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Illaoi Build Guide by Hazo Buzo

Tank Wrath Of The Kraken - Updated For S7

Tank Wrath Of The Kraken - Updated For S7

Updated on March 24, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hazo Buzo Build Guide By Hazo Buzo 52 8 4,225,235 Views 47 Comments
52 8 4,225,235 Views 47 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hazo Buzo Illaoi Build Guide By Hazo Buzo Updated on March 24, 2017
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Illaoi
    The Kraken Calls
  • LoL Champion: Illaoi
    Hiding In The Depths


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hello, I'm Hazo Buzo. I'm a League PBE Tester and have been playing Illaoi from when she has first came out, and this is the build I found the most success from. So here is my guide for Illaoi The Kraken Priestess . This guide will take a lot of effort to make it stand out and be the best Illaoi guide that I can provide. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback that you guys can provide, so I can improve my writing and improve this guide. is an extremely fun champion to play, she has high sustain and her early game stats are on par with . She is an early game bully, but she can easily be shut down by plenty of champions. The key here for any Illaoi player is of what any player should do, play safe and pick your fights carefully.

As this being my first guide I'm expecting a fair few down votes, but as a writer's plea. May you please read the guide fully and actually use the build in game before you so hastily downvote me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Now with that said, thank you very much for your time and I hope you can learn a thing or two from reading this guide.
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Pros / Cons


+ Strong Late Game
+ High Early Game Damage
+ Insane Sustain
+ Good Zoning
+ Juggernaut
Illaoi is a juggernaut at heart, Very tanking but still dealing plenty of damage. The beauty of a juggernaut allows us to use one of my most favourite items in game, The Black cleaver. It offers everything we need from health to damage and even gives us mobility which is crucial on a juggernaut. within combination of her tankiness, her passive self sustain is extremely high.

- Little to no CC
- Spell Animation is very long
- Weak vs Mobile Champions
- Very Slow and Immobile
- Item Dependant
Her immobility is a major problem for her, not to mention the cast times on her Q and E are very long. With this in mind a very mobile champion like Irelia can easily dodge almost all of Illaoi's abilities by jumping from minion to minion. Her lack of cc also makes a her an easy target early game, so you want to play careful until you got at least your phage for the extra movement speed to start picking fights
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Champion Abilities

Prophet Of An Elder God: Illaoi passive allows her and her Vessel spawn tentacles on random nearby terrain. These tentacles will swing at any spirit, vessels and any victims of Harsh Lesson. The tentacles deal physical damage scaling with Illaois level and can damage multiple enemies at a single time. A neat trick with her passive, is you can a range creep and your nearby tentacle will clear the entire back line in a single hit

Tentacle Smash Tentacle smash has a passive attribute and also an active attribute. The passive is what gives Illaoi her insane sustain, its a flat 5% heal of Illaoi missing health each time a single or multiple tentacle hit an enemy. If this ability is used properly in combination with her W it can easily turn the tides of an losing fight by drastically healing during the course of a battle and out sustaining your enemy. So it's always wise to put your first skill point into .

Harsh Lesson Harsh Lesson will be one of your main engage tools, as its also the main ability to start a rather nice combo. When this ability is cast, Illaoi's next AA will have increased attack range making her leap to the target and deal extra damage, and causing all nearby tentacles to swing towards the targets direction. The combo which we can use for team fighting goes as followed, Engage by using quickly followed by then , by the time your E has casted the delayed attack from the tentacles caused by Harsh lesson will proc. Now with the target is slowed and hopefully the enemy team is beginning to engage. Now we can pop our ultimate, the beauty of this combo is by the time your ult animation is over will come off CD, meaning you can now instantly reset your AA and deal extra damage from your AA but also deal damage across the whole team thanks to your new 4 extra tentacles. Not to mention that each tentacle will offer 5% healing of Illaoi's missing health from each hit, this gives Illaoi an insane amount of sustain during any team fight.

Test Of Spirit Illaoi casts a spell that sends tendrils out in a target direction. If the tendrils connect with an enemy champion, they grasp the champion’s spirit and tear it back to Illaoi. When spirits are attacked by the Kraken Priestess or her allies, it transmits a portion of its suffering to their now spiritless champion. If Illaoi and her allies are able to destroy the spirit, or if the spiritless champion flees too far from their spirit, they suffer a heavy slow as they become a vessel, and start spawning tentacles around them that attack both their host and their allies. Test of Spirit allows tentacles to occasionally swing at spirits and vessels, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit.

