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Xin Zhao Build Guide by curbstommp

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author curbstommp

Win Nhoa. A jungle guide to this crazy asian

curbstommp Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ok. i have 2 builds "team 1" this build represent how you may build when playing versus a very unorganized team with or with organization on your side of the game this will alow you to carry very effectively because when face those with little organization you will find yourself in many more 1v1s and potential 1v2 no xin build shud ever say "vulnerable to focus" because in many cases thats what you want basically with either build if you initiate a full team fight hit all five enemys with your ult and you have a team backing you up dont back out your ultimate will give you a massive boost to your defenses allowing you to withstand some punishment even more so with build 2.... Build 2 this is the way to go if your on a good team versus a good team you will still do SOOO much damage while boosting you defenses massively. personally i much prefer build twos sexiness in defense

And pls pardon my horrible punctuation and spelling lol i will catch and correct many of the spelling errors Thanks!!!!

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Three Talon Strike OMG WTF I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU IF YOU DIDNT KNOCK ME UP lol u mad bro awesome move works well will shen and ht eknock up is sooooooo sexy

Battle Cry awesome ability cdr attack speed i loce it this is why i max it first

Audacious Charge this ability while its nor you bread and butter and t scale with ap whish i dont understand at all is equally important for gank as it oth closes distance and slows surounding enemies making it F***ing awesome in so many ways

Cresent Sweep So amzing it can only be be performed by a highly trained asian armor and mr buff and asian... ooop i mean awesome damage

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Pros / Cons

the best initiator in the game in my opinion
can take alot of damage while dealing insane amounts himself
serves his team well and an anti carry and tank
strong jungler
asian lol

the one and only problem i have wit xin judging which fights to start and which to not that can be a fatal for not only you but your team getting aced is just plaing bad for morale

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As you can tell with both builds i go full offense because it make jungling a breeze and most things in the offense tree add to thing that xin already has increesing his good base stats to great base stat the bonus AD and AS can literally make or break the difference between a kill and the walk of shame with earlier ganks

i also take demolitionist because xins high AS lets you get the most out of this point

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what can i say the runes are pretty basic as can be axpected i went in each of the runes strong suits move speed quints, flat ad marks, defensive seals, and cdr glyphs that right youll be crying more than often with this build

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Summoner Spells

SMITE = DUH ur jungling, flash or ghost your choice flash can make sure you deal at least some damage to your gank target while i find ghost is mor effective at helping you stick to your target long enough to get the knockup also flash is much better for escapes so choose wisely. also feel free to take ignite if you are laning

you should not take teleport, CV, heal, or revive all other can bea used based on player preference

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Finally my favorite part of the guide

im fairly sure i was clear about how to build at the top just in case

atmas / warmogs I.E. Atmogs awesome item for Ad teams i still prefer randuins as it is only one slot and give alot of utilitly against AD

awesome anti ap item move speed buff health regen buff stacking wit randuins great survivabilty this item shid be replaced with only one item on very rare occasion that item is

another great item giving health and mana massive mr and a passive the will save ur *** so hardcore from karthus malz blocking cc is awesome

Frost mallet/atms I.E. Atmas mallet i actually love this item the passive slow and attack damage is great but like i prefer randuins to atmogs i prefer trinity force to atmas mallet

these are the only boot i would ever consider trading our for my greaves MR and CC REDUCTION what is this sorcery its amazing thats what it but the exchange is rare like if you are against a fiddle rammus veigar and any other very annoying cc these help alot

move speed hell yea attack speed even better if there is every and item that you put in place of trinityforce which there shouldnt be it shud be this

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Creeping / Jungling

"if you wanna make freinds at the atm do the creep" but if you wanna win a game of LoL jungle all day everyday i do on occasion lane wit xin i prefer solo top i dislike relying on a partner in the laning phase it honestly kills me to let someone else is jungle though as it is where im at my best and it also a very important position on a team

jungling on win nhoa, is easy start at small golem camp hit them Q smite finish the first one and then kill the second one. at wraiths hit the big on Q when q goes on CD activate battle cry and q again if needed. wolves are easy after them go back get cloth armor, pots if you think you will need them gank before returning to base after wolves if your high enough on health and the oppurtunity arises kill both of the little monsters near blue then kill blue pull him into the bush to avoid being ganked if its ranked especially after blue gank top or mid if either is pushed and proceed to jungle its all easy from there gank often jungle alot keep up on your buffs and counter jungle as musch as possible.

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alright everyone i hope you enjoyed my guide on win nhoa this i feel as though its very short so expect updates as i think of them pls comment and vote pls leave positive feedback no matter if its a critisizm or a good job dont leave hateful comment i wouldnt do it to your guide