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Team Guide by MonkeyGuts

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MonkeyGuts

Wide Angle Assault

MonkeyGuts Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Wide Angle Assault

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MonkeyGuts here,

I call this the Wide Angle Assault(WAA.......Hopefully it's what your NME's will be crying when they lose to you...LOL). Amumu is your core tank, he's got 2 stuns and plenty of AOE to go around. Gangplank's the guardian eye in the sky, with Clairvoyance his Ultimate can help take out the runnners pr out a halt to ganks. Pantheon is the mobile air support able to go anywhere when needed. Twisted Fate is your other air support, but a lil faster then Pantheon...sorry Pantheon. And Shen is your back-up tank/ auto air support.

This team has the ability to watch and maintain control of all parts of the field. With 3 Champs that can "Teleport"...(Shen, TF, and Pantheon) to anyone else's aid and Gangplank's ultimate as back-up you ensure that you almost never are alone and never being alone means that enemies(NMEs) that like to pull off annoying ganks are in for a big surprise. Now you may be thinking to yourself, how is Amumu the core tank if everyone else has the ability to help the others from anywhere on the map, well Amumu's Ultimate can stop a 5V1 right in it's tracks while dealing out heavy damage, he stuns everything in his range for 2.5sec which should be plenty of time to get most your teammates them to pick off the weak or back Amumu up. Another plus to this team is a huge Backdoor advantage...(Shen, TF, Pantheon).

1. Amumu is your "Flaming Tank" build, AOE all the way so that your NMEs won't bother with you and if they do you know they will be at least 3 of them in order to take you down. This build is great for just eating away at everything's health bar. My Masteries are set up in a way that your getting the most use of all your Champ and Summoner Abilities(VIA CoolDown), the rune build dose the same for your Champ Abilities. The Items build is why I call him a "Flaming Tank", Shoes always up for swapping. I chose Ignite and Ghost as my Summoner Abilities, Ignite for more health eating power and Ghost to get from point A to point B, (or just to run away if so needed.)

2.Gangplank is a champ I never used before but I see him as a "Guardian", because of his normal use by players for Crit. Damage I see great pushing potential/ Champ killing power. My Masteries setup alot like Amumu's in order to make great use of his Ultimate/ everything else, but 1 point from Offensive goes into Clairvoyance so you use it alot. For Gankplank's Item build I went with my own Crit. Damage Build, I would prefer to buy Avarice Blade 1st in order to make your portfolio grow faster (a.k.a MONEY, CASH, GOLD, $$$), so that means you shouldn't finish making the Youmuu's Ghostblade for a lil while(+ with Parrrley and TF on yourside you'll be making plenty of gold. Rune Build is straight Cooldown, mostly for Ultimate use. I chose Clairvoyance and Fortify as my Summoner Abilities, Clairvoyance to finish off any runners/ watch out for ganks and Fortify just in case you or your teammates are having a bit of a rough time (It's always nice to know someone's got your back.... even if it is a bloodthirsty Pirate).

3.Pantheon is the "DPS Fighter" it what he dose. My Masteries follow the use your Ultimate and other Abilities as much/fast as you can Item Build should be a lot like Gangplank off the bat, but I make the Brutalizer 1st to give you an edge in combat, then shoes, then Avarice Blade, but do not complete so that you may make some money off your Avarice Blade. You may have noticed that I went with The Black Cleaver instead of the IE, well in this Pantheon Build I go for Armor Penetration + The Black Cleaver lowers the armor for all your teammates to get in some good hits. Rune Buld is 1/2 Cooldown 1/2 Armor Penetration, both self-explanatory. I chose Clarity and Ghost as my Summoner Abilities, Clarity?!.....Pantheon?! Think of it this way with his CoolDowns on everything so low you'll be able to use his abilities like you always wanted...Like Crazy and Clarity will be there to keep you with mana to use them (+ you can refill your teammates mana to really keep the fight going.) And Ghost....we all know what it's good for (Sorry Ghost...but that's what you get.)

4.Twisted Fate is your "Ranged DPS", and always ready for a good "Cherry Picking", (KSer of the highest degree!!!) My Masteries are set for dealing damage with extra EXP, to get to Level 6 faster. Item Build for the most part is the normal items TF gets, as you can see The Black Cleaver is slotted instead of IE because it can and will stack with Pantheon"s Cleaver(dropping the NME's armor like it's HOT.....sorry, and yes I went there.) Rune Build is straight Attack Speed, cause TF is "The Speed King of KS-ing". I chose Ghost and Teleport as my Summoner Abilities, Ghost.......Blah and Teleport because it's like having a 2nd Ultimate....(without the seeing everyone.)

5.Shen is a another Champ I have never played, sooooo.................What do you want from me GODDDDDDDD!!! Well I see him played mostly as a pretty annoying tank, so I went with my "Flaming Tank" Build.....(you think 1 "Flaming Tank" was bad wait till your stuck laneing with 2) My Masteries are set like Amumu's, but 1 point into Heal's Ability Boost. Item Build is the same as Amumu's with the exception of the choice of boots, I went with Boots Of Mobility so that Shen can get around the map faster where he's needed with his Ultimate is on Cooldown. Runes are straight Cooldown for oblivious reasons. I chose Heal and Teleport as my Summoner Abilities, Heal is great when you teammate is near death and you just ultimate to them or whenever you need it and Teleport is like TF...a 2nd Ultimate(without the shield.)

Being that I have never used Gangplank or Shen myself I would like some feedback on how I did as far as a team build with them or how to better them on any aspect of a 5V5 team build.

Well that's it for now.

Check Ya Later!!!


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