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Wukong Build Guide by Saint Iggy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saint Iggy

Who's the monkey!?

Saint Iggy Last updated on October 1, 2011
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Hey, this will be my first guide here so I thought who better to put up then my current best champion to date, Wukong. Now this Wukong is definitely slow to start but oh so worth it once you get the ball rolling.

Now at the start of the match there isn't much you can do besides sit back and help out where you can, after level 4 it starts to get fun. At this point your job becomes simple, you proc your Crushing Blow and close the gap with Nimbus Strike, once Nimbus Strike hits Crushing Blow will go off and hit them, right after that use Decoy and avoid any damage they may throw on you for getting so close.

There are a few problem champions that make that combo hard to get away with, the top of the list being Alistar, while it is hard to do it is not impossible, the best way to get away from an Alistar is to just flat out beat him to the punch. By the time you hit level 6 you should have your Warmog's or be nearly done with it, at this point you should have plenty of health so you can start being the tank for your team, while you are not a dedicated tank you can still start fights with the same combo from the start, only now you exchange Decoy for Cyclone, Cyclone hits incredibly hard if you can keep on them for the duration of it.

Don't expect too many kills until you get the Atma's Impaler. Around mid to late game things should start to pick up as you quickly start to steamroll everything in your path. By level 16 Cyclone takes on another use other then to fight with, it becomes in amazing escape mechanic, due to the speed boost you get while in it you can easily escape most any situation, along that line wukong can juke any champion out of a chase, u can run into a bush then nimbus cloudnimbus cloud back to them and run the way u came, use decoy and just flat run if they are dumb enough to fall for it, another thing that can be done is by hitting the S key which gives the illusion that you used decoy, if the fake out decoy doesn't work then just use the real decoy and again escape away from them.

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For runes i picked

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation

Greater Seal of Resilience

Greater Glyph of Celerity and

Greater Quintessence of Evasion.

The Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation help wukong in many ways, first he can eat through a tower with Crushing blow, second any tank that tries to use armor against you wont last long. I picked Greater Seal of Resilience to help boost wukong's Stone Skin, it basically gets you in the fight that much faster. The Greater Glyph of Celerity are to bring out what I have come to nick-name my wukong, "Sir Spam-a-lot", with those glyphs in combination with blue buff make this wukong an ability spamming *****(for lack of a better word). For the quints i picked the Greater Quintessence of Evasion at first just to mess around and get a kick out of it, but after the first match i played with them i noticed just how much better wukong does when he dodges most of the hits when he is in a fight, so i kept them and most of the time my wukong can dodge quite a few lethal blows.

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I went 0/21/9 making sure to speck in nimbleness and a point into fort. I put the extra point in fort so that he can farm minions with the utmost of ease, and to help with diving enemies. For the most part this is just an average tank set up mastery page, nothing really special to be said about it.

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I start with a dorens bladeDorens blade for the extra health at the start, the life steal keeps you in lane for the start. The first item I buy is Ninja tabi, this gets the dodge ball rolling and makes it so you can live through most of the early game. Next I rush a Warmog's, the sooner you can start to stack the extra health and health regen the better. After that you work your way into an Atma's, after you get the infamous At-Mog combo the gold starts rolling in as farming is, set wukong to auto attack and watch the gold stack up. The next item i get is Manamune, this is for the burning hole of mana that you get from spamming abilities to harass the enemy team. The last item i buy normally is a frozen mallet. This helps you chase down any champ that thinks they can get away from you. If your game actually manages to last long enough for you to buy a 6th item, lord have mercy, but if it actually does last that long, I buy whatever is needed for the match and pick up the role that is needed most by the team. If they need damage get Inf. Edge, if they need tank buy a Sunfire Cape, if they really just need help in team fights my personal favorite is getting a Tiamat.

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Skill Sequence

Start by getting a point in Crushing blow at levels 1 and 3, with a point in Nimbus strike at level 2, this is to get them on the same cool down timer so that you can harass easier, at level 4 you get Decoy so that harassing becomes as easy as a ranged champions. Next you want to max out Nimbus strike with points in crushing blow and Cyclone when necessary, after you max out Nimbus strike you should then go for Crushing blow, and Decoy there after.

Ability Sequence
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Summoner Spells

Due to the fact that this wukong gets tower dove by 3 or more people due to him never moving away from it, fort is always a good thing to have in the wait so that when they do dive you can use it and easily get the kills by using decoy and nimbus strike to fly around the tower and make sure they don't get to many hits off. Flash is always just and amazing escape mechanic for those times when running just is not going to be enough to get away.

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Ok, so this part is relativity simple in relation to the rest of the guide. It is the same as in summoners rift only you get everything faster, the item build does change a little bit so, you open with ninja tabi, a Regrowth pendant and two health pots. Other then that the item build is exactly the same, order and everything. So in dominion your roll is a bit different then the normal run and try to cap the towers, your roll is to kill the enemy team much like the slayer roll but with wukong your job is not about just killing, since u become really tanky it's your job to dive under enemy towers and give your team the nads to go in and get the kills. because of your Nimbus strike and ulty you can easily jump in and disrupt them where they think they are most safe. At this point i should bring to your attention that the summoners abilities have also changed, I took fort out in favor of the now predominate ghost ability. If you choose to take fort out remember to un-speck in it and put that point to good use. If you feel i left anything out of this dominion guide please do let me know so i can get it up.

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This build is not for the new to LoL players, If you do not know how the majority of other champions work and can not change play style accordingly then do not use this guide, it will only get you killed. Be kind to this guide as it is my first.