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Jinx Build Guide by thetacoboy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thetacoboy

What does Pow-Pow Think? Basic Jinx Build & Guide to ADC

thetacoboy Last updated on August 7, 2015
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Threats to Jinx with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe ashe can attack you from range, and her ult can damage you relatively significantly, but all in all, should not present much of a problem.
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Please scroll back up where you came from,

read ALL the notes,

and then we can continue. Half the guide is in those notes.

All my league friends will tell you I'm a major one trick pony. I'm great at league for having started fairly recently(only within the past month, although I've been watching and supporting LCS since almost its beginning), but only with Jinx. I am barely passable with TF and ABYSMAL with Tristana. So I figured, after watching experienced ADCs use her(Go sneaky!, even though I am a TSM fan), reading and using all the guides on mobafire to critique the pros, and finally playing the game, and giving myself some time to make sure i really do understand this build and what I'm recommending, I figured I'd make a guide. The grand majority of this info comes from my own personal experience. things that i don't have 100% access to because of rank, I.E. The higher level runes and masteries; I consulted my freind, who has played for years and is ranked silver, and C9 sneaky, in the form of his guides and his gameplay.

"Oh look - I'm opening my box of care! Oh wait - it's empty!" - Jinx

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Ranged Poking
High Damage
Good for KS
Great Help in 2v2 Fights; and can turn the odds in an allies 1v1.

cons: Vulnerable when enemies get close
A one Trick pony, very little defense

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Team Work

Try to coordinate with allies before hand so that you have tank to support you if need it.
An ADC and a Support need to work together, ADCs are not effective in melees, but supports are, but supports are vulnerable to poking, which ADCs can prevent. Ying and Yang.

And if your in a solo queue, rule #1, DON'T TICK OFF ANYONE BEFOREHAND. You want allies that will take an ult for you to keep you alive in exchange for a chunk of there health.

If someone calls for assistance, use a basic formula consistently. My personal way is to ult in their attackers direction, run to my ally(most comfortably in a bush or looking out of the jungle), pop my heal for my ally, Pop my W to slow them down, keeping them at distance and giving my ally time to escape or retaliate, And then miniguning them, either continuing for the kill, or turning and running, popping an E to slow them down.

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Jungling and farming

Jinx, when she reaches the third build i have listed, becomes insanely good at both farming minions with her area effect attacks, and soloing jungle creatures. Once the bloodthirster is acquired she can solo any jungle monster save Baron Nashor, with lifesteal healing back virtually all health lost. It even over heals and gives you a shield when fighting weaker jungle monsters. This makes her extremely effective in getting buffs when necessary, assisting the jungler in killing stronger monsters, and even playing as the jungler, even if it is a wee bit Meta.

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Some final notes

So, in conclusion, keep with a support and stay at range.

and remember, you're ADC, League's version of the star quarterback, you'll get all the credit anyway.

And if all else fails,

blame the jungler

Its a joke don't freak out, I love you junglers!... please give me buffs