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Wukong Build Guide by rLOVeution

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rLOVeution

Wukong bruise the bot

rLOVeution Last updated on January 2, 2013
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this Guide is still under construction

so at the moment its just a guide for items abilities and runes but some more details likes pro and cons and my way how to handle the grand master of apes will follow. i hope some wukong players will try this build on bot an comment there results ^^

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Hey Guyes

so this is a build for a Wukong botlane. In my opinion this is a great lane and im really able to carry with this guy. this build could also be used to play on solo top cause his lifereg and amore is high enough to play against champs like malphite or garen. So here i challenge every player who says OMG LOL ROFL hes A **** TOP to play him this way and see the results.

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why do i play him on bot ??

the most players aresurprised such a good carry wukong can be if you play him a bit trolli and got a support that you can cound on ^^. my way of playing wu is based on the fakt that he soacks much more demage than a normal carry and that you can escape quickly with decocy.
mostly i play in team with a sona as support. i use nimbus stricke to get down the minions very quick so i can hide in the brush while the enemy is farming. if your support herrays them a bit they are down enough to get quick kills and or a very suppress botlane. so if the enemy's carry is coming near enough to the brush jump on in with nimbus strike put his armor down with crushing blow and the bonus attack speed from nimbus strike and ignite will do the rest. and oh yeah it helps when your supp is attacking him too. its not really a bad thing if you just got the assists cause philosophers stone will get you 5 gold every 10 sec. an additional trick to get enemy's low is waiting till they are in range for nimbus strike jump on them use crushing blow do some auto attacks and flight with decoy. you can use decoy also for surprise attacks in this case i mostly hide in a brush use decoy and then nimbus strike so the enemy's are not prepared for this attack then use crushing blow and if you already got it cyclone.