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League of Legends Build Guide Author sickfreek

What's a Warwick?

sickfreek Last updated on May 4, 2011
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This is my first guide and I highly doubt I'll ever have another. The reason for that is I don't like any champion more than Master Yi! When I started playing LoL over a year ago, Master Yi was one of the free champions, the next week when somehow my champion had disappeared, he was the first one I saved up to buy. To date he is still my favorite.

Now to kickstart things, this is a jungle guide, and I will tell you now that I am EXTREMELY situational when jungling as Master Yi.

Chapter I, I will discuss my runes and spells. (not really hard to guess why I take those spells lol)

Chapter II, I will discuss my favorable items, why I choose them, and when I choose them.

Chapter III, I will discuss my route for Yi, it's the basic jungle route so there wont be much to discuss, but just to make this as thorough as possible I will give my opinion on why I feel it's the best.

Please feel free to critique or give suggestions, or even screen caps of how you've done using the guide :3

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Chapter I.

Lets start off with the runes.
Rune set 1. I go straight Attack Speed Marks, and Glyphs, with flat Armor Seals and Movement Speed Quints. Why? Because of Master Yi's E skill.
I know most people will tell you Armor Penetration Quints and Marks, with whatever Seals and Glyphs, but for me, it's all about attack speed.
This build up will give you 21% extra attack speed, 14 armor, and 4.5% movement speed. Why are these things good? The armor helps you from dieing in the jungle, the attack speed helps you kill the minions faster, and the movement speed allows you to go between the minions faster. Needless to say this makes jungling breeze by like it's nothing. I always finish my side of the jungle with plenty of time to recall and get an item, and make it back to wolves within seconds of them spawning. With these runes I've been able to hit level 6 in under 6 minutes.

Rune set up 2. Straight attack speed Quints, Marks, Glyphs, and Armor Seals. This has the same advantages of the last set, only you lose the movement for 10% more attack speed. With these runes I've jungled to 6 in 6 minutes and 28 seconds roughly.

In the long run, I prefer rune set 2 for one reason. Phantom Dancer. The movement speed from the runes is nice early on, it allows you to jungle fast, and after you get red buff, it lets you stay on your target if you gank them, even if they ghost and you do not. But later in the game, after you get a Phantom Dancer, yeah you get like 20 extra movement from the runes but it's not needed if you ghost/ulti with phantom dancer they can't really get away, so the movement runes are not needed.

So why do I go all Attack speed runes? It allows me to be very versatile with my items, I can be extremely situational. If I am going against a tanky team I can get a Starks along with LW or even TBC, If they are bursting me down really fast, I can grab a Sunfire if I need it, or even a Thornmail if it's calls for it. Basically, I'm not really depending on grabbing more than one phantom, and I don't really NEED a starks, or any attack speed item, other than 1 phantom. You rest at 1.8 attack speed this way (roughly, I actually think its like 1.78)

And as for the spells, I just take ghost/smite, ghost helps me if I clear out my jungle fast, have a ton of time before wolves are back, I can recall and grab an Item if I want and ghost back to continue before they respawn, or even use it to get a quick level 4 gank going. And smite for obvious reasons.

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Chapter II

This will probably be the most confusing part of the guide.

Starting Items, I go with one of two set ups.

Starting Items 1. Cloth Armor with 5 Potions. These are the most common items used for junglers, the cloth armor helps you survive in the jungle, while building into Madred's Razors, which can then go into Wriggles Lantern, or Madred's Bloodrazor. Personally I choose Wriggles, the free ward, and lifesteal are very valuable while jungling, you can use the ward to protect teammates, or to save your own behind.

Starting Items 2. Elixer of Agility with 6 Potions. I love this item for the attack speed, it can help you destroy the jungle in no time flat, allowing you to out level the Mid lane carry (if your Alpha Strike is lucky enough)

I find myself going with the Elixer more often mainly because it helps me get through my jungle faster, and when I go to gank, it helps me to kill them faster. The onle downside is that once it's gone, it is gone, and if you didn't get a kill while it was up, then it was kind of useless, but at the same time, as I said before, you can in fact out level the Mid lane carry. And if there is not an opposing Jungler you can easily get the 1k gold to get your Madred's before it runs out.

