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Fiora Build Guide by AvatarRoku22

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AvatarRoku22

Wild Rose - The Fiora Jungle Guide

AvatarRoku22 Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys! Welcome to my first guide. I did so well with her I was inspired to make a guide. This guide isn't absolute, so there are other ways to jungle with her that may be more effective for you. However this is what works for me and I believe that it could work wonders for you too. If you have any suggestions as to what else I can include I would really appreciate it.


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~~The Good, The Bad, The Ugly~~

The Good

+Great Jungle Potential
+Good at closing distances
+Fairly decent chaser
+High dmg mid to late game (especially with successful ganks)
+Good burst dmg (naturally high AD)
+Great for 1v1 (she's a duelist duh)

The Bad

-Very squishy (more so than most AD carries)
-Not good at escaping(unless you wanna try and use burst of speed. which would require you to turn back and fight for the speed boost)
-Getting stunned more often than not leads to death

The Ugly
? What ugly? (dat ***!)

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Run the Route

Start off with blue golem. If you can get a leash that's good, if not don't worry about it you'll be fine. From there work you're way towards bottom and back to wraiths. (you can go into the enemy jungle if there isnt an enemy jungler, but if there is I'd advise against it.)

From here you should be lvl 4. You can either go gank a lane or head back and start building . What i would suggest is to gank a lane where your ally has a stun or slow. It's perfect for ganking because fiora's Burst of Speed requires a couple hits to get the full speed bonus effect (you won't be able to keep up with an enemy champ with boots otherwise). After the first gank I head back for wriggles and roam for more gank opportunities.*Note* (sometimes you'll get really lucky and get 2 or 3 kills from early game ganks. in this case just forgo . Instead, just wait for [icon=B. F. Sword size=15 since you would only be about 300 from it)

Once I hit level 6 and wriggles lantern is complete, I go help the solo top if he's struggling or push bottom. Your almost guaranteed to get a kill at this point even if they run to their tower because your ultimate makes you untargetable. This includes tower shots (Ouch!).

By level 7-8 you should have and a you can easy solo Dragon at this point. It helps if you have smite too.

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is nothing more than a distance closing tool. I does poor damage and isn't worth leveling up. You should get this at lvl 4 and not touch it again until you have to.

I've seen people start off with maxing out first, but I think thats very ineffective when jungling since it only works on the large monsters which are first to die anyway. The attack bonus is nice but you will offset that loss when you get and later B.F. Sword I suggest getting this between burst of speed the ultimate. It should be maxed by level 14.

offers the utility to clear the jungle quickly and to make quick work of your ganks. The speed boost also makes it possible to easier chase down anyone who tries to run from you. In addition to making lifesteal from you item's much more effective. I max this out by level 9.

Is probably one of the best ultimate's for an AD carry. You can use it as an initiator to build up armor reduction stacks from or use it to finish off an opponent who thinks they are about to win a fight. It also scales really well with each level up so get this at 6,11, and 16.

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~~The Build~~

I chose to start with this over and 5 because the sustain from and is just as effective as using a potion. People disagree but its worked for me so far. The sustain lets you stay in the jungle for as long as you want. One game I stayed in the jungle until lvl 7 before going back. Also when your ganking early game you will need the lifesteal because you will most likely be getting hit back. Also you can use this to build into for nice early game resistance and a free ward OR for the crazy sustain in fights and 100 atk damage(when stacks are full)

.... i dont think i really need to explain this one. its pretty obvious.

Fiora is a squishy character. If you want to survive you will absolutely need lifesteal. I got 3 penta-kills within a few days and its all because of lifesteal. If your stacks are high enough you can probably even win a 3v1. YOU NEED LIFESTEAL

Black cleaver gives a great amount of atk speed and has good atk damage as well. The thing that really stand out for this item is the armor reduction. You will definitely need that if the other team is building very tanky. However if they aren't you could substitute this for another or go straight for Infinite edge. I usually just got for dmg/LS early since most people arent too tanky by the time you can get this. Plus the armor pen from runes should be enough to get you fed

As far as damage does this is basically the icing on the cake. Hell, it could even be the whole cake. It gives a 25% crit chance and makes your crits 50% stronger. With the attack speed that you would have by this point everyone you go up against would more or less melt.

I left the last item open because as with almost every game there are certain situations that require specific items to deal with. Here are just a couple suggestions:
very useful for locking down people and preventing escape
If the enemy team is stacking health this will make light work of it
Aside from the regen bonuses this gives nice splash damage. Great for team fights
Good item to have if there is another AD you keep running into. The faster person usually wins.
You could just make them take damage for attacking you. or just raise your overall survivability.