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Twisted Fate Humor Guide by TheKingGG

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheKingGG


TheKingGG Last updated on July 10, 2013
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Why do I play Twisted Fate AD? It's something people don't understand sometimes. You can deal HUGE burst with your W in the right cercomstances (BAD ENGLISH!), and i'll explain that in my Item Choice- and another time in my Abilities section. Also, something that might convince you too play AD TF, is that you counter your AP side Counters. I'll explain that in the AP side Counters gone?! I hope you enjoy this guide, please comment if you think i should make another stupid guide or when you have suggestions that I should put into this guide. ~.TheKingGG

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Who am I?

Uh.... Nobody of importance.....

Who am I actually? IDK? ......

I have no humor :'(... Sigh.....

My name is TheKingGG, just a random noob from LOL and you can't find me on LOLKING cuz this is not my account name. :P HA! ( ENGLiSH iS REALLY BAD SOMeTIMES, DONT JUDGE ME!)

Also this is my first guide :P

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Pros / Cons


Great Damage output!
Great time farming!
Great hurras!
Gets focused easy if not always
Global presence


Gets owned by burst and long range
It's hard too always choose the right card
People think you are TROLLING!
No true escape(Except Flash)
Definetly not GANK PROOF.

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Abilitie Sequence.

I max W and E together, beginning with W.

Your W is your bread and butter for hurrasment.
It deals a good amount of damage, scaling 1.0 with AD, but still does magic damage. It has 3 variants:
Pick a card has the blue card which gives mana back; MOST DAMAGE.
The red card which does AOE damage and AOE slow; GOOD FARMING CARD, less damage.
The Famous Yellow card which stuns. Can setup ganks, stun important people, and is the key for alot of things.

Your E is called Stacked Deck, every 4th attack you deal extra magic damage.
This spell gives passive Attack Speed.

You max this one together with W just because its alot of burst later on, and the attack speed gives enough so you dont have too buy 3 AS items.

The magic damage is very strong together with W, if you can get a stacked Blue Card on your enemy, it'll hurt, ALOT. Especcially (BAD ENGLISH) with Statikk, Which is your Most IMPORTANT item. I'll explain that in my ITEM Choice section. But this is the IDEAL situation. You have a Stacked Blue card with Statikk charge 100% and it Crits. It'll CHUNK THAT HP so hard. But this is also very, very strong when you stun somebody with this. Then auto-attack the **** out of them. This is your harrasement. Atleast, with luck you have this but still, SO STRONG!

And your Q isn't important. It can help with farming, doing a red card with statikk, if it doesn't kill them you Q and get more farm. :D

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Items of Choice

You have too pay attention now! W8...... I hope you did that the whole guide until now but still. ATTENTIONE! (NO! Not French...)

Why do I buy Statikk first? I explained it already in the section above ^^^^^^^.

But i'll do it again! :D.

Statikk is part of your big W burst. It helps with doing this great amount of magic damage if you proc it with W and Stacked deck!. AMAZING BURST.

After Statikk i get some lifesteal and move on with the Infinity Edge. This item is really important, not only late-game but also mid-game. As I mentioned in the Abilitie section the IDEAL damage is as following. (includes all cards but blue is only mentioned)

Statikk Charge 100% + Stacked deck + Critical on both the Statikk and Auto-Attack + W Blue card=


After IE and Statikk you buy your Bloodthirster. It's a great amount of damage and the lifesteal is really usefull. Also you have extra damage on your critical!

As the 5th item I always buy a last whisper, this is what's gonna hurt after that huge W burst. your auto attack crits will be around 820? 840 I think without the 6th item. THAT HUGE DPS! Espaccially (I'm so bad in English) whith the attack speed thats around 1.7 or 1.8. Its such strong damage. I know you have champs with alot higher crits. But this is a f*cking build made by ME!

But if you buy even more damage. When you can stay alive. And deal so much. You always want more!
Mermucial Scimitar is the solution! Giving you they Quick Silver Sash active when needed and damn another 65 DAMAGE! This will destroy EVERYONE! Also if you have multiple allies that are AD like the top lane or mid lane, you can buy a Black Cleaver. Which gives armor-pen and also benefits your allies. Because you auto-attack, you reduce the enemies armor and your allies deal even more damage! :D GG WP full AD TEAM!

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Attack Damage Marks and Quints: Standard for AD's and ADC's. For early domination and last hitting this is awesome.

Armor Seals: usefull too block a bit of damage from the opposing adc or ad mid.

MR + CD Glyphs: This can be switched too FULL CD OR MR. The MR is there vs the supports like sona, that deal quite alot of damage in the early stages.

The CD is usefull for the later stages when you use your ultimate more, and too use W even more when you have Blue + CD runes and Blue elixer.

These are my runes ATM. I'll change it when i find another rune page that suites me alot.
I think the Armor Pen page isn't that usefull pure because of that you need that early dominance and that your AD is on the low side.

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My Play Style Mid

This the Key to lane VICTORY!

This is where I tell you how I play in lane. Seperate sections are made. This is Mid lane.

How do I play mid? I explain how I play vs Ap Ranged champs, AP melee champs and AD mid champs.


For example AHRI, one of those champs that can burst you down very fast. Why? Because she can get close and charm then burst and DEAD. But you can hurras her pretty good, stay behind minions and dodge those orbs, then when she gets close too auto attack an minion you gold card her and auto attack a few times. When she is low dont go in on her since she can charm you to her tower. just push the lane. Why push? Because last hitting under the tower is hard when you throw that red card and AOE damage her. then just use Blue card and get mana back. Just keep your distance then you are fine. This way you zone her hard time and you can stay long in lane because you have 4 pots and your blue card too sustain yourself. FARM and get statikk, then you can hurras even more! And you can shut her down really hard. Also always be aware of ganks. Stay moving, because you can dodge a skillshot or even hard cc from the jungler, like Amummu's Bandage Toss. And when you know he's there just move too the other side of the lane. So when he comes you can just gold card him and move over the wall.


