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Twisted Fate Build Guide by TheKingGG

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheKingGG

Adc Twisted Fate: Is it still viable?

TheKingGG Last updated on August 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, welcome to my AD Twisted Fate guide, this is a remade guide with the help of the comments from the last guide which sucks..... -.- Oh well, you might be asking why you should play AD Twisted Fate. Well... Let's get on with that then. AD Twisted Fate, a common try in the low lvl's but not very succesfull though. AD Twisted Fate is something you have to get used to. If you get the grip on how you should play him you will like him a lot. I hope atleast.... :D
AD Twisted Fate is very strong from early to late, you deal both amazing burst and strong DPS. And you also have both a slow and stun to pick from W together with AOE damage and mana sustain. A thing I tried before i played like ADC is focusing on W dealing more damage with that. That build is also in this guide next to my focus though which is the ADC guide. ENJOY!

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Who am I?

Hi! My name is xEggtastic on LoL. (soon changing my name to that :D, You can't find me yet!)
I'm a Bronze 1 player on a different account but i'll be Gold on the one i'm now on. (that phrase is just wrooong....) :D I hope you Enjoy this guide and I might see you once on the Rift

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Pros / Cons

(ADC)Strong Pro's
Great DPS
You counter quite a lot of ADC (I'll make a list)
People try to counter you as a midlaner
You'll do quite a good amount of burst
You have a stun and an AOE Slow+DMG
People think you are crazy as ADC TF as enemies and might go a bit easy on you..... :?
(ADC)Weak Cons
The mid that they choose might counter you in general
You need a support with reaction timing (Patch 3.10 you have to throw your W in 4 seocnds)
Your early game is very important, you need a very good early game either with kills or with free farm without many problems
Your own team thinks you are trolling (like the most common thing...)

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(I don't know the code for the runes.... plz post it in the comments if you know it :D Thank you)
Standard AD Runes with resistances so you can face both AD and AP opponents and not die instantly.
AD Marks and Quints are extra damage for the early game on both your W and your Auto Attacks. You can also farm easier since you have extra damage. :D
The runes are the same for both builds but you can make your own rune page ofcourse. It makes sense you use your own because it's your personal preference.

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(Don't know the code for the masteries as well, plz tell me in the comments)
Standard ADC masteries, just 21-9-0 with some extra resistances but you could also go your own :D
The other Masteries is 21-0-9 so you can spam more of your card with extra CD Reduction and mana sustain.
The masteries also give more stats though so the stats you see above (ALL THE WAY UP THERE) are not 100% true + the attack speed you get from your E is 30% so you have more attack speed then you think.

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Passive- Loaded Dice
Every time Twisted Fate kills a unit he rolls his dice gaining anywhere from 1 to 6 gold, he has a higher chance to receive a higher bonus
Very usefull abilitie since your goal is too farm A LOT! You get extra gold and you definetly can use it. Your build is quite expensive sometimes.
Q- Wild Cards
Wild Cards Twisted Fate throws 3 cards forward in an arc, dealing magic damage to enemies they pass through.
This abilitie is actually usefull as AD Twisted Fate for farming. It deals AOE damage so you can farm a wave with your Red card and then Q. EASY MONEY! :D
W- Pick a Card
Pick A Card Twisted fate picks a card from his deck:
Blue Card: Your next auto attack will deal magic damage that actually scales on AD, you get mana back.
Red Card: Your next auto attack will deal magic damage that actually scales on AD, it gives and Area of Effect slow and also deals AOE damage.
Gold Card: Your next auto attack will deal magic damage that scales on AD, it will also briefly stun your opponent.
Ok this is your most important ability, it is what you use to farm, engage, disengage, set up ganks with, have mana sustain and to stop your enemy that you are chasing. All cards are usefull and reliable, all cards deal magic damage but it scales 1.0 on your Attack Damage. So if you build like 300 AD your W will do atleast 550 magic damage because the maxed W does like 250 damage. Your blue card is usefull to keep up your mana after you used red card to farm with. Gold card is the famous stun card and will stun your opponent so you can DPS him into the ground. Your Statikk Shiv will synchronize very nice with your red card.
E- Stacked Deck]
Stacked Deck Passive: You get extra attack speed (30% when maxed) Active: Every 4th attack will deal extra magic damage.
This ability is really awesome. It gives you both extra damage and attack speed. The damage from E is useful to harass your opponent. The attack speed buff is more than Berserker's Greaves so you don’t need that much attack speed items. This is my favorite situation involving the Gold card, Statikk Shiv and your Stacked Deck. You stun your opponent dealing both HUGE magic damage and Attack damage from your Auto Attacks. This is SO STRONG if you can get your stattik before mid-game, just…. So strong…. And quite funny as well, the enemy won’t expect that much burst from 1 Auto Attack.
R- Destiny
Destiny Twisted Fate can Teleport a certain amount of distance but anywhere he wants, he also shows all enemy champions (even stealth) for a short amount of time. You can use Pick A Card while teleporting.
This ability is like a very big ward instantly, it gives vision over your opponents. You can also just teleport to backdoor on their inhibitor or escape if you actually get 5 man ganked from every direction. You can assassinate low health targets or assist your team by just pressing R! XD (if your team kills an enemy while you show them you get an assist). You can of course engage a fight with your ultimate or follow up in a fight.

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Items for ADC

Standard ADC Items :D
I’ll explain them and why I didn’t chose different items.

