult nerf, and lack of sustain, you'll carve a new ****hole in his torso.
- Nidalee: You won't get too much done here, and she'll terror you at level 6. So call for ganks, and in a premade, counterpick her with a Rammus.
- Anivia: Same as Brand, dodge Flash Frost and you've won your lane.
- Rumble: Be careful around him, time his cooldowns, and dodge Electro-Harpoon. He doesn't have sustain, so you should be able to wear him down.

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Well, that is my guide, from a Warwick player from 2 weeks after the start of season 1. Hope you enjoy this MANwolf, and understand he's still viable, but in a completely different mindset. See you on the fields of justice!