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Warwick Build Guide by Lakapooty

Warwick, Thirst for Blood (Jungle)

Warwick, Thirst for Blood (Jungle)

Updated on September 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lakapooty Build Guide By Lakapooty 5,845 Views 6 Comments
5,845 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lakapooty Warwick Build Guide By Lakapooty Updated on September 10, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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More Warwick Runes

Warwick Picture (Thanks Goes to AlexanPT for Making it)

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Warwick counted himself amongst the most powerful and revered men in his home city-state of Zaun. Over the course of his infamous career as an alchemist, Warwick won many honors for his craft, not the least of which was a lucrative offer for service in the Noxian military during their campaigns against Ionia. Sequestered in his labs far from the front lines, Warwick and his apprentice Singed toiled relentlessly to manufacture all manner of appalling concoctions for the Noxian army. So potent was his art that even the greatest of Ionia's healers - under the leadership of the Starchild Soraka - struggled to combat the poisons and chemical weapons generated by his despicable mind. Warwick's reign of terror grew so horrific that his very name became a curse in the eyes of his Ionian foes, and they began referring to him only as ''the Deathmaker.''

But even one under the protection of the Noxian High Command is not wholly beyond the reach of retribution. For as Soraka strode across the myriad of death and destruction left in the wake of one of Warwick's chemical attacks, her heart finally gave way. She called down the wrath of the cosmos on Warwick, wishing that his form should mirror the cruelty in his heart - a curse that would come at the price of her aspiring divinity. Within his laboratory, a terrible thirst took hold over Warwick. As his apprentice looked on in horror, Warwick threw open the doors to his bastion and sprinted off toward parts unknown, a bloodcurdling howling marking his passage. He had become a werewolf; a wild, murderous beast. Today, the Blood Hunter fights for Noxus within the League of Legends... thankful of the curse that his now-mortal enemy bestowed upon him.

''The rage of the beast now complements his predatory spirit.'' -- Singed, the Mad Chemist, upon witnessing his master's transformation

Hello and welcome to my third guide on Mobafire.

I LOVE playing as Warwick. He excells at taking down tanks, chasing, supressing, healing himself, and I think that he is the best jungler in the game. Welcome to the land know as Amazing.
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Pros / Cons


  • AMAZING at chasing
  • Good supressing
  • FANTASTIC ganker
  • Can raise the Attack Speed with Hunter's Call
  • Can detect low health enemies and pounce on them


  • You might chase to long and wind up dead because you overcommited
  • The game might get too easy and you might want to switch to a different champion XD
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Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation
Since armor counters Warwick, pick these up. You can also feel free to choose a different rune such as Greater Mark of Attack Damage or whatever pleases you.

Greater Seal of Resilince
Pick these up for added survivability early game in the jungle. You can trade these out for Greater Seal of Evasion but I like these better.

Greater Glyph of Focus
These help Hunter's Call and Infinate Durress come off of cooldown faster which is a big help.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Once again, since armor counters Warwick, pick up armor penatration runes to avoid that happening.
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Summoner Spells (From Greatest to Worst)

1. Smite
This is a jungler's best friend. It hits 500 right off the bat for FREE. It should be obvious to pick this spell up.

2. Flash
Flash can be used when the enemy is barely out of range for Infinate Duress

3. Ghost
Ghost can be used for escaping or chasing and can let you catch up to someone so that you can use Infinate Duress on them, though it is slower than Flash.

4. Exhaust
Exhaust can be used for chasing and 1v1 situations. It's only necessary on Warwick for the chasing, since he is already a master of 1v1's.

All the other spells I didn't mention, just steer clear of those unless you REALLY want one.
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Skilling Sequence




Even though Hungering Strike is good, it consumes a lot of mana, which turns me off. Leveling Hunter's Call will give you a major attack speed boost, which will help you heal anyway. Blood Scent is more of a one-point wonder. It starts off with a really good range that dosn't REALLY need to be upgraded. NEVER be afraid to 1v1 almost ANYONE, unless a lot of enemys are mia, or they have an obvious advantage over you. Your healing is INSANE and makes you unstoppable late game.
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Starting Items

Cloth Armor
Cloth Armor is every jungler's best friend. It's cheap, effective, and made from 100% cotton! This will add to your survivability early in the jungle and also builds into Madred's Razors.

Madred's Razors
This item is great for jungling. It has a passive that pretty much has a 15% chance to smite the creepy creep for FREE! This also builds into Madred's Blood Razor.

If there is a lot of CC on the enemy team, feel free to trade these out for Mercury's Treads. I almost always go with Berserker's Greaves though, just to make me more of a threat.
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Core Items

Madred's Bloodrazor
This is where Warwick starts to shine (no, not like the vampires from Twilight. This guy's a werewolf). Whenever Warwick gets on hit effects like this one, he starts destroying. With these you get an on hit effect that helps DESTROY tanks, and you get bonus attack speed. It's fun for the whole family.

Wit's End
Oh my goodness! You get magic resistance, on hit magical effects, AND attack speed! I'm pretty sure this item was MADE for Warwick.

Guess what? With this item, you get attack speed, ability power (even though I don't think any of your skills scale with ability power), magic resistance lowererer to help your mages destroy the target you hit, and, you guessed it, ON HIT EFFECTS. You will be almost unstoppable by now.
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Situational Items

Phantom Dancer
If you find yourself chasing someone and they SOMEHOW get away, I would get this. It raises attack speed and gives you a boost to movement speed. Now, when you smell somone at low health, you move at almost 500. That's awesome.

Stark's Fervor
If nobody on your team has picked this item up, definately get it. It increses your Attack speed by a lot and gives you lifesteal. Now, you can completely DOMINATE most people in a 1v1.

Void Staff
Buy this if the enemy team stacks magic resistance you can get this. But if you don't want to waste money, trade out the Berserker's Greaves for Sorcerer's Shoes.

Sunfire Cape
If you find yourself getting focused by Attack Damage champions, get this. It will hurt the enemy while you use Infinite Duress and gives you armor and health.

Banshee's Veil
This item blocks one spell EVERY 45 SECONDS. That's awesome. Also it adds some health which is cool too.

You may choose to build tanky, or more deadly, or both after you get all of your on hit effect items.
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Jungle Route

Sorry if you can't understand the map, but the idea was to go Blue Buff--Wolf Camp--Wraith Camp--Golem Camp--Red Buff--Gank Lanes. It's up to you of when to do dragon.
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Always keep wards in the rivers. Always ward near the gold stars. Try to keep wards on your buffs, but you may skip these if you think you're not getting enough gold.
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Your job is to DESTROY the carrys as quick as possible, then the supports, then the tanks, then the tanky DPS. You can change the order if you want but I chose these because I chose wich one I would deal more damage to, or which one is more important to their team. Try to avoid initiating and stay out of focus for as long as possible. You deal CRAZY damage, so don't let it go to waste.
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Tips and Tricks

If you were late to a fight and someone got away with a sliver of health, get over there as fast as possible to help clean them up. NEVER BE AFRAID TO 1V1 ANYONE. Unless it's people with around 100% crit chance. Warwick is one of the best chasers in the game and don't let that go to waste.
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Closing Statements

If you read all the way down here, thank you! Be sure to rate the guide and leave a comment on what I can improve upon. Thanks!
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Change Log

8-07-2011: Almost finished guide. Just need to add a masteries section that dosn't look or sound boring.

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