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Wukong Build Guide by Sarajha2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sarajha2

Wu Kong ... Ololol Rofl Top lane

Sarajha2 Last updated on July 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Guys,

i want to do a little Guide for one of my favorite chars... WU KONG !!!

So there are already Builds, which works ... sure ... but i enjoy this one alot, because you dont have a real Counter (except of Darius read below).

The funny thing on this build is ... you just got Tank or Offtank Stuff and you are still doing enogh dmg to kill everything.

Just test it out :)

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Pros / Cons

Here are the Pros:

+ Very Tanky
+ Still Good DMG
+ Nice Escapes

But as all Builds there a some contras too:

- Miss a bit DMG at Midgame
- Darius f***s you hard
- Vs. Fulltank Enemys you need Jungle Ganks Earlygame

But overall you get a very complete Champ here.

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Okay why do i choose this Masteries ?

Pretty easy, you got 4% Cooldown reduction ! And Dmg + enough Armor to stay top very long.
You wont need that %atk speed and Crit dmg because you just got 15% crit in this Build which is kinda useless to waste the Masterypoints on that.

You can go for 13 / 17 / 0 too if you think you are too sqishy at start and want some more def and HP, but i don`t really need more Def at my style of playing him on top lane.

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Okay thats the most important Point on this Guide...

Why do i choose these runes ... ?!?

I`d like to have 40% cooldown reduce on Wu kong, not only for the Ultimate which is very good to bring alot of cc and dmg in teamfights ... you also can ALWAYS get back close to everybody because you got only 4 Sec cooldown on your Jump (E) AND only 3 Sec for your Armor ignore (Q) Skill.

It may look a bit wild to you, because i mixed so many runes and mostly you got 9x same runes, but it issn`t.

I tried to get 6% Cooldown reduction at a Runebuild for AD Tops, so i just stacked Glyphes first but you waste too much % with the 8th Glyphe.

So I took 1 Glyphe out and put 1 Seal with cooldown reduce in for that and still got 6,19%

The Value of Cooldown Reduce at this Runes here on Mobafire don`t fit with the Game !!!!
Seals with Cooldown reduce: 0,36%
Glyphes with Cooldown reduce: 0,83%
7 * 0,83% + 1 * 0,36% = 6,19%

The Rest i think is explaining for themselves.

Marks: Armor Penetration > AD dmg ... thats why 9x
Quints: 1x Armor Penetration, 2x Flat AD Dmg
Seals: 8x Flat Armor (because you nearly always got AD champs infront of you)
Glyphes: 2x Magic Resistance per level (just to fill the blue ones and get a bit more magic def)

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Okay theres not much new EXCEPT of ZekeĀ“s Herald, which is one of the most underrated Items in LoL. 10% Lifesteal + DMG + HP + 20% !!!!!!! Cooldown reduction is just a really good Offtank Item and you support your adc and mosty your jungle too !

Together with The Black Cleaver 10% and Runes/Masterys 10% you`ll get your 40% max cooldown reduce.

I think i gave you with the purchase order a pretty good one, which i mostly use, but afforts sometimes to change a bit... the core item are still the same.

If you have to play vs. an AP champ at top like ... Teemo, Nida, Dianna or something like that, i recomment to finish boots first and only buy Ruby Crystal from Phage before finish it.

And sometimes your Mid fails and feed a bit, or the Enemy has alot of AP DMG, i recomment to buy Guardian Angel BEFORE Atmas. (Remember you are more like a tank and you don`t need that extra dmg that much)

But this is situational and you have to decide what you do and what item is better for you in that moment.


I don`t exactly write that you ALWAYS have to buy (as long as you stay on Top Lane) or at least have in inventory: 2x Healpot and 1x Ward, to reward your Toplane and get a little bit more sustain from the Pots.

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There is no discussion here!

Port to get a kill or get away and Barrier just OP at Top Lane!

I`ve tried other Summoner Spells too, but nothing was that effective as Barrier is for Wu Kong.
But if you dont like that Summoner Spell you can take Exhauste too, i just recommended Barrier.

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Ranked Play

Okay now i want to explain WHY i use 40% cooldown with Wu Kong.


(This works nearly everytime except vs. Darius so make sure enemy didn`t pick Darius or he was Banned)

You start on Boots, 1 Ward, 2 Heal pots.

Place the Ward at Min 2.00 on the middle of the River so you see somebody comming to don`t get earlyganked from enemy Jungler.

Than just keep farming without using Skills and with lvl 2 you start to harass the enemy q -> e -> + normal hit and go back, cost your enemy (when its not a fulltank) 30-40% of his life

and just keep on lasthitting creeps till level 3 -> e -> q -> 1-2 hits -> w

okay there is the first point here where you can get your first kill maybe ! if your enemy is not running ... just keep on hitting him and use your barrier maybe if needed ... he will run or port ->

just port behind use E (thx to 10% cooldown reduce you got this rdy again) and q -> firstblood

Port Back imidiatly !!! you should have like 700-750g now and be close to lvl 4

Buy Long sword, 1 ward, 2 healpots and get back to lane. your enemy is back at the same time like you, maybe a littlebit earlier.

Place a new Ward at Min 5:00, and just keep on harassing. GG you won ur lane!

(make sure you do my item purchase order)

At Midgame you got a little bit too low dmg to really instant kill something unless you got Atma`s Impaler ... BUT ... you ae so F**king tanky that you alone can make sure your team is winning the midgame Teamfights. Jump (E) -> Hit (Q) -> Ult (R) [maybe + Barrier] and get out with w ...

You dont get a kill maybe BUT your Teammates will do and ou got 5 Assists ;)

If you finished Frozen Mallet you can go and hunt solo farmers on the lanes ... thx to Jump (E) 4 sec and Hit (Q) 3 sec (Frozen Mallet works with your q), you got permanent the armor ignore on your enemys, permanent slow, and you get even somebody like Ezreal, because your Jump is faster rdy than his.


You got Fullbuild ? N1 ... welcome to the ROFL Land ! ... just jump in ROLFCOPTER with ur ult and see your enemys running ... or do they focus u ? No problem you got 3,2k hp and enough armor/magic def to always get away alive.

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All together that Build is a very tanky Build for Wu Kong, you may not do this massive Burst DMG like you`ll do on other Builds, but i prefer (and many others do too) a tanky Toplane.

But as you can see on Examples, it deals enough DMG to get the one or other kill.

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Hey, if you tested this Build or just read it, pls give me comments or votes and maybe if you played it and you like it send me some images per pn and i take that into my publication.

I hope you get as much Fun with that Build, as i do ^^

PS: if you`ve found some type / grammer or other Mistakes ... keep and have fun with them :p