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League of Legends Build Guide Author FENIX SP l

Whirling Chaos

FENIX SP l Last updated on July 3, 2013
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Flash is a really necessary spell on AD-Carries especially on those without an escape ability such as Ezreals with his Arcane Shift. It is really needed if you're out of position and have to get to safety, it could also be used if you want to engage by flashing and then using your Stand Aside to catch someone off-guard.

Ignite is a really good spell to use if you want to be extra aggressive and to make sure that you'll get kills, it deals damage over time(DoT) just like dravens passive(Wicked blades) and therefore really synergizes well with it. Sometimes you don't even expect to kill them when they flee with 300 hp and then a couple of seconds later they die. It deals true damage so no armor or magic resistance can protect them from the damage.

Barrier is a really good summoner spell to pick just to bait out enemies into a tower dive or to make them overextend a bit which could lead to a free kill. It is also a very effective summoner that can block some burst damage such as Graves ultimate.

Cleanse is really the best spell to use if the enemy is a cc heavy team and you're sure that you won't be able to dodge them all. A 1 second stun could be the difference between life and death and that's where this summoner spell is to help. Something that's really great is that it also removes exhaust and ignite (not the healing reduction though), so you get more than just cc removal and reduction. It is also really great to use this withto be able to remove two disables.

Other summoner spells

I don't really use other summoner spells than those that I mentioned above, you could choose to use heal but unlike barrier you'll only get 50% of the effect if the enemy ignites you or uses a healing reduction spell(like MFs impure shots).

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This is the runepage set for Draven that I use and grants you a total of 13 armor, 12 magic resist, 7,6 AD, 1% crit chance and 6% lifesteal. You could use full armor penetration instead of AD marks with draven if you're a bit more used to last-hitting because it's really easy to last hit with your Spinning Axes. The armor pen works extremely good especially after they changed how it's calculated in season 3(It counts % damage before flat now).

The armor will help you early in lane to trade with the opposite AD carry, otherwise their autoattacks will hit really hard. It also reduces the damage taken from minions which will otherwise hurt when about 10 minions attacks you, armor protects you from all Attack Damage sources.

The magic resist is basically the same as armor, but defends you against abilities that deal magic damage. Pretty effective vs supports like sona and if their AP-carry comes botlane to gank you.

Armor pen will help you to get through their armor and will make you deal more damage with your autoattacks and spells.

Attack Damage is pretty self explanatory.

And the 1% crit chance can give u a lucky crit which will turn the lane heavily into your favour, it's a low risk high reward rune.

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I won't really go in-depth to why I chose specifically these masteries as it would be too much for me to write, when you just simply could read what they do and theory craft about it.

You should remove a point from Havoc and put it into Summoner's wrath if you wish to play withthat specific game, otherwise it's going to be useless. You should also remove a point from Summoner's resolve and put it into either Perseverance or Tough Skin depending on your preference.

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Skill Sequence

Lets get to what makes draven unique and differs him from the rest of the carries, his skillset! His skillset makes up for a very aggressive playstyle that is needed in order to snowball and carry the game to victory. Let's go the classic route and explain the spells from passive to ultimate.
Wicked Blades
Wicked blades is dravens passive and it applies a DoT everytime you crit or hit an enemy with your Spinning Axe. The great thing about this ability is that it synergies well with ignite as I have mentioned earlier. This is one of the strongest AD carry passives in my opinion because it can deal an incredible amount of damage. Another great thing with dravens passive is that for every time you apply this passive, it will roll over to the next passive stack making it a ticking death timer.

This is the bread and butter spell of draven and it is what makes him truly unique, this spell will literally deal ****loads of damage. The only downfall is that if you don't pick up your axes your damage will drop significantly. While in lane you should always try to keep two axes up and refreshing your ability by picking them up again. It is really important to learn by heart where your axes will land after you've sent them flying, it depends on how fast you're moving and at what angle you're facing when the axe hits the opponent. A little tip is that if you have two axes up and your Spinning Axe is off cooldown, it doesn't really matter if you drop one axe because then you can get another one up on demand!
Blood Rush
This spell really synergies with your Spinning Axe because of its cooldown refresh every time you pick up an axe, that's another reason to keep your axes up at all time! It gives you an incredibly high amount of movement and attack speed, it also helps you to catch your axes faster and to reposition/chase people. If you're fleeing from an opponent you should try to use attack move(described in 'general AD-carry tips') and catch your axes in between to be able to apply blood rush again.
Stand Aside
This is a really really (note: REALLY) powerful spell to have on an AD carry, you throw two axes that knocks all enemies hits and applies a slow. It can be used in so many different situations, you can use it to flee, to chase someone, to stop an engage, throw them into a spear, stop a charge that's coming right at you. Especially that last part makes it so damn powerful, do you remember that leona using her e to charge you? NOPE, she's thrown to the side mid-air. Well what about that irelia or jax coming right at you? Ha, they stand no chance, just use your Stand Aside and knock them away mid-air and then outrun them with your blood rush. What about that olaf who popped his ultimate? Well really, you can't do anything about that except praying that your support got exhaust (also killing him will help).
Whirling Death
This is a pretty nice spell to use as a burst or to snipe fleeing enemies, one thing to compare it to is Ezreals ultimate, but thinner and it goes 2 ways, once forth and then it comes back right to you almost like a boomerang while resetting it's damage.