Statikk Shiv: this is my favorite item on Twisted Fate, why? Because you get everything you want, Attack speed, Critical strike, Movement speed (VERY IMPORTANT) and an extra damage component that even goes to multiple enemies! Why did I choose this above the Phantom Dancer? I just did it because you get 1% more movement speed and that extra damage component. I choose Phantom Dancer sometimes because I want to attack faster than the enemy ADC. And also you can chase through the minions.
Infinity Edge: This item is what I normally rush on most ADC’S. This item gives Attack Damage, Critical strike chance and Critical strike damage (your crits will do 250% instead of 200%) This item is very strong and will be a big benefit to your damage. If you have a full build you’ll deal almost 900’ish every Auto Attack.
The Bloodthirster: This item is also a very strong benefit to both your sustain and damage. As your crits will also deal more damage you can stay in lane both getting more Attack damage while you are farming as well as lifesteal. Why do I not buy Blade of the Ruined King? I’ll tell you after the 6th item! :P
Last Whisper: This item benefits your Auto Attacks, it gives armor pen and AD. It’s very useful versus Armor stacking opponents. You could benefit from The Black Cleaver from a teammate that also is AD-. and bought it (suggestion from drakon something something :D).
Warmog's Armor: This item gives both tanky stats and sustain. It gives 1000 HP! That will make you a lot tank’ier. You also regenerate health based on bonus HP I think, so you will also get quite a lot of HP Regeneration.
[berserker’s greaves: Just your boots, nothing special…. Just plain Attack Speed and movement speed. As Enchantments I do recommend: Enchantment: Furor, Enchantment: Alacrity and Enchantment: Homeguard.
Why didn’t I buy Blade of the Ruined King? I like the item a lot but not on Twisted Fate though, I tried it multiple times but I don’t get the hang of it with him. It’s a fine item with good stats and a useful ACTIVE. But as I said you don’t need to much attack speed item’s and the damage benefit from The Bloodthirster is more useful for your Pick A Card. Although you should definetly try it! I do recommend this item if you have a very good chaser against you like Udyr
Guardian Angel: this item is bought a lot by ADC’S, I think it’s useful because you get both resistances and a SECOND LIFE! But I like the overall sustain from Warmog's Armor. But that’s personal.
Mercurial Scimitar: this item is both very strong vs AP’S and vs LOCKDOWN CC. Like people can burn there CC ult’s on you but you just walk out of it like Gangplank vs Malzahar. :P
Maw of Malmortius: this item is also very strong vs AP’S and if you get very low in those 1 v 1’s. It gives a shield when you are low, it gives AD based on %health you lost and it gives 60 AD and 45 MR. That’s quite a lot.
PS: Don’t just copy the build and use it all the time, switch between items like Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer. You never know. But I do recommend: Rush either Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer, you don’t need the AD yet because your Pick A Card is quite strong anyway. GET LIFESTEAL BEFORE YOU BUILD YOUR INFINITY EDGE! YOU NEED IT! :D

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The Laning Phase

The laning phase is the most important part of the game for you. You can’t really make it up later on because the enemy ADC will probably have a big advantage if your laning phase sucked…. Twisted Fate really has to either get 1 or 2 kills in the early game or outfarm his opponent. It isn’t that hard though since your early game damage from Stacked Deck and Pick A Card is really strong. Oh well a first blood loss is not the end of the world... but it's just something that is hard to deal with. Twisted Fate is strong but not strong enough to win vs people with more gold and farm, which means more items. Watch out with face-checking the bushes.
This is the part where I show the list of Supports I like a lot with Twisted Fate.
Nunu: Although most people just go Nunu & Willump bot to build AP, the attack- and movement speed buff is very strong. It's strong if you are gonna duel vs the enemy ADC or in teamfights. Nunu can cositently harrass the opponent while you are farming.
Sona: Sona.... my favorite support as ANY ADC! Really.... Sona gives both a Damage Buff and an AP Buff. Also she can heal you and engage fights very strong as well as saving you in dangerous situations. Very good adition if she buys Zeke's Herald.
Leona: Leona has like 1 of the best engages in League, personal though, She can lock your target down with 3 skills. She can help with farming doing her W which deals damage and the next auto attack on the minion does extra magic damage. Good engage and she can definetly secure the kills you need.
Taric: Taric gives multiple beneficial stats. Giving Armor with his abilities, also he can give you health and a stun to follow up with. He also does a fair amount of damage so you won't feel the lack of your own damage.
Farming is of course the most important thing to do. Using your Red Card from Pick A Card and the passive of Statikk Shiv to farm with is very useful to clear out waves as well as harrassing your opponent while farming.

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As any ADC, stay at the back line behind your allies and stay with your support. KEEP MOVING THAT A*S! Watch out for assassin's as they will most likely focus you! You can of course try to engage with your Gold Card, but always be aware that their might be multiple enemies around. Don't think you would waste your ultimate if you just want to know what the enemy team is doing. If there are 5 people missing and you know it's the time that you're gonna teamfight just use Destiny! JUST DO IT! :D
WOW! YOU MADE IT WITHOUT DIEING TO THIS GUIDE! Thank you for reading this.... %$#^^#%@&^@$&$* guide! I hope you enjoyed it! This was a remade version of a failed guide! Plz tell me in the comments on how you think this guide was! Leave suggestions if you want to and don't be mad about my English, I'm quite bad at it... (<<<< YOU SEE THAT! LIKE WTF!!??!?!?!)