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Shaco Build Guide by soc1e7y

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League of Legends Build Guide Author soc1e7y

WuFu Kong UPDATED****

soc1e7y Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Welcome to my very speedy edition of Wu Kong. This build is very fresh and it's the best out of 7 different builds I've assembled, from AP, to AS, to Crit, Lifesteal etc... The Conclusion from all this testing? Wu is one bad Motha Trucka...

Based on what I've seen, I'd like to sum WK (Wu Kong) up into 4 pieces of Champs : Vayne, Shaco, Yi and Garen. (kinda jax like due to dash too but meh)

AKA Armor Pen + Attack Damage + Life Steal + Cooldown Reduction. (Crit' Not so bad for people who like the good ol fashion ''Yi'' Phantom Dancer Effect) But i stick to these main categories.

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The Runes in which I play are the Following :

[ 9 ] Greater Marks of Desolation.
[ 9 ] Greater Seal of Strength .
[ 9 ] Greater Glyph of Focus.
[ 3 ] Quintessence

Why these?

Well, common sense is the more damage per hit, the faster and harder we can hurt people especially when we start using our abilities that reduce armor. This is also why we stack so much armor pen. Cooldowns on WK are a crucial aspect of how he is as a ''Chaser'' and overall Lane control. Let me elaborate on that last sentence a little more in the next area.

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Skillz and Spells

Back to the Cooldown jibber jabber... One major role in cool down for Wu kong is his ability to have literally EVERY SPELL practically set a opening for the next spell to be effective.

CRUSHING BLOW - Hit's the opponent for a small amount of damage, but reduces armor by 30%

Decoy - Pulls out a dummy illusion and then stealth's WK for 1.5 Seconds.

Nimbus Strike - Allows you to ''Dash'' to your opponent and dish out the largest amounts of damage.

Cyclone - A spiral AOE that u can control, which knocks the enemy into mid-air and does consistent damage.

Now that u got me ghetto recap of what the spells do here's some basic steps in the next section on how to use them.


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Use the spells wisely.

First, I prefer to make my very first ability Nimbus Strike. Reason for this is, it allows me to kinda keep pressure on Tanks, and Melee fighters who just simply dont have much to do on countering range. And keeps them back as they know i can easily dash in with a combination of spells/abilities that really dont feel to good.

Second, I like to use Decoy? I know, I know, WTF RIGHT? Heres why : Decoy, is extremely useful. I use it to push right into creeps and then Decoy out to avoid any serious damage. Because the decoy dishes out a little punch of damage it allows me to chop down and farm creeps at a faster rate, as well as have my opponent eager to take a shot and burn away that precious Mana/Rage/Ability or w/e it is they wasted and are now stuck on cooldowns. ALSO, this spell is fantastic on helping you get out of some really sticky situations, or to just simply trick your enemy entirely in team fights, giving u that 1-2 second window to capitalize on the enemy's mistake.

Third, GET CRUSHING BLOW. I've always believed it's smart to get the first 3 spells out of the way so your character can be as versatile as possible and avoid not having the utility factor each spell provides. This will allow u to get a extra PUNCH in your attack as well as reduce the opponents armor by 30%, and trust me that's an insane amount to lose and when WK smacks u in the face with his big stick your health just seems to diminish. Either your going to grow some balls and fight this out or well like the other 9/10 your pulling out be fore a nasty 2v1 goes down with your lane partner.

Finally you fourth spell will come at level 6 as always, and is a HUGE team fight difference maker. For one, it hurts like hell. It's range is ******ed and u can keep it moving (Especially when you get Slowed or Stunned opponents after the Knock Air ) and yes it does CC people due to the air borne effect.

Over much gameplay, I mention the garen factor and this is where the Armor will come into play to add to survivability and compliment those tanking masteries. As you can see we heavily focus on the Cool Down factor with the boots, worked in some solid lifesteal and then layed it all off with damage.

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Putting it all together.

First off, you will need to play a sexy combination of passive aggressive. kinda like a Vayne or a Jax. Keep the pressure on at all times when ur in a 1v1, or a very solid 2v2. Using Nimbus Strike.

