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Warwick Build Guide by hendor11

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hendor11

Warwick The Scariest Top Lane Hybrid

hendor11 Last updated on June 27, 2013
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This is a guide for the passive aggressive/aggressive top laners out there who like snowballing out of control, just stay safe and poke until 6 then you can go Ham and become an unkillable force. This is a relatively cheap build and I usually get around to my spirit visage before the 20 minute mark. Just remember Farm > Forcing plays that's where the passive part comes in. 1 kill = 13-17 creeps. If you just poke with your Q while farming opportunities will present themselves.

This is my 1st guide that I actually put some time into making so don't bash it too much and constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Ablilties/Early game/ play style

Ability Order
Q(Hungering Strike)- This will be your main source of damage early game and it will help you stay alive both early and late game.

W(Hunter's Call)- Get this first to help your jungler with his blue/red and it will also help you come out on top during the early lane trades.

E(Blood Scent)- Lets you chase and finish off your opponents after you trade with them.

R(Infinite Duress)- This is your easiest way to finish off people in lane and is a good way to initiate in team fights.

Early Game
Start with a Doran's ring for easy sustain and mana regen since you are going to use your Q a lot to poke and heal. Plus it gives you more damage on your Q

Play Style
I cant stress enough to play passive and just poke until you get your ult. the W is just for if they jump on you pre 6. You can start going Ham once you hit 6 just remember to ward with your Wriggle's and you will become unstoppable. the best way to get kills for me is to poke with your Q until you get the extra movement speed from your E(Blood Scent) then ult + ignite to your Q when you get out and then activate your W and chase your enemy's down.

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I know that the items are unconventional, but trust me they work.

[*] The 1st thing some people see is the doran ring start. It is different, but it works. It gives you extra damage on your Q for more poke and it also gives you mana regen which is big on Warwick.

[*] The 2nd thing that catches the eye is the Wriggle's Lantern. Some people say that it is a jungle only item and it doesn't work for lanes, and I'm here to tell you why that is ********.
It has 25 armor, 25 attack damage, 15% life steal, and a Ward so you don't have to keep spending money. The only downside is that since they changed the passive it doesn't work on minions. That's 3 benefits for 1 downside on an item that you are going to sell later for your BT. I consider it worth it for how cheap the item is.

[*] The next item is the Hextech Gunblade. Pretty self explanatory, it gives you AP, AD, and 10% more life steal, but the things that make this item stand out is the slow and the spell vamp. The slow for chasing your enemies to their death and lock down the enemy team's ADC so your team can blow them up. And the 20% spell vamp is amazing. It is applied to your Q giving you even more healing and survivability. Need I say more?

[*] Next is your level 2 Boots. I usually go with Merc Treads for some more tankiness against the AP side of their team, another thing i get them for is so I'm not locked down in team fights

[*] Spirit Visage is a MUST for Warwick giving you 20% cooldown reduction is big, letting you spam your Q even more. You also get some health and magic resist which are always good since you are going to be focused like crazy. But the real special thing about this item is the 20% increase in healing, regenerating, and drain effects. This is BIG, just think the crazy sustain you have from 25% life steal and 20% spell vamp just got even crazier letting you tank for your team and still live after the fight.

[*] The 3rd thing that catches the eye is Nashor's Tooth. You think this item is only for champions like Kayle or Teemo, but think about it 60 AP for more sustain from your Q, 50% Attack Speed for more damage output, and another 20% cooldown reduction for spamming the Q's like crazy, but the best is yet to come. Since they took Malady out of the game Nashor's Tooth gets a huge buff for hybrids 15 + 15% of your AP on basic auto attacks. This just made this build that much better.

[*] Guardian Angel is a great purchase for Warwick giving you 50 armor and 30 magic resist making you even more tanky and if you manage to die you get a second life Making it impossible for the enemy team to win.

[*] I see the Bloodthirster as an upgrade from Wriggle's since you sell it to get the BT anyway. But you can't go wrong with trading 25 armor, 25 attack damage, and 15% life steal for 100 attack damage and 18% life steal. Granted it makes you a little less tanky and you lose your ward, but just think, you are getting 75 more attack damage and 2% more life steal so I think it is worth the trade.

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Pros / Cons

Great split pusher
great early killing power
amazing sustain
good engage
unkillable late game

no disengage
countered by range early game
vulnerable to early ganks