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Orianna Build Guide by Woundshot

Woundshot's Unstoppable Orianna Guide

Woundshot's Unstoppable Orianna Guide

Updated on July 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Woundshot Build Guide By Woundshot 7 2 10,834 Views 10 Comments
7 2 10,834 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Woundshot Orianna Build Guide By Woundshot Updated on July 5, 2012
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Aims of This Guide

Hi, I'm Woundshot - an ordinary 1400 elo LoL player. I like playing Orianna, and am very sad to say that people underrate her. This might be because people do not know where her potential is hidden. This guide will help you understand how powerful Orianna can be, who she can lane against and not, and how to solve any issues she might have.
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Orianna, her Pros and Cons

Orianna serves as an All-Aoe-Ap caster. She is there to deal a lot of dmg, provide utility, and literally f*ck the enemy's team. People do not realize how Op her ultimate is. So What does She have to offer?


- Aoe damage : teamfight focused champion.

- Utility : slow/speed that your teammates will love, and your enemies will hate you for. This makes you ungankable vs certain champions.

- Shockwave : Your ultimate which turns the tides of a teamfight. Use it when all enemies are tied together or when that Warwick ultimates your ad carry.

- Best Baron stealer ever. Trust me, she is made for it.

- One of the best farmers : when u have blue, make sure to farm every lane possible. Try doing it like me, getting 90 farm at 10:20 or 215 creeps at 20:30. Farm is what makes Orianna powerful, and you should remember it. Farm, buy that Rabadon, Shred your enemies to pieces.


- Mana dependent : she needs blue 100% of game time to be effective. Without it, she's only good for a little poke. Blue improves your farm, harrass, drastically reduces your ultimate's cooldown down to 63 seconds, and makes you powerful overall. a 70 mana regen Orianna shreds any team. If you want to, you can buy Chalice of Harmony, but 2 doran's rings should be enough to grant you health, early burst, and mana regen to keep you going during laning phase.

- You, as a player, must control the position of your ball 100% of the time : How many times I wasted my ult because of my ball's mispositioning. I thought my ball is at place X, but it was next to it, and so I failed a teamfight. Honestly, Orianna takes time to master, but you will get there.

Other than that, her laning phase:

Do not lane versus:

- Ahri
- Kennen
- Akali
- Talon

Basically, Orianna cannot manage vs champions with exceptional mobility and escape tools. Your ball can't do that much.

Shred to pieces:

- Vladimir
- Anivia
- Katarina
- Mordekaiser
- Heimerdinger
- Karthus

These champs are pretty slow or are vulnerable to cc. Your ball will love such a feed festival. Basically just get lvl 4, use your ball to both get creeps and harrass ur enemy with Q followed by W. It cuts 35~ % of their health.
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Early Game

Grab Q, buy boots + pots and go cover your jungler's blue/red buff. Cast your ball at a nearby bush to see whether or not an enemy team is invading. If they are, go invade their blue, if not, pull your jungler's buff and proceed to your lane. For the first 5 levels focus on getting last hits on minions, and only harrass your opponent when both your Q and W are lvl 2.

You want to grab 2 doran's rings and a few health pots when you have 1050+ gold, in order to boost your mana regen, health and early burst.

Remind your jungler at 7:00 to give you blue, some of them forget about their duty ( or is it just 1300 elo? Man Don't ask me) , and farm more with your blue.

Oh, and do not forget to call MIA (US) or SS (EU). I keep calling these panically, because I don't want my team to feed, they are WAY too precious for my enemies, don't you think? :)
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Mid Game

Mpen boots, 2 Doran's rings, Catalyst and pots + wards. You have them don't you? Good. Now you focus on farm, AND on pushing first turrets. Bot and Mid are your priorities here, make sure you push them before 20:00, otherwise your team will suffer lack of map control, reducing your ability to chase.

When I first played Orianna, I thought that mixing ability power with Cooldown reduction is way to go with her, but after trying a few builds, I find mid game Rabadon boost her damage potential like F*ck! The Rabadon's Deathcap not only improves your burst, but also looks great, and Orianna likes hats :). Also I think that Will of the Ancients will improve your survivability, but it's your choice what you want to go for.

So you end up having a big chunk of health, mana, your ability power is decent, so what now?