If your opponent doesn't pull back u can go back in and Crushing blow (only do this when ur pressuring with a fellow teammate (especially a tank). But most of the time I work my way back into all the mess and Decoy out of trouble. It chops down the creeps for farming, keeps the enemy wondering if it's real or not, and hopefully they waste their spells on it every chance u can get. BUT the biggest factor is people charging in trying to be greedy. Now gives u the opportunity to move in, Crushing Blow and Auto attack the **** out of them and maybe sneak in a Nimbus strike all over again as his cooldown isn't very long. Especially as u build the items discussed above.

Every spell has a purpose in every situation, it's going to take time and practice for u to decide what works best for what.

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Pro and Cons


Decent farming.
Great Damage output
Great Health to start with
Scary, but thats because he's not nerfed...YET
Stealth is always a WIN


He's a carry, people wanna kill you.
Very very cooldown reliant
If you get outnumbered in anyway, you're dead.
His other abilities aside from Nimbus Strike, dont do alot of damage till later on.

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These are self explanatory for the most part, but the last few in the ''Defensive tree'' I'll explain.

Defense, BLOCK/MR are used because you are always the center of attention, the less damage u can take while trying to set up boobie traps, the better. And when u need to buy some time and pull back HP regen is crucial to your survival. Remember every little bit counts.

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Summoner Spells

IGNITE - As your already one of the most ruthless chasers in the game, a nice little DOT to catch stragglers always helps.

Exaust - GOTCHA! You aint running from me when im reducing your armor! It's hammer time and im coming to bring the pain!

- Always good for getting u out the stickiest of situations, and when u combine it with your Decoy ability, you'll never have an excuse that you couldn't get out in time. Flash is always useful

Heal - Helps you early game, but honestly your such an offensive power house, why waste a good spell on something with a fat cooldown and useless endgame.

- Actually quite useful when u need that extra and for ganks and distraction, i love using this in combo with decoy.

Most of the other spells, i never really use, i tried Clarity for mana, but meh I have a good idea on how to manage my mana, I think every1 should have this ability, especially when your playing him, BUT it never hurts to have that spell as it drastically changes fights in horrible OOM situations.

The Brutalizer - This is easy, Damage for bringing the pain, and more CD reduction to help u bring it quicker, after u stack this into play, your going to see a DRASTIC change in how u line up your abilities, especially for chasing situations.

Yomouu's Ghostblade
- The previous items will stack into this, it's just essential for you.

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Extra Items and randy explanations

Boots - Provide a little early speed which helps u with decoying in and out of creeps safely, and potions compliment this nicely as they keep u in the lane for longer farming and safe keep.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - COOLDOWN COOLDOWN COOLDOWN, This think helps so much getting my CD's down I can usually chase pretty early on and know that even 1 Second makes the difference. Plus who needs to focus on getting alot of damage and stuff when half the stuff you do just fricken hurts!

Avarice Blade
- It's time to utilize out already high damage output and get some crits in the mix to help us out on taking advantage of reduced armor. Your going to stack the smaller items to achieve this (Crit first)

Vampiric Scepter - Life-steals always a no brainier in my opinion, keeps me alive, helps me farm safer early game. And once i get my next item with it, people are in trouble.

- DAMAGE, and pairing it with your Scepter... dude i dont even need to say anything.

Bloodthirster - Well, after all the mess i spoke about the last 2 items, this one kinda is self explanatory. Life-steal

Pickaxe - More damage, and helps us prepare for out last whisper

Last Whipser - Damage output as usual, we love to bring the pain with our big mighty stick. But some extra Armor pen to help stack on with my Crushing blow ability is going to just make a big mess.... ahhhhh aren't messes fun?

Infinity Edge - Gets us back to focusing on that sexy Damage output, and also pulls some crit in to the equation so we can hit hard more often, and this really really compliments our Armor Pen / Reduction. Everything you do will just hurts, You'll super creep and well towers wont have very long to stick around while i do a little back door.

From here you can really focus on stacking either More Damage, I heavily recommend a little more cool down reduction, but from here, Damage Armor Crit, oh and ok fine, maybe life-steal? Just remember, we're here to bring the pain and lots of it, that's our job.

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Closing Statements

I hope you guys like this guide, I tried to give my input as i want to be one of the first to really master this character. He's amazing to play and loads of fun. I encourage every1 to save up and buy this character, he's a lean mean, lane clearing machine who will clean bodies from the scene. And his Shift-Animations are cool =)

Good luck and have fun