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Warwick Build Guide by BIGM00SE

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BIGM00SE

Warwick Jungle - Crazy on-hit damage

BIGM00SE Last updated on October 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Warwick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi This build on Warwick is best to pick into farm heavy junglers or assisins(just ult them when they jump in and they die. Master Yi likes to farm and hard cc is his downfall. Very Strong pick into him.
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Hi everyone, thank you for reading my Warwick guide. I have played over 100 ranked games as Warwick with a 75 percent win rate. Warwick can be the best (and easiest) jungler to play in league. With nearly unmatched sustain in the jungle, and the ability to have large tankiness with large damage output he is a great champion to play.

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Pros / Cons

- Hard CC can be used for peel or engage
- Unbelievable sustain
- High damage output
- Strong tank
- 'W' is great at fast pushing towers/taking objectives
- Early dragon/baron is viable
- High pick potential
- Good chase

- Needs to farm up
- Bad pre-six ganks
- Ultimate is unforgiving, make sure you do want to go in
- Tough to play from behind

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For this build is entirely based on on-hit damage so I run flat attack speed quints and marks. Scaling MR blues become better than flat MR's at level 8 so use these, you wont be seeing much magic damage until then anyways. Yellows, play around with it but I like 2 flat armour to keep up sustain in the jungle and the rest scaling to allow you to be a massive tank.

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Skill Sequence

Your Q does give you a massive amount of life back! If you are running from a fight be sure to Q!

Max W first to allow you to gain full on-hit effects as well as use it when pushing down towers/taking objectives, makes it go so fast!

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Like I said earlier, you want to do on-hit damage so build Blade of the Ruined King and Feral Flare. Boots are a necessity almost always build Ninja Tabi but if they have alot of cc or mostly AP go with Mercury's Treads. One you have those completed then build tank with Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage. To finish if you are not the primary tank build Wit's End, if you are build either Frozen Heart or Thornmail.
**NOTE: If they have cc and are peeling you before your fully channel of your ult build a Banshee's Veil.

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When to pick Warwick / Game Play

When to pick Warwick

Only pick Warwick if your team can survive until level 6! I avoid picking him early because he is so easily countered with aggressive, invading junglers / strong laners. He synergies very well with auto attack based ADC's. He can play in almost every comp, except a poke comp.

Early Game

If all your lanes are strong buy as fast as you can and drop a ward on one of their buffs (usually top side is easier to get to). Then start your jungle path wherever you want, aim for efficiency! Don't waste time start at one buff and if you are fairly sure you aren't going to have your second buff stolen farm both the wolves and wraiths then second buff, follow that with a golem/wight then back down.
For example(On Blue Side): Red - Wraiths - Wolves - Blue - Wight - Wolves - Wraiths - Golems then back.

If you have a weak lane start your jungle path on the opposite side(so you end at the weak lane) and ward for them or be close enough to counter gank (NOTE don't farm both Wolves and Wraiths here as you will be late to ward/counter gank).
Ex(Red Side, weak top lane): Blue - Wraiths - Red - Ward Top - Golems - Wraiths - Wolves - Wight

Mid Game

In the mid game you have alot of options. Gank on cool-down of your ultimate to whatever lane needs it. If you have a successful gank you can use your W to fast push and take down towers. If the opposing jungler shows in a lane, counter jungle big minions or take dragon (you can solo around level 7, dont do this without ensuring no wards). Try to not Q too much in the jungle, save your mana and give your blue to your mid-lane if they need it.

Late Game

Late game control baron with help from the rest of your team. Look for picks with your ult (Flash - Ult) covers alot of ground, or ult their most fed member. During teamfights be smart, ult the fed members, use Randuin's Omen and if you are about to die back off and peel your Q should sustain you back up. If the other team groups and wants to play a push game, play it 90% of the time, your W is unbelievable at pushing towers your will almost always win tower push races!

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So thank you guys for reading my guide!