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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Skarner Build Guide by ThereRnoBirds

Assassin Welcome to the Jungle

Assassin Welcome to the Jungle

Updated on March 26, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThereRnoBirds Build Guide By ThereRnoBirds 2,533 Views 0 Comments
2,533 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThereRnoBirds Skarner Build Guide By ThereRnoBirds Updated on March 26, 2014
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Hello. This is my first ever Guide. I've been played Dota since I was 8, LoL since I was 12. I've played a variety of champions, albeit a small variety. A few have earned my love. Nasus, Cho, and Skarner. Ahri's great, but difficult. Corki is unpredictably poor frequently. Teemo... I'm not even going there. Etc. Skarner is an interesting Champion. He's a hybrid. Ap and Ad. I like playing him in the Jungle because his fast movement speed carries him between camps and to ganks quickly. I also like playing underplayed champs. I've played him for around 2 months. With this build, and some smart gameplay tactics, I usually end up Legendary with 0 deaths.
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Here's your jungle sequence. First, go for Blue. Get teammates to leash for you, but make sure they don't over leash. Smite Blue at the low health to secure your free level. While your smite cools down, kill the wolves. Head to the Elder Lizard and grab your red buff. Kill the wraiths, and head for Golems. Afterwards, head to Wright. You should now be a little over level 5. Your team should need some ganks about now. Blue will respawn if your timing is right. Finish him off, level up to level 6, grab ult, and head to a lane to gank. You can also sub for a lane if the laner is dead or shopping. You should have used your potions by now without returning to Base. When fighting creeps, keep pressing Q. Simple as that. But don't waste it on 3 or 4 creeps. Keep farming monsters. At level 10 or so, slay the dragon. Now, absorb it's soul and spend it on a dragon shout. ( Ignore that last sentence, non TES fans. ) Now, you only need to farm the Ancient Golem and Elder Lizard as a priority over team fights. The cooldown reduction will help you alot. Otherwise, you can keep jungling the wright and golems. Whatever is quick and convenient. Always be ready to gank for your team. This means reserving 200-300 mana.
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Pros / Cons


    Strong at mid game
    Super fast
    Can carry the team with late game Tankiness
    Well rounded
    Did I mention Fast?


    Very dependent on mana in early and mid game. Be aware of your mana bar so you can have 160 left for W and Ult.
    Somewhat reliant on good teammates. If your team sucks, its gg. They need to listen to you. Seriously, they need to listen to your orders. Be independent and smart, and don't be too rash where you get killed. Run when you need to, you can.
    Reliant on locking down the jungle early game. You need to be fast and focused or you'll fall behind.
    Screwed if silenced. If you get silenced and trapped by enemies or pulled by a thresh or blitz, you're dead. Have some foresight and run when you need to.
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Thanks for Reading. Please leave comments and let me know if you want me to

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