Leap Of Faith Illaoi leaps into the air before slamming her idol into the ground, damaging all nearby enemies and summoning a tentacle for every enemy champion hit. Harsh Lessons cooldown is significantly reduced while Leap of Faith is active.
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Summoner Spells

Flash these days is a default summoner for any champion, yes you can use Ghost, but in today's meta it doesn't really fit Illaoi at all. It's my strong opinion that you should always keep flash on Illaoi due to her lacking any escape mechanics. But the benefit of taking flash isn't just for its escape, it can also be used to force an engage on the enemy team. But be careful once you flash in, you'll be walking out.

Teleport is amazing on any top laner. It allows you to have a global presence on the map, and apply pressure in all lanes. But sadly this only works if your team mates ward up, so lets all pray to the league gods that you have good team mates. I talk more about Teleport in my mid game chapter, so I'll spare you reading for now. But here's some good advice, if you can walk to lane don't blow your Teleport back top. If you do this your pressure and presence on all lanes is lost.

Taking ignite is risky, yes it does increase your kill potential, but at what cost?. The essence of being a juggernaut is you want to be mobile around the map and snowblow into the enemy team. By taking ignite you limit yourself from making across map plays.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: We have flat AD quints because we have no need for AS speed on Illaoi and we get armor and magic resist from our items, her W is a AA reset meaning you can easily reset your AA during a team fight it's better to hit harder than to just keep slapping the enemy with a wet towel. Not to mention all of her abilities scale of AD, so having flat AD marks will help you in the long run.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Same as AD quints, we have no need of AS on Illaoi. Better to hit hard than do nothing at all. Yes you at of many can run armor pen marks, but in the long run its far better to have multiple runes of the same attribute than that of many different attributes
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Pretty standard these days, nice armor seals to help you survive the early game harass. I wouldn't recommend replacing them with scaling HP. Your an AD tank who needs heavy resistance against all incoming damage.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Exactly the same as the armor seals, Illaois needs resistance against all incoming damage and scaling magic resist offers everything that we need.
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and combo

Illaoi has no need for the cunning tree as were not building her as an AD bruiser or off tank, she doesn't scale very well with the cunning tree. So for now we will ignore this tree.

The Resolve is Illaoi's main mastery tree, it offers everything we need to keep healthy and alive during team fights. Undying increase our resistances which grants us more survivability, which is why we chose flat armor and scaling magic resist for our runes. Our first keystone mastery is Tough Skin, it allows to to take more harass early game so we don't get pushed out. Of course She's a juggernaut so Veteran's Scars is picked up to increase our total Health. Perseverance is a hidden gem in my opinion, the synergy between Illaoi's already high sustain with high health regen is extremely good at turning a losing fight. Swiftness is used for general Tenacity, we want to be able to keep moving to their back line and push there carries out of the fight. And our final keystone mastery is Grasp Of The Undying, this mastery is amazing on any juggernaut/tank. Its synergy with Illaoi is amazing due to her being a melee champion and having a ranged AA reset, this means you can proc this mastery every 3 AA instead of 4
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Core Items

Black Cleaver
Illaoi and the Black Cleaver were a match made in heaven. It has everything that we need from damage, health, CDR and movement speed. You see Illaoi is a juggernaut and movement speed is essential for this meta, it allows you to chase down targets and to also keep moving about quickly and effectively during team fights. But main reason why the Black Cleaver is a core item is because of the CDR. 20% is massive for Illaoi, it allows you to proc your tentacles quicker resulting in increased sustain during any fight, thus allowing you to survive longer to peel/engage the enemy team

Dead Man's Plate
The synergy between Illaoi and this item is amazing, in this item is extremely good on any juggernaut. This item allows you passively gain momentum increasing movement speed and deal extra damage on your next AA when you hit 100 stacks. This item allows you to survive a hard engage and most importantly allows you to keep charging at the other team's carries.
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Situational Items

Frozen Heart
The Frozen has always been a stable item within the league community through the seasons. This patch Frozen Heart isn't considered an amazing item, but it does offer us extremely valuable stats to help us survive against a heavy AD team. For instance ADC's which stack Life Steal and Attack Speed are shut down by this item. This is due to the items passive of reducing enemy attack speed within a AOE. Because Illoai boast a favorable kit to Be on the front lines and be a major pain for the enemy to deal with on the front line, this item allows us to become a bigger threat by not only reducing the enemy's teas Attack speed but also reducing the enemies AD damage to you.