Skill Order
Now you might want to know why I chose to pick these skills in these orders aswell? Well Basically you should max Q as it does more damage every point you take in it. Your W also goes up but relies on your Q to reset, so it's the second most important spell to level up. You only need one level on you E because it doesn't really differ that much for every point you skill in it, your ultimate is deals a nice burst of damage and scales very good with every level so you should skill it whenever you can.

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I don't really know why the text is written in caps when I comment the different item builds, really looks ugly.

This is only a guideline to items you could buy, don't obey this like it would be the law.

A good endgame build could look like thisWith this build you would really wreck the enemy team in no time.

Bloodthirster is really one of dravens core items as it gives you the lifesteal that you need and that very beautiful AD that boosts your Spinning Axe DAMAGE(Do you hear how beautifully that clings in your ear?)!

Black Cleaver is a very good armor penetration item that will make you cut through their armor just like it would be butter. Works beautifully with your passive as it reduces armor from ALL Attack Damage sources.

Phantom Dancer is a really great item because it gives you both the mobility, attack speed and the crit chance that every AD carry needs.

Depending on the enemy team and how the game is progressing in your favour you'll have to buy different defensive items every game. Just try to play a lot and see which item fits in what scenario. You either buy a defensive item as your third or fourth item depending on how bad/good the game is progressing.

You buy this item when the enemy team starts getting armor and you therefore start dealing less damage, you'll need this to cut through. You do not necessarily need this if you have bought black cleaver as you can exchange it into an infinity edge instead.

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Synergy With Supports

7/10: Alistar is a pretty neat support overall, his w is very powerful and has lots of potential. Just be careful with his knockback as it can destroy your ultimate, other than that you two have great amounts of CC and damage.

9/10: I mean, what would be better than a support that grabs the kills to you? You don't even have to make an effort, if he lands a grab the enemy should be as sure as dead unless he still has flash. He grabs, uses his knockup, ults and then you use your Stand Aside and the enemy will probably be more careful where he steps next time.

6/10: Fiddlesticks, who wouldn't want a support with a fear that lasts several seconds and a silence? He'll just press Q and you'll chop chop the enemies HP away.

8/10: Of all the supports, this is the one that can both defend you extremely well and will help you deal tons of damage(no pun intended). Her shield grants you AD and will help you deal even more damage with your Axes, because they scale with AD! She got a slow that will help you chase enemies, a tornado and her ultimate will help you escape if you really need it(or she could toss the AD to you).

9/10: Her passive procs off of yours, so really, you shouldn't be able to miss a single proc off of her passive. Comboed up with leona you should be able to blow up an enemy if they missposition just a tad bit. (If you're against draven leona be sure to pick cleanse or a champion with a flash-like ability)

8/10: She got long ranged poke, she can shield you, she can boost you up, she gives you cupcakes, she grants you hp and a knockup with her ultimate. If you're paired up with a good lulu, it's gonna be tough to lose the lane, a really strong combo.

7/10 YES: I don't think I have to explain it more than just 'yes', he gives you attack speed and mobility that you want to be able to chase, he got the attack speed debuff to make your opponent AD almost worthless. If he's free be sure to pick this yeti.

7/10: Sona and Draven is a okay combo, got good poke, her ulti is good for your R to land easily, but not really necessary. I'd rather chose other supports than sona with him, even though she's really strong.

4/10: You won't be wasting that much mana anyways, all she will do is making you healthy. But I'd rather have more damage than just getting healed.

9/10: He stuns, pops away their armor, and with your armor pen you should almost be dealing true damage with your axes, especially if he has his ulti. You'll just brutally murder them faster than you could possibly imagine, just don't waste those stuns.

7,5/10: Thresh is a pretty new support, so I don't really know too much about him. He should be good with the amounts of CC and damage he can bring to the table.

7/10: Her snare and her ulti paired up with her plants will help you devastate your enemy, she's a good pick really, even though I'd rather have leona.

5/10: If she lands her spells you guys can make some damage, but otherwise she's not that great as a support.

3/10: I don't get why you would want nidalee as a support, if you're opponents are any good they'll try to hide behind minions, and for her to work around that she either have to go out of lane or missposition herself wich will make her/you a easy target. I hope that maybe someday I regret saying this when someone proves that she's a perfect support.