Press Tab, look at the enemies' score, see who is fed and who's not. Fed AD Carry? No prob, Zhonya Hourglass solves the problem. Fed AP Carry? Ok, ok, I will respond with an Abyssal Mask. Mixing offense with defense is what my friends could describe me, I just have to get rid of my squishy existence, and turn into a tanky op being. If you know what I mean, of course.

Other than that, farm, blue, shred the enemies in a teamfight, farm, blue, steal baron, farm, push, kill your enemies - it is your enemies job to feed you, so take advantage of them.
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Late game

Sell doran's rings, and get the items you need to counter opponent's fed champions. Push enemy lanes. Destroy 1-2 inhibitors. Destroy the last turrets, destroy nexus. Win. Enjoy your life. There's nothing else to add I think, but if there is, please say what it is in the comment box.
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An ordinary caster goes for ability power, mana regen and magic resist. I personally go for movement Quints, to gank bot/top faster, but it's not necessary.

If you have any problems with last hitting, go for ad Marks until you are familiar with her AA animation. If not, stick to magic penetration.

For Yellows, take either mana regen (she has mana problems), ability power per level or health per level. Other runes should not be used to play Orianna, although you can try gold/5 runes if you are trying her as support. All of these mentioned work.

Finally, the Glyphsshould be ONLY used for flat magic resist. You have power, now make yourself invincible to your opponent's damage.
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I go for 21/9/0 for dmg in late game and magic resist during laning phase. Basically shredding your enemies while being unable to take dmg.

I don't think 9/0/21 is good because you lack this champ's potential, She's all about aoe dmg - you need it.
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Suitable Items

Anything that provides you with damage, spell vamping and protection. Remember, that if your enemy makes magic resistance and it's over 90, then you should buy yourself a Void Staff as soon as possible, to negate their protection against you.
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Skill Sequence

Let's talk Orianna:

Passive: Autoattacks deal extra magic damage with each hit (max 3 stacks).

But seriously, I love this passive. Once you buy a Rabadon's Deathcap, your AA has no mercy for your enemies, which is why some people buy Nashor's Tooth for her. Helps your early, and with good items, is useful late as well.

[Q] Command: Attack - Orianna throws her ball in a direction, dealing magic damage (less damage to any subsequent targets, minimum 40%)

Well what can I say? Press Q to move your ball in any direction and it will do damage. Damage increases and cooldown decreases with each skill point assigned. Max this ability if you have to move your ball a lot, it does not hurt your mana - only 50 for each level.

[W] Command: Dissonance - Orianna's ball creates a field around it which deals to enemies. Anyone within the field will have their movement speed increased (allies) or decreased (enemies).

This is your main damage source.Some people prefer to max this, because the damage increases by almost twice as much as [Q]. It also speeds up your allies and slows enemies. Can be used both as a burst in a teamfight, as well as chase/escape tool. If you max this, you won't be able to control your ball as much, due to a higher cooldown on [Q].

[E] Command: Protect - Orianna sends her ball, attaching it to an ally. The ball will then create a shield around this unit, absorbing damage. Adds armor and magic resistance to anyone possessing the ball.

Use this to reduce damage from someone's burst e.g. Requiem Mark of the assasin Shunpo. There is a lot of tactic involved with this ball. Imagine:

Jarvan IV - Attach the ball to Jarvan, and let him initiate with his ultimate. Every enemy champion should be within the arena, so you can use your ultimate and W to perform a combo. This will also work with Malphite Xin Zhao and Lee Sin

Command: Shockwave - Orianna's ball creates a shockwave around it, that deals magic damage to enemies, and tosses them around.

This is what you use when there are at least 2-3 enemy champions around the ball. This will f*ck your enemies up. This will win you teamfights. Not? Then you are doing it wrong.

At any rate, This is in my opinion a better ultimate than Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom, because it affects all enemies at every rank, and puts them in one place, so the rest of your team can perform a nice combo. For example, there's one combo me and my ranked team use called
'Ultimate Arena', where a Jarvan locks everybody in his ultimate, and Orianna Miss Fortune Leona Shyvana all perform their ultimates in that arena. This ultimate was made to stakc with other champions, which is why Orianna is a typical teamfight champion. Use it wisely.
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A Little Thank You

This was my first guide, I hope you found it useful. Hope to see more Orianna's out there. See you on Field of Justice :).

Comment, rate, give feedback, whatever really. I would appreciate it.
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