After the initial starting Jungle phase, I grab Madreds, always. Now, depending on what runes I grabbed, straight attack speed, or attack speed with movement speed, I will either finish building into a Wriggles if I took the movement, or I will grab my first boots, then build wriggles, if I took straight attack speed. So basically, AS runes, get first tier boots after Madreds, then Wriggles. AS/Movement runes, get Wriggles, then boots.

After wriggles I always get a Zeal. Whichever runes I choose, I always get a Zeal after Wriggles and my Berserker Greaves. Zeals attack speed and movement speed help ganking and jungling SO much it is one of my favorite items. Depending on how my ganks are going, if I'm getting kills, or at least am able to scare them off without being killed or them taking too much life, I will finish building Phantom Dancer, then grab a Vamp Scepter afterwards. If I am having trouble however, I will grab Vamp, then build Phantom Dancer.

Next I take a situational item, Are they heavy on AP? Are they bursting you down when you try to gank, killing you, or completely stopping your gank in your tracks? Start building a Banshees. Have you died the last 3 ganks, or gotten close to it, and is your team telling you how bad you suck? Why not get a Guardian Angel? Have you been backdooring but coming up just short of killing the turret before they come to gank you? Eating turret hits because its down to that last 100? Go one of two ways, grab a Warmogs so you can eat the turret, not to mention be able to take some nice hits from their team without them being able to 3 shot you just because your hp is so low. OR start getting a frozen mallet, it will give you some nice HP, a little damage boost, and not to mention you wont have to worry about getting the red buff to slow down gank targets :3

After getting one of those items, I will get a bloodthirster, pretty much after I have this, if they don't have a taunt, or at least 2 stuns, I can usually 1v2 or even 1v3 in some cases, unless they ignite of course.

After Bloodthirster it is really up to you, I would suggest filling up with Banshees/Guardian angel, selling your Wriggles when you need to.

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Chapter III

For my Jungle rotation I start at blue, oh and a quick side note, you absolutely do not need anyone to leash blue for you with Yi, even if Alpha does not proc. If you are lucky enough to get someone willing to leash for you, DO NOT Alpha Strike right away, if they shoot blue, and you AS as soon as they do, and kill a small minion, you're out EXP bud. Just go ahead and start attacking it, and once the leasher is out of range alpha strike. Try and get them to shoot him at least twice, and use 1 ability, this just makes things go much smoother.

After Blue, if my HP is really low (alpha strike didnt proc and i had to take 5-6 more hits) I'll grab W, healing as soon as the blue minions are dead, heading to wolves. If you have over half health when blue dies, just grab E, head to wolves, pop a potion, Q, E as soon as its done, move on to wraiths.

At wraiths, if you took w, make sure you use it before you strike, Q, potion, wam bam thank you ma'am. if you're good on HP, grab E, if you're low, hit W again.

After wraiths, depending on how fast you went, you should have about 20 seconds left on smite, use a potion and make sure you're almost full, at least 3/4ths, then strike, smite should be at about 10 seconds. Depending on if you have put 2 in w, 2 in e, or 1 in each, Q red, smack E as soon as you're done, make sure you pop a potion asap, and smite as soon as its up, if you have to, use your heal mid fight, and just ride it out until Q is up and finish him off.

Now head to the small Golems, get er dun. And if you've been following my guide you should have plenty of time to head back to base and grab either boots, cloth armor if you took the elixer, or a sword if you took the cloth armor, now you can ghost back to wolves, then if the enemy doesnt have a jungler, head to their wraiths, red, then golem. If they do, look for a gank opportunity. And actually, before you head back to base to buy an item, you should check mid/bottom lane (Or mid/top depending on what team you're on) to see if they are low. Communicate with your team, if the enemy has a flash, find out if they've used it, if they have, and they are stretched past the middle of the lane, you can take them down from full HP with the red buff at level 4. go position yourself in a bush, soon as they cross the threshold, ghost, q, e, first blood.

I got to level 6, 5 minutes and 59 seconds in with all attack speed runes, following this path. Blue>Wolves>Wraiths>Red>Golems>recall/buyboots>Enemy Wraiths>Enemy Red>Enemy Golem>Wolves>Wraiths. This was in a custom game, without anyone leashing blue for me, so if the enemy doesn't have a jungler, you could easily shave 10 seconds off of that time and be level 6 ready to gank before mid lane is even 6.