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Master Yi Build Guide by Sound of Yi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sound of Yi

Wu Ju Master Patch 6.16

Sound of Yi Last updated on August 8, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Master Yi is considered a broken, easy to play champion, however I will show you that this is a common misconception, and in fact he takes a lot of knowledge. Master Yi can be quite overwhelming if played correctly, however you can easily distinguish a good Master Yi from a bad one. Master Yi requires timing, with his Alpha Strike, requires quick fingers, and reactions such as using Meditate to tank abilities, and using it as an attack reset to outduel, or secure a kill at a rapid speed.

Master Yi can be played in almost any lane, and can do very well. In the jungle is where he is considered to be a god due to his insane clear speed, and dangerous ganks. In lane, he is even stronger due to the fact he can become a high burst carry due the the fact one summoner can determine the outcome of a team fight, being Ignite, and this alone separates lane Master Yi due to ignite being able to secure clutch resets. I will discuss the differences and why each one has their respective strengths further in the guide. But for now, I will focus on jungle Master Yi

Remember, your team still needs cc so I highly advise unless you're really good with this champion not to pick him at all if you lack cc.

tl;dr Yi is an easy to play champion on paper, but takes more thought and is hard to pressure with if in the wrong hands. Jungling is all about pressuring lanes, so being a good Master Yi and a good jungler are two completely different things.

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Tips to Master

Alpha Strike only makes you untargetable during the CAST animation, not on the start up hence why you can still get hit during it, so timing is key.

Wuju Style does not do extra damage to towers, and using it will just make the passive 10% damage go away.

Maximize damage by auto attacking, and then Alpha Strike to buffer the auto attack recovery within Alpha Strike itself hence increasing your damage per second and dueling power

When you have max build, unless going glass cannon, your auto attacks will do more damage than Alpha Strike and thus using it will slow your dps down, however spam Alpha Strike in team fights for the aoe if using the tank build as it will be on 12-8.4 second cooldown going down rapidly per auto attack depending on cdr.

Meditate is very strong to tank towers with, use it to tank towers when diving, and then Alpha Strike to lose aggro, Master Yi is amazing at tower diving as he's one of two champions that can make tower aggo constantly reset, the other being Fizz however of course Master Yi can tank better.

Yi can also use Alpha Strike to ignore certain abilities such as Death Mark applications, note that you need to alpha a unit to stop the application of it, and his mark will go on cooldown.

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You can use a ward over most camps and Alpha Strike onto it to escape. Other escapes include using it on minions but be careful when using it on low hp minions as you will not teleport to the minion you used Alpha Strike if it dies, if this happens, you will stay where you were, whereas if the Alpha Strike killed it, you will teleport to that location.

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Counter Picks Master Yi

Counter Picks

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How to prevent invades

Most people say "start at top side" Yeah, but one problem with that is the enemy jungler might take your buff, and chances are nobody will ward it unless in 5v5 premade. Therefore the safest route is to actually kill your buff first, and move onto the next camp. So you'd kill your red buff, then kill the raptors, and for blue, you'd kill blue and then kill wolves, this will mean it will be impossible for the enemy to invade you aslong as you get a decent pull. I advise only smiting the red buff as the small mana regain is nothing as blue already gives you a huge amount of mana, plus the wolf can indicate whether or not their jungler wasted their time.

Always remember to still ward the top side of your red buff, as you won't have a smite buff to help you see him, this is to ensure you don't die at your raptors, but it is unlikely for them to go there. If they did invade you, they will be really behind if they didn't kill their buff first as now they'll have to walk all the way back and have wasted about 1:30 of their time.

Remember early to beg your team to place their trinkets down.

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Main Masteries to Play.Nice to Stack

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Double Strike: will benefit from your critical strikes since it applies all on hit effect.

Alpha Strike: will also benefit from your critical strikes since it can critically strike. Plus you can use it almost every 8 seconds due to your 40% cool down reduction and since your attack speed is high with using basic attack you can lower the cool down extremely. It also scales up very well with high amount of your AD.

Meditate: does not scale up in terms of the amount of health you get from it but you can use it more often thanks to 40% cool down reduction. (almost every 20 second instead of 35 second.

Wuju Style: scales up very well with your high AD and can be use more often. It also benefits from your attack speed which enables you to make more true hits while wuju is active.

Highlander: it can be used every 45 second!!! also scales up with your numerous kills and assists! :)

NOTE: one might argue that the best way to scale up the Double Strike, Alpha Strike and Wuju Style is to increase the attack speed. I am not against that and I also tried to maximize it in my build with small different that I balanced between your AS and AD. The current build may not provide that much attack speed by its own but the point is your gaining additional from your R. Highlander can boost your AS so much that it can completely obviate your need for that many AS items. And as I mentioned before your Highlander will available every 45 second which means you can use it every minute in the game. So I tried to make the balance by increasing the AD, cool down reduction and sufficient AS.

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Pros / Cons of champion

+ Probably most strongest 1vs1 champion late game.
+ Easy Penta and Quadra kills
+ Strong farmer
+ Refreshable abilities
+ High base movement speed

- Weak in ganking due to lack of crowd controls
- Highly vulnerable to stuns
- Weak in early game encounters
Tip Buy QSS

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How to Play Early

In Early Game You must Farming to get 6 level and you can Ganking other Lanes.

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Runes Changes

You Can change your Quints to Attack Speed