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Aatrox Build Guide by Jmaie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jmaie

Winning Lane as Aatrox

Jmaie Last updated on July 6, 2015
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Threats to Aatrox with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus Nasus' E really doesn't help you but trading with him early and pushing up against his tower so you can roam are all options.
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Introduction to Aatrox

I'm going to try and be as concise as possible with this guide as it isn't a "full guide" but instead just something Aatrox players may enjoy knowing/using. I have found this works 90% of the time when I play him.

Aatrox isn't a champion that can normally carry from the top lane. Most top laners can't (*looks at challenger leader board*). However what you can do is snowball the game in such a way that should make it easier to win.

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The plan

Push and don't stop pushing. Push your laner under their tower whilst getting every last creep. You shouldn't miss one unless it's one of those counter lanes I've listed.

Keep consistent wards in your lane too. If you're pushed up you can't be lane ganked because of your Q so all you need to do is keep the river and tri bush warded. Place the pink depending on what side you are playing on and keep one or two green wards on you to ward the other bush when your trinket runs out.

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But... why?

Aatrox has great pushing power with E and out sustains almost everyone. This means you can push the enemy under their tower making it harder to cs as they will have to use mana and allows you to roam mid to try and pick up some kill/burn summoners. This will also bring the enemy jungler top a lot of the time meaning free dragons and knowing where the enemy jungler is. Your team can use this knowledge in order to gank without fear of a counter gank or they can counter gank top. What will eventually happen is you take the tower without taking a single hit to yours. As soon as this happens you go mid and do the same. Just push it. If both teams are even in gold and by taking towers you put yourself ahead. This also means you can take a dragon right after taking mid.

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Pros / Cons of the plan


+ CS'ing is much easier.
+ Deny enemy CS.
+ Get early towers to snowball gold lead.
+ Apply pressure all over the map.
+ Fall back on split pushing.
So what this basically does is give you an lane where you can CS and push freely whilst keeping the enemy jungler top and away from you team. In lanes where you have an advantage you can hit your mid game way before they do which, again, allows for move objective control. If things aren't going your way then you can fall back on split pushing.

+ This doesn't work as well in hard counter lanes.
+ You are very easy to gank.
+ You could end up snowballing the enemy laner/jungler.
+ Lower elos won't know to take dragon when the jungler shows top.
It's pretty obvious that if a lane is hard pushing the jungler will be there to put that lane in check. You NEED wards. Pinks and greens > items. If you can buy a long sword but you don't have any wards forget the sword and buy the wards.

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I'm too lazy to write a full guide on Aatrox but I do want to share this with people. If you want a full guide then feel free to ask because I disagree with most of the S5 guides on here and I'm sure some of you do too. Any questions/thoughts I'm totally open to in the comments.