?/10: Sorry, but I have barely played anything with nami so I can't really give to much information about her.

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Early Game

Your early game will probably be all about laning and taking a dragon or two. With the skillset that Draven has it's really rewarding to be extremely aggressive throughout the game, especially during the laning phase.

Laning Phase:
During the laning phase you should focus on keeping atleast ONE axe up at all times, if you can you should try to have two up while having a third activation ready to use. To be able to do this you should try to last hit just before the timer of the axe runs out (you can see the buff timer above your skillset!), if your timer is about to run out before a minion is low hp you could either throw your axe at the opponent or refreshing your spell by pressing Q(You can refesh your axe without picking it up if you hit a tower). The point of having an axe up at all time is that you can easily harass the opponent whenever you wish with the help of your W.

The most basic way of harassing is popping your W, throw an axe or two, pick them up and pop your W again and either run back or keep going with your harass depending on how the situation is looking. If you're going to keep chasing you could pop your E to slow them, you could do the same if you feel afraid and you have to back. One great thing is that you can use your E if you see a wild jungler popping out out of nowhere, E him and then run back while being happy with your W.

You should try to be aggressive whenever you get the chance and you feel like you will deal more damage than them, a good opportunity is if they just wasted one or more of their spells to lasthit creeps. You'll learn by time and experience when it's good to be aggressive and when it is not. But always be sure that you're not getting ganked as they can try to bait you, if your support doesn't have that much money for wards or just doesn't buy them at all, aid him/her with it and buy one or two when you back. If you or your support catches them out of position just release all of your wrath(spells) and enjoy the gold that you just earned.
Go and harass them when they're trying to take a last hit, as draven that's all you have to do. Keep a constant pressure during the lane phase and get that advantage that's necessary to make them useless compared to you. You'll be outtrading the majority of the AD-carries during the lane-phase.

Eventual Dragon Fight:
Sometime during the laning phase you will probably have a dragon fight, the higher elo you get the more common dragons will become. Always try to stay grouped up with your team, with yourself at the far back, don't be foolish and stand in front as the enemies can kill you faster than you blink. Try to stay with someone who can protect you and just throw your Spinning Axes and DO NOT make them land in front of you unless you're chasing, if you do you either have to missposition yourself, or you'll lose an axe. Try to pop your ultimate early in the fight, spam your W and use your E whenever you feel it's necessary(like if a bruiser jumps you).

DO NOT run through their team because some random guy told you to always focus their carries, that will put you in great danger. Always hold your distance from their team, preferably at the edge of your autoattack range, ATTACK WHOEVER YOU CAN WITHOUT ENDANGERING YOURSELF, if their carry did the mistake to run up to you, kill him/her fast with your team.

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Mid Game

Usually around 15-20 minutes(could be faster or slower) people will have taken down a tower or two and now the game has reached the point that we call mid game. You'll stop laning as much, you might go to the lane sometimes to shove it or to push a tower with your team, but mostly you will be moving around the map with your team trying to take objectives or you will have to defend against an enemy if they're in the lead.

Try to move around with your team, if the enemy has built armor you should go Last whisper, if you find yourself an easy target you should buy a defensive item. Focus on keeping your axes up while chunking their HP, try to take dragons, towers, catch someone off guard and get your gold lead up as much as you can before the late game kicks in. Please always think of your positioning during the teamfights, you're a key character to the teamfights.

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Late game

This is the scariest part of the game, one teamfight could decide how the game will end up because of the one minute death timers. At this point of the game everyone in the team (except the supports probably) will almost have a full build and since AD-carries are characters who scales extremely well with items, this is your strongest part of the game and therefore you're extra important. Just keep your axes rolling and make use of every other tips I've written about so far. Show them the true meaning of CHAOS!

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Pros / Cons


Really high damage output
His Stand Aside can be really powerful if used correctly
His strength doesn't really fall off at any point of the game
He got TWO sick steroids
This is your league

It's easy to missposition
His Spinning Axes mechanics are pretty hard to get used to
You need to know how to use AD carry mechanics pretty good
You can easily get too greedy

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General AD-Carry tips

Attack command

Attack command is a really powerful tool that you should learn by heart, what it does is basically when you press that button it attacks the closest enemy to you, if there is no enemy in your attack range you will move to the location where you clicked and then attack someone when/if you get into attack range. This will help you not to missposition in teamfights as you won't happen to missclick and click next to someone, run into them and then get slaughtered. Attack move is originally bound to your A button and then you have to left click to activate it, you could also press shift+right click to use it(I bound it to my mouse 4 button).

You should always try to position good in teamfights as you are extremely squishy as an AD carry, always try to stick with your team and attack whoever is the closest to you, don't run too far away from your team as it may result in a horrible death of yours.