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Thresh Build Guide by DoomShadowRJ

AD Carry Why guiding lost souls can be so efficient (ADC Tanky build

AD Carry Why guiding lost souls can be so efficient (ADC Tanky build

Updated on February 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomShadowRJ Build Guide By DoomShadowRJ 2,632 Views 0 Comments
2,632 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomShadowRJ Thresh Build Guide By DoomShadowRJ Updated on February 22, 2013
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Who am I, and why did I make this build ? - Introduction

Hey people, I am DoomShadow, usually a BR player, once NA, and when I first looked into Thresh, thought it could be a nice support, but... Well, being support isnt really my style...

Thats why I wondered: "Since it farms armor for itself, and also builds AP, why can't I make it ADC ?"

I've seen another guide to an ADC Thresh, but I still think it lacked something to be perfect... So there it goes.

Just telling that playing with Thresh is not that simple when it comes to be AD Carry, but the key is mastering the right skills, at the right time.
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About the options on build:

This build, while it relies on early-farming minions, will basically depend on damage and attack speed, although some tanking will be necessary late game...

The pick for the runes are obvious, arent they ?

The combination of Statikk Shiv + Runaan Hurricane + Frozen mallet will assure you chasing ability, addind IE will give you the final strike for a beatdown.
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Since this build is all ADC, I tried many masteries tree to optimize to this one.

I am also open to new opinions... As long as it keeps on an aggressive, Fast way to kill, feel free to comment.
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Skill Sequence

While you will rely on Q (NEVER Throw yourself to opp, always bring them to you) and R (Throw Q, while thresh is bringing opp, cast R to make opp through the wall), you will also rely on attack speed and damage as said.

Having Exhaust and Ignite is a MUST, since when you combo with Q R, you will need exhaust to hold opp a bit more, and Ignite to assure opp will be dead.

Then you ask me: Why did you also raise the W spell ?

Simple: it will be your shield / far souls collector (also a team saver if needed)


The key to success is mastering the time of this order:

Q -> R -> Exhaust -> Ignite -> Spanking

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Pros / Cons


    Very fun to play
    Soul Collector
    Solid on mid and late games
    Makes opp confused, since people think Thresh is always support
    Once mastered, can be the real terror of the game, since it can surely tank nunu, renek, and many other tankers without problems
    Tower diver with this build
    Fast Killer


    Squishy early game
    Dependant on potions early game
    Needs minion farming early game
    Hard to be correctly time-masteried
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I hope you all enjoyed this guide, same as I did, and had the same fun I am having...

This is my very first guide to mobafire, hope you all comment and tell me what's wrong, so I can improve it...
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomShadowRJ
DoomShadowRJ Thresh Guide
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Why guiding lost souls can be so efficient (ADC Tanky build

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