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Gangplank Build Guide by richiebay

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author richiebay

WTF that pirate almost OHKO:ed me

richiebay Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Hi everyone
This is my gangplank build and it has worked really well for me all the games I have played with him. Unfortunately I haven't got any screenshots to show you guys as I always play different champions to complete the team set up. But when the team needs an AD carry I more than gladly pick my ol' Pirate for some critting fun. And it has happened to me in many games that i have one shot someone like a somewhat underfarmed Janna or Sona.

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I like my ArmPen marks for the annoying *****es that stack armor against me.
I choose mana regen seals cause i find this is one mana hungry pirate (apparently the food from remove scurvy doesnt make him full)
The CDR per lvl glyphs are a great dmg boost late game as it lets you cast your Parrrley more often.
And the HP quints i just LOVE for early game but i guess you could trade them in for some crit damage or ArmPen.

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Pretty standard AD carry masteries
Crit Chance, Improved Exhaust, CDR, Some attack speed (more for the fill in, and early game), ArmPen, Attack DMG, Crit DMG, and well Havoc 4% extra damage
Reduced death time, little health and mana regen, extra exp gain and some increased buff duration

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Pros and Cons

-if u get decently fed you can 1hit a squishy
-great farmer
-global slow+dmg
-free cleanse with heal

-If you need to make an escape you will need to pop a summoner or ulti (your E isn't enough)
-Can auto-attack in team fights cause you WILL get focused
-Pretty high item costs you need decent farm and or feed to do decent damage (in my opinion)

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Skills Parrrley
This is your main damage spell, it does crazy damage and gives you amazing poke and harass. This spell applies on hit effects, thous the reason for Trinity, it both activates and procs Sheen and has the slow chance from Phage. This is the skill you max out first as it gives you the most damage. Remove Scrvy
Free cleanse with heal, what more can you ask? It even cleanses suppression!!!
You max this out second for the reduces CD and increased heal. This skill paired with a Blue Buff gives you amazing lane sustainability. Raise Morale
AD steroid or the entire team, another great skill BUT not as useful as the others so I max this one last with a point in it at level 4 for the pushing power and increased escaping or chasing power. Cannon Barrage
His ultimate with a global range will slow and damage anyone caught inside it, can even be used for farming. Great chasing or escaping move, I also use it to finish a kill of or get a free assist from another lane. As with any other ultimate i get it when ever possible.

Too summaries R>Q>W>E

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Summoner Spells

My preference Flash
Great for escaping or getting that last Parrrley of for the kill. Exhaust
Again great for escaping and chasing, also very useful for 1v1ing. Especially against someone like Trynd or Xin.

Other good spells Ignite
I guess ignite could help you get the edge you need in early game and get fed easier. Ghost
Great summoner spell but it is not as good as flash in my opinion. Cleanse
When Remove Scurvy cant handle all the CC Smite
If you are jungling as the pirate, but this is no jugnling build.

The big NO NOs Clairvoyance
Great spell dont get me wrong, but save it for the support or tank. Fortify
Same thing as CV. Clarity
Get blue buff instead. Heal
Waste of summoner spell. Rally
NEVER i repeat NEVER have i seen this spell in game. And lets keep it that way, it is another waste of summoner. Revive
You planing on dieing? Teleport
You have a global spell to help out and you have pretty good mobility with 1 PD and trinity.

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Early/Mid/Late Game and Items

Pretty straight forward lane phase last hit as mush as you can, use Parrrley if needed otherwise use it to harass but not until round level 3 or 5. You can take both a solo lane or a duo lane. I prefer a duo lane, especially the on close to the blue buff cause around level 6 i will ask my lane partner to help me with blue and then i can just Remove Scurvy to full health and last hit or harass with Parrrley. Also try to harass pretty decent cause u want yoour first kill around level 6. Time with your lane partner and run in with your Raise Morale and get of a Parrrley, when they start running put down your ulti infront of them and keep spamming Parrley for the passive slow.
Recall when you have to, preferably when you can afford both Zeal and Sheen, and since you got the Zeal you dont have to worry about boots, but if you can afford them get them.
Head back to lane and keep farming and harassing. Try to get some more kills so you can atleast get your CDR boots on your next recall, but most of the time when you have your GP down you will probably be able to sustain yourself so you can get your trinity force as well. Now the real fun starts now you have some of your damage and should start going to other lanes to gank or push to the turret. Farm your way to your IE as soon as possible as it is one of the most important items on GP. Remember that if you see a big minion wave in another lane you can send your ulti there and just let the gold and exp fall in to your arms. After your IE get your first PD or your defensive item, in the build preview Warmogs, depending on if the enemy team has started focusing you yet or not. After that get your last item I prefer another PD as it gives you great damage vs Baron, Dragon or if you happen to meet someone 1v1 in the forest and it is also one of the few items that gets you to the 100% crit mark. Other good choices are Last Whisper, if the enemy is stacking armor or the Atmas and Warmog is a great combo it gives you HP, armor, crit and AD, but note that it WILL NOT get you to the 100% crit mark and i feel that you need to crit to do decent damage and I dont wanna risk not criting with the 88%(?) crit chance the atmas warmog combo gives. As it may cost you a fight.

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To summaries i LOVE this pirate (no ****) and sit and LOL when you one shot that squishy support or carry or take almost 1/3 or the tanks HP.

Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.