For this example I take Kassadin, which is one of your biggest counters as AP TF. Especcially when he's gets an early kill or gets fed by ganking other lanes. This problem is solved by playing AD TF. Atleast it solves my problems :3. Kassadin can get up close and burst you just like Ahri ^^^^^ But as both AD and AP you can win the laning phase by hur***ing him alot. Although this is easier as AD personally because you don't deal alot of damage as AP Early on, you can just keep him zoned. But in the teamfights it gets hard as AP TF too not get killed by kassadin. Why? He can jump up in ya face and burst you down like crazy! AND STILL GEt OUT!!!
With AD TF you can shut him down SO HARD in lane he can't do anything! This is what I do constantly (Is that a word?), I pick my red card and throw it too the enemie melee minions. The melee minions are close too my melee minions right? And Kass is melee so he comes up close. The red card pokes him a bit. But here its a little bit of damage, if I pick the stacked Yellow card I throw it on him, dealing a decent amount of him and auto attack a few times. This should bring him quite low and force him too get back in the lane or use pots. When you are like 50% mana you just Blue card twice and get it back. Doing this alot in the laning phase will push the lane. and since tower last hitting is quite hard for a low AD champ like Kassadin you can make him lose Gold. Thats usefull, because when he doesn't get gold, he can't buy items and do a lot of damage. Always pay attention too your stacked deck and try too hurras him with it.

AD Mid:

He just owns you, no mather what, just..... Don't try it. Unless you are xPeke..... or Froggen... I guess...

Just don't.. But if he is picked after you chose TF its gonna be a hard time. He can outhurras you and push a lot harder then you can. BUT!! You can win, with a jungler like Nautilus or Sejuani you can gank him hard time. Make him waste his jump by baiting him onto you, GOLD CARD him and your jungler engages. Walk backwards and auto attack him a few times. Your jungler keeps him in place and you can just chase him when he is running back since he used his jump which has quite a big cd (SO BAD, SO BAD....). But then again he can win in the teamfights if he gets kills from other lanes or you get ganked succesfully.... If you can shut him down you can win. But if you don't and he just farms.... without any kills.... he still hurts a lot... just.... a-VOID him... XD...

:'( No humor :'(

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My Play Style ADC

Note: Try too avoid high ranged champs like Ashe, Tristana and Caitlyn. Ashe can be easy and sometimes not. (EXPLAINED IN THIS SECTION BELOW. JUST LOOK AT IT, PLZ...)

Champions that you have too avoid as TF ADC (includes both ADC and Supports):

Alistar, that cc is so strong even your fate will be fatal.

Thresh, although Threshes hook is easy too avoid, if you are cought you have too walk through his ultimate if he jumps too you and you don't want to use flash. His poke is also very annoying..

Caitlyn, Cait's long ranged poke and auto attack is very strong in laning phase, especially early game, watch out for her Headshots, they hurt alot! Laning phase can be really annoying but late game if you farmed well and played passive enough, you can just burst her down easy in those fights.

Ashe, Ashe's crits and high ranged auto attack in combination with her W are very painfull.
She is squishy and very easy too gank, so set up a gank with your jungler too get an easy kill.
A good Ashe will avoid this by checking the bush with Hawkshot. No problem late game but she can shut you down early very easy.

Leona, personally one of the best supports, Leona has so much too bring to a battle. With a slow and potential 3 stuns (her ultimate only stuns in the middle, else its a slow) she can engage easy and set up ganks with the jungler. Watch out for the sword....

Sona, although you want this support too be on your side this support is really annoying with that poke that deals so much early game. Unbelievable but most of the time Sona's get FB and maybe a double kill just by pressing that Q. :(

Taric, not much too say about but just stay out of his range... Cuz dem Gems will stun ya.
Annoying heal but can be countered by having a support with ignite aswell, works for me though.

Personal Favorites! (Your support)

SONA! She is my favorite for TF ATM! Why? She gives a nice damage buff and a great initiation ultimate which sets up easy ganks and will save you multiple times. Great poke and heal.

LEONA! She is my favorite support in general. She brings so much too the battlefield and has great initiation! The only problem is that she doesn't have a heal. But she can take heal instead of exhaust since she has so much cc already.

TARIC! HE, HE is dem GEMS MAESTRO! He has a stun that last quite a while and a heal! I like Taric as support for TF but he can steal your kills with that ultimate. NP though, very usefull support.

MORGANA! SNARE AND ULT OP! And many people forget that the Black shield gives you CC immunity while it's still shielding you.

Not recommended!

Soraka, although she has 2 heals and mana refreshment, she doesn't a form of HARD CC like a stun.
Yes, she has a silence but that won't help you that much.

Karma, I only played 4 games with a Karma support but it's just not a support that benifits you.

AND LEAST BUT NOT LAST! Or is it Last but not least? Sigh....


No it's Nidalee... NVM Nidalee same as NUNU, great but personally not favorite.

FOR REAL: it is ..... I dont know........ I don't know another support that doesn't work..

Even Alistar is good for the hard cc and still that very little heal.

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Uh.. not 100% all of them but some.

As I said in my PLAYSTYLE Mid, champs like Kassadin, Ahri and even Lux are less effective if I play AD TF. Lux is easy as AD because this time you are the one that gets up close. You can stun her much easier since its a locked auto attack and she needs too land a skillshot.


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