Banshee's Veil
*Under Editing*
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Early Game/Laning Phase

Her early game and laning phase can be very strong but very slow, you don't want to fall into the trap of hard pushing the lane up, Illaoi has no escape so she would be easy pickings for the enemy jungler. You want to play safe and last hit until you can buy a phage and boots. Now you have some mobility, you can start fighting with some sense of escape. Always keep the river and tri warded, this should be standard for any top laner. Your passive tentacles deal a lot of damage early game, so trying to harass with them would be a huge benefit to you in the long run. A neat trick that you can do is the range minion creeps and your tentacle will clear the wave of course some melee creeps will survive but you can easily finish them off with an AA or . But as I've said before you need to be careful doing this, you don;t want to push up to far as you lack an escape. But Illaoi with the help of our Resolve masteries can take a a lot of damage, and with her high sustain she can easily heal up from any harass. Just don't think you're immortal and you'll be fine, Pick your fights carefully and don't push too hard.
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Mid Game

By now you should have your first core item, which is the Black Cleaver. This item is amazing for any juggernaut as it offers all the states that we need to get rolling. Mid game is where you want to start using your to get around the map and start making plays. A nice bot lane can easily get your team a kill or two and if not, there bound to blow a couple of summoners to escape. Now that your bot lane and the enemy has been killed or blown summoners you can rotate to the dragon pit and get your first drake of the game. The whole point of taking isn't so you can top lane over and over, you want to have a global presence and start making plays to help carry your team to victory.
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Late Game/Team Fights

Late game is were we can start using our main combo to great effect, The combo which we can use for team fighting goes as followed, Engage by using quickly followed by then , by the time your E has casted the delayed attack from the tentacles caused by Harsh lesson will proc. Now with the target is slowed and hopefully the enemy team is beginning to engage. Now we can pop our ultimate, the beauty of this combo is by the time your ult animation is over will come off CD, meaning you can now instantly reset your AA and deal extra damage from your AA but also deal damage across the whole team thanks to your new 4 extra tentacles. Not to mention that each tentacle will offer 5% healing of Illaoi's missing health from each hit, this gives Illaoi an insane amount of sustain during any team fight. With this new insane sustain Illaoi becomes an unbreakable frontline protecting all summoners behind her and forcing the enemies carries out of the fight, Illaoi thrives to be at the heart of the battle her kit is designed for her to go in and not to hang back.
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Many people are building Illaoi as an AD bruiser, which is wrong. Yes she does have high early game damage, but this scaling drops of mid to late game. its far more effective to build Illaoi as an AD tank not an AD Bruiser. Her kit is far better suited for it as well, by using her flat 5% heal and spirit visage we have insane sustain during any team fight and thanks to our items we can still deal a massive amount of damage. Illaoi is a juggernaut, and we all know just how powerful they can be if played properly. I've tried and test so many different builds on her, and each time the more tanky builds had the most success at winning games. But she does have her flaws, her early game is weak and don't get me wrong she does have damage early but she has no escape. If you as Illaoi push up and the enemy team has a good jungler, your an easy first blood. Hold back and farm up, get your boots and phage then you can start fighting. You don't want to allow the enemy team start snowballing off you. Its how many in the pbe countered her, you allowed Illaoi to push up and then gank her. Either 2 things are going to happen, you kill her and get first blood or she'll blow flash, then all you got to do is repeat the gank a couple mins later and *poof* you got first blood. Illaoi is extremely fun to play and her champion design is unique to League of Legends, she can carry games or run them into the ground. I hope you have playing on the field of justice and thank you for your time.

* Yeah I know I did the summary before finishing other parts, and yes I will get around to doing them
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Change Log

Yo, This guide is under heavy editing and will only be update when I have the free time to do so. But I will keep a Log of all updates and progression here


+ Added Runes & Summoner Spells
+ Added Items
+ Added Situational Items to Item Build
+ Added Skill Order
+ Added Masteries
+ Added Threats To Illaoi
+ Added Description to each champion mentioned in the threat section
+ Finished Introduction
+ Finished Pros/Cons
+ Finished Abilities
+ Finished Runes
+ Finished Summary
/ Started Masteries
+ Finished Masteries
+ Finished Early Game
+ Finished Mid Game
+ Finished Late Game
~ Going to rewrite Late Game
- Falling asleep, will finish when I wake up
+ Woke up
+ Added New Chapters
+ Finished Summoners
+ Added Core Items
+ Added Situational Items
+ Finished Core Items
~ Writing Situational Items
+ Fixed/Updated Masteries
+ Masteries Chapter Updated
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